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Lifestyle podcast featuring J.Carter , T-Mike, and Keiz Ali. Every week they tackle world issues, news, music, sports, sex and alot more. Be sure to turn in !






When Amp met Shy - Episode 32

Victory Lane Music Group - Shyland - AmpGoHard ! Learn more about both artist here. Shyland: No Shoes Allowed 9/15/2017 AmpGoHard: They Don’t Know What I’ve Been Through 10/2017 New singles coming soon!

Duration: 01:50:12

Shyland Radio - Episode 31

The JAW Podcast Crew is back ( minus 1) after 2 weeks away for another exciting episode, join us as Shyland Fills in for the missing Heavyweight Champ Keiz Ali to discuss the latest news topics across the world with the Bossman J.Carter.

Duration: 01:06:02

Just Hangin - Episode 30

The title tells it all 3 guys just hanging and talk good stuff this week. Also Keiz rants about the Slutwalk! Tune in PEOPLE! JAWPodcastSlutWalkJustHanginShylandCarterKeizAli

Duration: 01:29:34

The Rap Draft featuring King Q & Shawn Mc - Episode 29

The crew is back and with a twist - the first annual (probably last ) Rap Draft and they brought along first timer Shawn Mc and repeat offender King Q to help out. After all the good news of our R&B Gods - you know the one that “let it burn” and the other one that has people ” trapped in the closet” the crew jumps right into the draft.

Duration: 01:40:59

The 7 Series - Part 7 - Greed

The 7 Series is a series dedicated to taking a look at the 7 deadly sins from a modern standpoint. intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. - Greed. This is the finial episode of the series - take a moment to take a listen and let us know what you think .

Duration: 01:43:10

The 7 Series - Part 6 - Sloth

The 7 Series is a series dedicated to taking a look at the 7 deadly sins from a modern standpoint. reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness - Sloth. The crew makes a hard effort in breaking down Sloth this episode take a listen.

Duration: 01:40:50

Music n Shit! - Episode 27

The crew takes a break from the 7 series to catch up on music n shit! ENJOY!

Duration: 01:20:06

The 7 Series - Part 5 - Gluttony featuring T-Mike

The 7 Series is a series dedicated to taking a look at the 7 deadly sins from a modern standpoint. habitual greed or excess in eating - Gluttony Mr. Yella D himself returns to talk current events, his love life, and Gluttony! Be sure to follow the guest this week. Instagram:@runnerboy_7

Duration: 01:39:06

The 7 Series - Part 4 - Pride featuring Knormul x Dj Supaman x Dj ScoobySnaxx

The 7 Series is a series dedicated to taking a look at the 7 deadly sins from a modern standpoint. A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. - Pride! Keiz Ali sits down with Dj Supaman x Dj ScoobySnaxx & Knormul to talk Pride, fashion, business, and alot more ! Sit back and Enjoy. Be sure to follow the guest this...

Duration: 01:14:02

The 7 Series - Part 3 - Wrath featuring Q.Davis

The 7 Series is a series dedicated to taking a look at the 7 deadly sins from a modern standpoint. Extreme Anger - Wrath! Q.Davis jumps into discussing this and a lot more this week with the JAW Crew. Be sure to follow Q.Davis Instagram: @IMKingQ

Duration: 01:44:26

The 7 Series - Episode 1 - Envy featuring Andre D. Sullivan

The 7 Series is a series dedicated to take a look at the 7 deadly sins from a modern standpoint. A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck - Envy ! The guys gather with author Andre D Sullivan to open up the 7 Series. Be sure to follow Andre D Sullivan today Twitter: @Dre_Gastby/ @Andre_Sullivan1 Facebook: Andre D Sullivan and look for all his newest titles today on Amazon.

Duration: 02:07:13

Sportsmanship - Episode 25

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines and take off with the JAWPodcast crew as they discuss the latest jailbird, Kodak Black - Cheif Keef legal issues, BBB new 495.00 shoes and 200+ slides, Drake vs K.Dot, and SPORTS! Yes, I said it tune in to hear Shyland, J.Carter and Keiz yes even Keiz Ali talk about SPORTS. Enjoy. Also, you can get a snippet of Danny Hendricks new record at the end. JAWPodcast Episode 25!!!! SPORTSMANSHIP!

