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Once a week, Brandon sits with Josh, Tom, Zack, Harrison, or any number or surprise and special guests to revel in their own conversation while arguing and making fun of whatever it is geeks are arguing about or making fun of that week.




JKP! Ep.265: Milk of the Puppy

“Fire cannot kill my bakes.” Surprise surprise, it’s podcast surprise! Brandon, Liz and Kyle are here (after a brief hurricane delay) to provide the following: a first-hand account of the recent Muppets Take the Hollywood...

Duration: 03:01:26

JKP! Ep.264: The Noid Void

“Well, his friends had a funny joke idea… and then he did it.” On this, the week of our Dragon Con (please come to our panel on Saturday!), returning guest Kyle joins Brandon and Josh...

Duration: 03:23:29

JKP! Ep.263: Flavor Valleys

“We have a corn.” BLT is BACK, baby. Join Brandon and Liz for brief sort-of-countdown to Sonic Mania’s release, then get comfy as Tom joins the table to discuss the debut of Disney XD’s new...

Duration: 03:27:55

JKP! Ep.262: Hot Dogs Go Where?

“This is, by far, our loosest episode in recent memory.” Crack open a Croix Boy and join Brandon, Zack, Liz, Josh and Tom as they bid farewell to June Foray, wish Andrea Romano a happy...

Duration: 03:16:37

JKP! Ep.261: Tokyo Hong Kong

“I’m excited about that one!” THE SHOW IS BACK (and so is Zack!) to catch up on everything we’ve missed these past few weeks. Brandon! Liz! Tom! ZACK!! Anime Expo! EVO! Wonder Woman (GENTLE SPOILERS)!...

Duration: 03:51:53

JKP! Ep.260: Formatted for Sarcrasm (E3 2017)

“He’s about to hyuck you up.” Had enough of E3 2017 yet? Of course you haven’t! The show may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop listening to people describe the same video...

Duration: 03:06:12

JKP! Ep.259: Near a Tomato

“We started strong with our wrong.” Put away your roller skates and turn off the ceiling fans: Brandon, Tom, Josh and first-timer Kyle (of the self-declared overlong emails) are here for three hours of podcasting! Listen intently...

Duration: 03:43:23

JKP! Ep.258: Large the Bear

“When I was in college…” Brandon, Liz and Josh waste NO TIME this week (didn’t even fool you for a second there, did we?) and dive right into Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and renew their...

Duration: 03:22:56

JKP! Ep.257: Jazz Cabbage

“We slam a Dew and talk about hot boys.” BLT is back! This week’s episode starts off pretty heavy as Brandon, Liz and Tom take a somber and serious dive into Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale… then...

Duration: 02:41:12

JKP! Ep.256: For Everyone, Seriously

“I don’t want to go there and be baka gaijin.” It’s Eric’s last show– possibly ever!?!?– and Brandon, Liz, Tom and Jenny have decided to see him off with a flurry of excitement over trailers, trailers,...

Duration: 03:21:06

JKP! Ep.255: Broke as a Joke

“Cool. Cool joke.” April showers bring… a lot of repeat topics from our last episode, apparently. Join Brandon, Liz, Jen, Tom and Josh as they recap this year’s April Fools highlights, talk about some more...

Duration: 03:48:14

JKP! Ep.254: Moon Zoo

“I believe that genre is called ‘clop clop,’ thank you.” Dashing and daring, courageous and caring! These are words that COULD be used to describe your internet friends Brandon, Liz, Tom, and Jenny as they...

Duration: 03:10:44

JKP! Ep.253: Every Natural Surface

“The ass has been dampened!” SOO-GAH, JKPeers! It’s been one hell of a week in video game land, so let’s join Brandon, Harrison and Josh as they discuss the surprising durability of trash cans in Horizon:...

Duration: 03:39:15

JKP! Ep.252: Instant Nonsense Machine

“Why hasn’t some trash-bastard made that yet?” My goodness, what a full table we have! Join Brandon, Liz, Tom, Harrison and Josh on this special Switch-mas Eve episode as they go full Johto with the latest...

Duration: 03:53:33

JKP! Ep.251: Hired for Anime

“Do a sex machina!” Hope you saved up some orbs, because it’s time to summon Brandon, Tom and Eric (!!) and discuss Nintendo’s latest mobile offering, Fire Emblem Heroes. Also: we establish Steiner’s crucial role in Final Fantasy...

Duration: 03:04:06

JKP! Ep.250: Balls Swallowing Balls

“I AM the Tokyo Big Show!” Good evening, good evening, good evening good evening. Good evening. It’s podcast time, in case you weren’t aware, and Brandon, Liz and Harrison are sure as heck gonna talk about...

Duration: 03:28:00

JKP! Ep.249: Always Baffled

“Would ya’ just GIVE him a MINUTE?” Welcome to 2017, JKPeers. With Nintendo’s full Switch unveiling mere days away, Brandon and Josh bide their time and take a moment to chew on Scalebound’s abrupt cancellation, a...

Duration: 03:13:23

JKP! Ep.248: Go Eat Everything

“Wake up, sheeple!” -Liz Macke In the last podcast of 2016, Brandon, Liz, Tom, and Josh say goodbye to George Michael, send their best wishes to Carrie Fisher, spoil and review Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find...

Duration: 03:27:01

JKP! Ep.247: Binders Full of Elves

“What a great moment here at the Game Awards…” It’s time for JKP’s kinda-sorta-holiday episode, and Brandon, Liz and Josh have come up with new reasons for the seasons: Geoff Keighley’s annual Game Awards, new Hollywood...

Duration: 03:32:11

JKP! Ep.246: Weeb Streak

“He’s so pissed he’s DEAD.” Brandon, Liz, Josh, Harrison and a sporadic, electronic hum come together in the loft to map out the week’s major upcoming events and “celebrate” the release of Final Fantasy XV. Other topics...

Duration: 03:09:08

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