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K-Area is a kpop podcast which reviews and discusses contemporary kpop news while playing live DJ-mixes of kpop music based on listener requests.

K-Area is a kpop podcast which reviews and discusses contemporary kpop news while playing live DJ-mixes of kpop music based on listener requests.
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K-Area is a kpop podcast which reviews and discusses contemporary kpop news while playing live DJ-mixes of kpop music based on listener requests.






'Regret' Deconstructed In Infinite's “Tell Me”

Infinite's "Tell Me" arrives a year and a half - which is practically a decade in kpop-years. Did the comeback live up to our expectations? We explore the theme of regret shown in the music video concept and song. Read Nick of The Bias List's Review: Catch Kpop Junkee's MV Theory: Hit Replays: - Stray Kids "Grrr 총량의 법칙" - BoA 'Jazzclub'...

Duration: 00:29:17

The Top 10 Kpop Songs of 2017 To Remember

Kpop, often known for its competitive rankings, is sometimes harder to rank among friends. In this year-end-episode of the Kpocast, the hosts showcase their personal honorable mentions and present the top ten kpop songs of 2017 to remember. As discussed on the show, the hosts were quite divided in their own rankings before the show. We’ve posted our personal charts on our website so can see how hard it was to agree on a top ten, how they were ranked, and for you to decide who got it...

Duration: 00:33:19

How To Be A Parent In Kpop

In this panel discussion, The Kpopcast welcomes voices in and around the community on what it means to be a kpop parent. If you've ever wondered what it takes, or simply marveled over the life-balance parenting in kpop entails, these panelists offer their pro-tips. Listen to this discussion from the Moms and Dads of kpop as they impart lessons and untold anecdotes in kpop parenting. Follow the special guests of this episode: - Mama B of Kpop Mamas: - Stephen...

Duration: 00:58:10

Were Our Hearts Shaken Or Stirred By TWICE?

Editor's Note: we recorded this live on Periscope, so it has a bit less polish than we usually have. TWICE's "Heart Shaker" produced a polarized reaction from the Kpopcast team, and we dive into our quick mixed reactions for this episode. Tamar Herman's Hyuna Review: Kpop Junkee's Theory: Nick of The Bias List's Review:...

Duration: 00:31:36

"You In Me" Is A Winning Pair of KARD's

Editor's Note: we recorded this just before KARD's surprise prequel "Trust Me" dropped. In this episode, we'll put KARD's "You In Me" to our Daebak or Not test, and explore some of the meaning/message behind the concept. The Guitar instrumental heard on this track was arranged and recorded by Shlyn Mashups/@runningmanfan8. Check out her fantastic video of the KARD cover: Hit Replays: - BTS (방탄소년단) 'MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)'...

Duration: 00:33:48

Quick Update: We're Still Alive!

We just wanted to provide a quick update for those who were wondering: yes, we're still alive and going. We've been busy with traveling and our day jobs but we've have more ahead on the calendar. We're looking to expand our team! If you've wanted to help us in managing our digital presence, audio production, planning - or other random ways - we're all ears! If you're interested in joining our team, just give us a tweet at @TheKpopcast. To gain a glimpse into some of things we've been...

Duration: 00:12:32

Why We're Moved By Taemin

Editor's Note: this was recorded back in October so it's a bit dated. We're catching up on episodes due to work/life balance and hope to be getting back into our weekly cadence soon. For this episode, Steph and Peter dive into what the ways they are emotionally and technically "moved" from Taemin's "Move." Hit Replays: - SF9 (에스에프나인) _ O Sole Mio(오솔레미오) - Bolbbalgan4(볼빨간사춘기) _ Some(썸 탈꺼야) Listen to Hit...

Duration: 00:34:20

Why We're Divided On GOT7's "You Are"

You couldn't have a more polarized reaction to GOT7's "You Are" on this episode of The Kpopcast. We provide our contrasting views on the single and offer insight on what may be driving this divide. This episode was recorded before we realized that the baby bird shown in the music video is an obvious nod to GOT7's AHGASES. Hit Replays: - LAY 레이 'SHEEP (羊)' - NIEL, JUSTHIS(니엘 (NIEL), 저스디스) _ What's good?(잘 지내?)...

Duration: 00:36:58

SVT Leads HYPHY Kpop With "Change Up"

Seventeen has a history of successfully spinning out sub-unit concepts and singles. Reviewing SVT Leaders' "Change Up," co-hosts Stephanie and DJ PLo found similarities in the song with Nor Cal hyphy jams. Read Nick of the Bias List's Review: Hit Replays: - D.I.P (디아이피) - 될 것 같은 밤 A Likely Night - U-KNOW 유노윤호 'DROP' Listen...

Duration: 00:30:31

What Does IU Do At Night?

IU's "Sleepless Rainy Night" and "Last Night Story" has Peter and Stephanie playfully questioning the idol's evening choices. The Kpopcast reviews the two singles in this double shot of Daebak or Not. Hit Replays: - SiK-K, pH-1, Jay Park - iffy (prod by. GroovyRoom) - 권진아 Kwon Jin Ah - Fly away Listen to Hit Replays on Spotify: Chat with us:...