Duration: 01:42:12

Little White Lie - Episode 24

The duo is back and talking about those little lies that can rip down an empire. Also the crew visits the latest on R.Kelly, Kodak Black, Kevin Gates and alot more. Also J.Carter is 1-0 since the crew has started back will he continue to reign? Watch out for the new JAWPodcast youtube page coming soon!

Duration: 01:21:52

Episode 23 - The Return

The dynamic duo is back at it!!!! J.Carter & Keiz Ali swing back into full effect like they never missed a step. They address the QUEEN of GOLDDIGGIN, the KING of RAP, Mumble Rap and Future, NBA Playoffs and a whole lot more!!! Strap in and lets go!!! Episode Jordan is here!

Duration: 02:08:20

Just Another Week Podcast - Episode 22

No name is needed this week… my brother keeper, my partna, my hitta… whatever you want to call them the guys are talking dynamic duos this week. Who is the best NFL , NBA or wrestling duo of all time? Listen in this week and find out. Also Rick Ross vs Birdman , More Life, Rather Me than You and more.. Tune in… and will it be #andstill or #andNEW JAWPodcast Just Another Record Champ? Find out now by pressing play.

Duration: 01:50:42

Social Media Whore - Episode 21 feat @Carabella87 x @Chrispy_kickzz x @keisha_morris26

Guess who back - back again?!? JAWPodcast and this time they have the infamous CaraBella , Chris B, and a newcomer & Cowboys fan Keisha M. The crew catches up on a few news highlights then dive right into all the social media trouble. Want to know how to Thirst Trap Chris B has you covered, want to know how to get with Carabella check, if you like Cowboys fan …. yeah we got one of those too this week. Tune in to hear all the fun and games and also find out whats the best twerk song of all...

Duration: 01:53:11

Stay Strapped - Episode 20

Condoms, Jimmys, whatever you want to call them you should use them!!! The crew hits hard on the importance of safe sex, best condoms to use, how to tell your lover that you have an STD and the best way to avoid it all together. Sit back and get entertained this week and also hear about the latest on Remy vs Nicki vs Foxy??? Just Another Week Episode Epi. 20 - Enjoy!

Duration: 01:27:51

Beef: It’s Whats for Dinner - Episode 18

After this episode it makes you think will we have a podcast next week? J.Carter and Keiz Ali are back and talking beef! The duo tackles the down south battle of Gucci Mane vs Young Jeezy and then shoot up north to address Ja Rule vs 50 Cent. This becomes a very heated conversation over OVO Music artist Drake, Cam vs Jim Jones and much more. A little Grammy talk, turning kids into slaves, and you know the crew is back with Just Another Record - The Beef Edition **Sorry for the quality this...

Duration: 01:44:03

HeartBreak Hotel w/ CaraBella - Episode 17

This week the great CaraBella makes her return as the crew talks about all the heartbreak that comes with relationships. No this isnt your typical Valentines Day show. You learn the definition of a “trick bag”, Carter’s hotel preference, Keiz Ali’s greatest gift, and where the hell did Valentine’s Day come from anyway? Listen in as these 3 single host compare the best break up songs for the Just Another Record segment & help KING NOVA become more romantic for Amanda! TUNE IN PEOPLE its...

Duration: 01:31:40

That’s Just My Baby Daddy - Episode 16

This week J.Carter & Keiz Ali are back to hitting the topics, both being a vict… i mean witness to the baby-daddy stereotype they speak on what really makes them tick, how young fathers can change the stereotype, and what is really wrong with SC laws. Also the crew touches on Faith Hi… I mean Evans, Stevie J, Bobby Smurda, Kodak Black’s sex life and more. Tune in as Carter again wipes the floor with an angry Keiz Ali in the #JustAnotherRecord series.

Duration: 01:37:31

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