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Fed raises rates, Larry Kudlow as the new economic advisor to President Trump and why we should Index the Capital Gains rate to inflation!

Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time under the new fed chair, Jerome Powell, to the rage of 1.5% to 1.75%. The Fed and the “experts” out there think that the Fed will for sure raise rates 3 times this year but I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I think there’s a good chance that the only other time rates will go up in 2018 is in December. Listen to this episode to find out my reasons behind this and what I think about Larry Kudlow as Trump’s new chief economic advisor.


Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum is NOT going to make America great again!

President Trump recently announced a new 25% tariff on steel and 10% tariff on aluminum imports. Tariffs are a horrible policy and protectionism doesn’t work! It might save a few jobs in the very short term but long term it’s a major job killer! Protectionism makes our companies less innovative and actually leads to U.S. companies being less competitive overseas! This is exactly what we don’t need right now! Tariffs cause a lot of intended consequences and I mention many of them in this...


We DON’T need more gun control, we need to eliminate the gun free zones at our schools by allowing teachers to conceal and carry! Gun control measures only disarm the “good guys” because the “bad guys” already don’t follow the laws!

On Valentine’s Day, the worst school shooting took place with 17 people dead. Of course this issue has turned into a political football but there’s a simple solution…allow teachers to carry guns! All of these mass shootings occur at gun free zones! We need to eliminate the gun free zones! It’s really quite simple because criminals don’t follow the laws. Passing more laws only disarms the good guys and we need the good guys with the guns! So what is happening now in the political sphere in...


The Next Financial Crisis is just around the corner! Republican hypocrisy with record amount of government spending, it’s the final nail in the coffin!

Our national debt is $23 Trillion and now thanks to the republicans who say they are fiscal hawks, $1 Trillion deficits may become the norm. The first three years of the Obama presidency we had Trillion dollar deficits and that was insane! That’s party how the Tea party came about but the tea party is dead! No one in Washington is serious about spending cuts. Obama doubled the craziness of wild Bush spending and now will Trump double Obama’s madness? It’s looking like. Hold on to your hat...


My Adventure in Singapore! Big Brother is watching…

I just got back from Singapore and man what an experience that was! I really felt like I was in the novel 1984. Cameras are watching you everywhere, every little thing is regulated! A car that costs $30,000 in the U.S. costs $130,000 in Singapore! The government censors everything and there’s really no such thing as freedom of speech. I was almost fined $500 in Singapore! It’s not the Libertarian state many believe.


Gold, The Dollar and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies: Where should you invest your money in 2018?

The dollar is at a 3 year low while gold is up 7% in the last 30 days. Bitcoin is off about 25% from its record high. 2018 is off to a crazy start but it seems that this may be a fantastic year for gold. Granted the stock market keeps hitting new highs but think of it this way…What’s the best way to position yourself in terms of risk to reward? The clear winner is GOLD!! Gold is still 20% below where it was 5 year ago! Hell gold is about 32% off from its all time high back in 2012! Silver...


Jeff Sessions goes after states that have legalized Marijuana which shows republicans love their own form of Big Government! Don’t get me wrong, I go after the Marxist Democrats as well!

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has rescinded the Cole memo and now has his own memo that will indeed go after the states that have legalized marijuana. One of the few good things Obama did as president was that he actually let states nullify federal laws against marijuana. Now here comes the republicans, these guys who think their some small government types who say they love the free market, they’re full of it! Both parties love their own form of Big Government and I’m sick of this...


Yellen raises interest rates for 5th and final time as FED chair. Powell will start term as Yellen 2.0 and then morph into Bernanke 2.0.

Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, has raised interest rates for the last time under her tenure. This is the 5th time interest rates have been raised under Yellen. For that matter, this is the 5th time interest rates have been raised since the financial crisis began in 2008! So we’ve had near 0% interest rates for 10 years and the fed thinks it’s getting tight when interest rates are at 1.5%!? This is crazy! We still negative interest rates when you figure in the inflation rate! We’re not in...


The Bitcoin futures market is now open and the bitcoin mania continues by hitting an all-time high over $17,000 per BTC! Is this the next tulip bubble from Holland in the 1600’s?

The Bitcoin futures market is now open! What does this mean for Bitcoin now that people have the ability to short it? If you look at a chart of Bitcoin it literally goes straight up! How long will this bitcoin bull market continue? In a two week period, Bitcoin went from $8,000 per coin to $16,000! There’s definitely a lot of similarities between Bitcoin and the tulip bulb mania from the 1600s. People literally were trading their houses for a single tulip bulb! What, you say this time is...


The fall of Matt Lauer and the rise of Bitcoin! Also, the FED is thinking about making its own cryptocurrency!?

More sexual allegations have come out and the latest person to fall and be fired is the long time “Today” co-host, Matt Lauer. Every day it seems like there’s someone else! Also, Janet Yellen fears a boom and bust if we don’t stay ahead of inflation by keeping up with interest rates. This is more evidence that my theory on Janet Yellen is correct. And Bitcoin has recently went over $10,000 per coin and now even the FED is thinking about making its own cryptocurrency! Lots to get to on...


