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JAM - 85 NFL Bonus Episode Paulies Sleepers and Draft Kings

Paulie gives out his lineups for daily fantasy on Draft Kings. Juice gives his theory on back up QBs. Finally the guys discuss season long fantasy and ideal playoff matchups. Stick till the end to get the last line up and a surprise outro song!

Duration: 00:57:19

JAM - 84 Pokemon, Costumes, Incest, End of the World

Juice sits down with Shane and we go on some tangents involving Pokémon, Costumes, Incest, End of the World, and Juice laughs his ass off at Shane pronouncing words!

Duration: 01:26:04

JAM - 83 NFL November Paulies Sleepers and John Marchbanks

Juice sits down with Paul Lundgaard and John Marchbanks to talk fantasy football. Get your last minute daily fantasy lineups before the games start! Let us know what you think about Juice's theories with fantasy football.

Duration: 01:02:35

Juice in the AM Update

The Juice in the AM Crew went out last night in Broad Ripple there will not be a full episode this week. We will be back strong next week!

Duration: 00:02:59

JAM EP 82 Chris Heffernan Conspiracy Theories

Juice and Shane sit down again with Chris Heffernan to chat about his recent win in the octagon. We also go off on tangents about injuries, sports, conspiracies, virtual reality, and voices. Great guy and great guest for the podcast!

Duration: 01:13:15

JAM - 81 Panthyon Actor/Comedian Beau Bowker

Juice and Shane sit down to chat about bad habits, zombies, post apocalyptic plans, and the guys interviewed Beau Bowker from the web series The Panthyon smart, funny, and all around great guy. Subscribe, Rate, and Review!

Duration: 01:34:11

JAM - 80 Vegas, Guns, Halloween

Juice and Shane sit down to talk about the recent events in Vegas, hiding behind your keyboard, regurgitating incorrect information, guns, Tom Petty, and Halloween stuff. Subscribe, Rate, and Review the podcast every little bit helps!

Duration: 01:18:07

JAM - 79 Random Convos/Vantucky Fried Podcast Interview

Juice, Hannah, and Shane sit down to talk about growing up, joy being sucked out of things, SNES, the first celebrity that we thought was attractive, kneeling, being a dad, and we podcast inceptioned the Vantucky Fried Podcast.

Duration: 01:38:45

JAM - 78 MMA and Chris Heffernan

Juice sits down with Shane Jones and Chris Heffernan and we talked MMA, getting punched in the face, jiu jitsu, podcasting, and other topics!

Duration: 01:09:33

JAM - 77 Indianapolis Colts Tailgate Special

Juice and Hannah chat with John Marchbanks about Indianapolis Colts football, player ratings, and various other topics.

Duration: 00:54:43

JAM - 76 Hurricane Irma & Meterologist Brad Maushart

Meteorologist from WISH-TV 8 Brad Maushart breaks down Hurricane Irma for us. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review. Join us next Sunday for a live Podcast from the Indianapolis Colts Tailgate.

Duration: 00:46:04

JAM - 74 Nerf Guns Anthony Kendall

Pardon my voice I was recovering from a cold. Juice and Z sit down with Anthony Kendall of Hooligan Blaster Co. check them out and order stuff. Also if you're interested in joining events check them out on Facebook as well! Also if you're looking to prevent or recover from a hangover get on and use the promo code JUICEBOX for 25%

Duration: 00:58:19

JAM - 73 Pointless Discussions w/Paul Shroyer

Juice and Hannah sit down with the host from Pointless Discussions podcast to talk sneaking into places, 1st time drinking, and Podcasting.

Duration: 01:00:11

JAM - 72 Super Second Saturday Iron Man 3 Review

Juice and Z breakdown Iron Man 3 and discuss other things. Juice had 7-10 Natty Lights before this podcast so his enunciation wasn't perfect.

Duration: 00:46:08

JAM - 71 Sex Work BB Shaye Taylor and Kyra Kane

Juice sits down with hosts Kyra Kane and Shaye Taylor of the Sex Work BB podcast. We talked about podcasting, cam girls, sex work, the ins and outs of all of it. (See what I did there?) Enjoy!

Duration: 01:01:50

JAM - 70 Pantheon Morgan Smith/Emily Tichawa

Juice and Hannah catch up from Hannah's party weekend! Juice also got to interview actors Morgan Smith and Emily Tichawa they play Aphrodite and Persephone in a new YouTube series called the Pantheon.

Duration: 01:16:56

JAM - 69 BJ Robbins and Jono Zalay

Juice and Hannah is joined by BJ Robbins from Smugcast, we talked college, graduation, high school, sports, OJ Simpson, Alien underground fighting rings, and what is to come from the podcast I will also be editing a YouTube video for our first video content.

Duration: 01:32:50

JAM - 68 Stand Up Comedian Ray Gootz

Juice, Hannah, and producer Thom chat with stand up comedian Ray Gootz about pro wrestling, stand up, and things that don't go over well when telling jokes in a comedy club. Hope you enjoy be sure to share with a friend!

Duration: 00:57:13

JAM - 67 Keller Davis and Tom Dustin

Juice is joined by a new co host. We chat with Keller Davis and Tom Dustin. Keller Davis is a media producer from Texas. Tom Dustin is a stand up comedian. It was a blast and an all around good show.

Duration: 00:59:34

JAM - 66 Marvel's Avengers Review

Juice and Cam sit down and discuss Spider Man: Homecoming, and also get into their review of Avengers. We discuss the future of Marvel and someone is back in the Marvel Universe and it's a spoiler!

Duration: 00:35:17

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