Duration: 00:42:15

The DNA of BTS

BTS' "DNA" encourages the listener introspection before outward love, and we discuss why this is. Guest Ariana, DJ Peterlo and Soupermatic digest the appeal of the comeback in this episode of the Kpopcast. Get High Quality Kpop Apparel from Save $5 with promo code "KPOPCAST." Watch Kpop Junkee's BTS DNA Theory: Catch Miggy Smallz Mashup Medley of BTS hits here: Hit Replays: - BTS...

Duration: 00:36:36

EXO's "Power" Is The Best Kpop Fantasy

Was EXO's "Power" so ridiculous that it was good? We discuss the pros and cons of this LDN Noise produced track - Portal-robots, kitties, lasers and all. Get High Quality Kpop Apparel from Save $5 with promo code "KPOPCAST." KPOP Junkee's Theory on EXO Power: Hit Replays: - LEEGIKWANG(이기광) - What You Like - SUNMI(선미) - Gashina (가시나) Listen...

Duration: 00:28:05

BTS Tells You To "Love Yourself"

In a special panel episode, The Kpopcast gathers BTS ARMY to discuss the theory, significance and meaning of the BTS "Love Yourself" highlight videos. Guests for this panel include: Raman @RPMNCreates on Instagram Ariana @Ariana_Y_Khan on Twitter Paulina @BayAreaARMYs on Twitter This episode was recorded just before the "Serendipity" teaser. Chat with us:

Duration: 00:44:42

How "Babe" infantilizes HyunA

"Babe" deviated away from the typical sound we've heard from HyunA; but does this song give say something profound about her career as a kpop artist? Rhodri of The Kpop Show rejoins DJ PLo as the two discuss. Asian Junkie's Theory: Hit Replays: - MiSO - 'Pink Lady' - BTS, Jimin, JK 'We don't talk anymore'...

Duration: 00:49:18

Wanna One Brings Bromance In "Energetic"

Did Wanna One's "Energetic" live up to the hype? We discuss this bromantic broduction with guest host SYJOfficial who brings his expertise for the group. Hit Replays: - N.Flying, The Real - Samuel, Sixteen (Feat. Changmo) - Wanna One, Burn It Up Listen to Kpopcast Hit Replays on Spotify:

Duration: 00:50:56

Did SNSD's Holiday Night Herald A New Generation for Kpop?

10 years later, does Girls' Generation give kpop fans something fresh and new? In a double-daebak review, we take a look at the two title tracks from Girls' Generation's "Holiday" and "All Night." Let us know your thoughts on Twitter at @TheKpopcast. Hit Replays: - WINNER, 'LOVE ME LOVE ME' - 프라이머리(Primary), 밤꽃 (Night Flower) (feat. 카더가든)_꽃 Listen to Kpopcast Hit Replays on Spotify:...

Duration: 00:32:19

Why Kpop Fans Love JJ Project

JJ Project's "Tomorrow, Today" leaves a memorable message for many of its listeners and we dive into why that may be in the case. Guest Rhodri Thomas of The Kpop Show joins this episode to share his musical insight as well. Hit Replays: - 몬스타엑스(MONSTA X) - NEWTON - ASTRO 아스트로 - 붙잡았어야 해(Again) - AKMU - 'DINOSAUR' Listen to Kpopcast Hit Replays on Spotify:...

Duration: 00:50:05

KARD's Debut Marks The End of K-Tropical House

After three pre-debut singles (...) KARD delivers on its proper debut with "Hola Hola." For a mixed-gender group attributed with kicking-off the tropical house genre for kpop, does "Hola Hola" mark the beginning of the end of the sub-genre? Read Nick's review on The Bias List: Watch SoNE1: Hit Replays: - 청하(CHUNG HA) - "Why Don’t You Know (Feat.넉살)"...

Duration: 00:45:11

Why Red Velvet's "Red Flavor" is a Lesson in #Adulting

Red Velvet's summer jam offers perspective for young adults as they prepare for their next chapter in #adulting. The Kpopcast dives into this theory from KPOP Junkee after highlighting constructive listener feedback from the Kpopcast's analysis of BoA's "CAMO." Catch KPOP Junkee's Theory to Red Velvet's "Red Flavor:" Hit Replays: - NU'EST(뉴이스트) - 여보세요(HELLO) 2017ver - Jessi(제시), Gucci...

Duration: 00:32:00

BoA's Artistry Compromises Her Kpop Relevance

The OG Kpop Queen BoA returns with her track "CAMO" and the Kpopcast crew takes a critical look at her recent hit. Read Nick of The Bias List's Review: Kudos to @marvidmusic for his concluding bumper music cover. Check Marvid's talented tunes here: Hit Replays: - MFBTY, "짝짝짝 (Clap" - 효린(HYOLYN) x 키썸(KISUM),...

Duration: 00:29:52

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