What to make of the Republican tax bill. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The House has passed their version of tax reform and now the senate is working on their version of the bill. Will the republicans get a bill through by year end? This bill has gotten a lot of criticism from the media now don’t get me wrong this bill has a lot to be desired to get a truly great bill but it does have some good things in it. Most people are saying this bill only helps the rich, this is lie! This bill helps every income bracket by reducing your taxes. But what’s more important...


Who holds more U.S. Treasuries than anyone else? Hint: It’s not China…Also, new Fed Chairman Powell is just more of the same and will continue the destructive policies at the FED!

Most people think that China is largest holder of our debt and so everyone is very worried about China and if they decide to dump U.S. treasuries. But China isn’t the largest holder of U.S. Treasuries, it’s the Federal Reserve! They own more than double what China owns! Also, Trump has made his choice for the new fed Chairman, Jerome Powell. Powell is not an economists but he really is more of the same and he seems like he fits right in the middle between a Bernanke and Yellen. Protect...


PC Alert! Apparently if you are dress up as “The Wall” this Halloween you must be a racist because you hate Mexicans! (what’s this world coming too!) Also, the key to living a life of influence and how I almost missed the cruise ship on Contra Cruis

This Halloween the PC police are at it again so what you plan on dressing up as this Halloween make sure you don’t offend anyone! If you are dressed up in the Donald Trump Wall costume that must mean you’re a racist that hates Mexicans! Or if you’re a man and dress up as a woman you are making fun of transgender! I mean seriously what the hell don’t people have a life!? Also, what really is the key to influencing people in your life and pulling them to your side? There’s one factor and...


Free Market Capitalism is the answer…let me explain

I came across a piece and this lady is showing her “facts” that is supposed to lead the reader to the conclusion that free market capitalism doesn’t work. That it’s in fact, the countries with more government control that are seeing the most growth today and are experiencing the most prosperity. This article is such a teachable moment and it shows how people with similar “facts” can see things in such different ways! How can we become better at communicating our message? The simple answer...


My time warped adventure to Communist Cuba and what’s really going on there!

Last week I visited Cuba and it was an enlightening experience. Imagine going to a city where it hasn’t been improved or maintained for 60 years… Yep, that’s the feeling I got when roaming the streets of Cuba. Everything is just really old, musty and colorless. People that have the mindset that government can provide prosperity is very laughable indeed. The government only consumes resources and allocates them in a very inefficient way compared to the private sector. On the world index,...


John Hunt M.D., talks about his new book “Drug Lord”, the failure of the war on drugs and the cronyism involved with “Legal” drugs!

John Hunt and Doug Casey are back with the second installment of the High Ground Series, “Drug Lord.” John discusses how the war on drugs is a complete disaster and how the government has made matters worse! Also, the problem with legal drugs and the revolving door of cronyism from the guys at the FDA! For many people out there, legalizing drugs still sounds bat crazy but looking at the system we have today…is it really that crazy? Look at all the unintended consequences of government...


The real reason Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen is shrinking the balance sheet! Yellen’s hidden agenda that no one is talking about!

The Federal Reserve has finally done what many have thought wouldn’t happen…The Fed will begin shrinking its bloated, $4.5 Trillion balance sheet in October. This is the right thing to do but the question is can our economy handle it? No, our economy is addicted to this funny money so this move by the Federal Reserve is the pin inching closer and closer to the balloon. This tightening by the FED will lead to the exposure of this fake recovery. All of the malinvestment that has taken place...


Trump works with Democrats to delay debt ceiling by 3 months…What does this really tell us about the future of the Trump Presidency?

President Trump worked out a debt ceiling deal with Democrats to push out the debt ceiling issue until December 8th. Trump is acting more and more like a democrat and the status quo of Washington D.C.! The swamp isn’t going to be drained and size of government will not be cut either! This is not going to end well when our national debt passed $20 Trillion on September 8th! Protect your savings! The dollar isn’t safe so act accordingly.


The economics of Hurricane Harvey and why “price gouging” isn’t the problem the media says it is!

Hurricane Harvey is looking like it will be the costliest natural disaster to ever occur in the United States. This devastation has destroyed the lives of millions of people. The Keynesians view disasters as a good jobs program that can boost the economy and keep spending going. How ridiculous is this!? But this is really how these “economists” think and it’s crazy that people can believe this garbage. Price gouging is seen as a negative but allowing prices to rise during disasters allows...


What Janet Yellen really did at Jackson Hole is set up the narrative that Deregulation will be the cause of the next financial crisis!

Janet Yellen gave a speech in Jackson Hole Wyoming last week and she didn’t address monetary policy at all! Many commentators were surprised by this and she focused mainly on regulations. She pointed out how the FED and congress responded correctly during the 2008 financial crisis by imposing more regulations on the financial sector. She says these regulations have made our economy more resilient than it was 10 years ago! The main point missed by all commentators out there is that she’s...


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