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Free speech and neo-Nazis

The ACLU's protection of free speech in the public square has made it a frequent target of the conservative Right. Now, deadly violence in Charlottesville has it under attack from the Left — including some of its own members. We hear arguments about the limits of free speech.

Duration: 00:51:23

President Trump and America's 'forever war'

Photo: Afghan men watch the TV broadcast of the US President Donald Trump's speech, in Kabul, Afghanistan August 22, 2017 (Omar Sobhani/Reuters)

Duration: 00:51:18

Trump's base: Collapsing, holding fast or somewhere in between?

President Trump's approval ratings are falling fast, and he's accused of equating violent white nationalists with protesters against them. What's the impact on his public support and the Republican Party?

Duration: 00:51:15

Race politics and the NFL's culture of silence

Devoted sports fans may not like it, but America's most divisive controversy has reached the National Football League. We'll hear how players are speaking out — for racial equality and protection from debilitating injury.

Duration: 00:51:14

White supremacy on campuses: Moral crisis for higher education?

Last weekend's deadly violence at the University of Virginia is a wake-up-call for leaders of higher education. It's another example of how the so-called alt-right is recruiting on campuses—utilizing protections for free speech. We hear about possible responses to a challenging strategy.

Duration: 00:57:45

The president boosts white supremacists

Once again, President Trump is blaming "both sides" for this weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia — legitimizing white supremacy like no other modern president. We hear much more.

Duration: 00:51:17

North Korea and Trump diplomacy

Kim Jung Un has backed away from his plan to target missiles near Guam. Is that the result of President Trump's tough talk? Former Defense Chief Leon Panetta says, "It's not time to declare victory, yet." We talk with him and others.

Duration: 00:51:37

President Trump and the alt-right: a test of leadership

After two days of demands for "moral clarity" — from black leaders to conservative Republican Senators — President Trump delivered a new statement on racism – but only after he listed a few of his economic achievements.

Duration: 00:50:52

Is the opioid epidemic a public health issue or a war on drugs?


Affirmative action debate revived

Is the Trump Administration on the hunt for "reverse discrimination" in college admissions — the exclusion of whites on behalf of blacks and Latinos? We hear about the politics of affirmative action — after decades of new laws and legal precedents.

Duration: 00:51:26

The war of words between North Korea and the US

President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jung Un made provocative statements yesterday about the use of nuclear weapons. What are their respective messages, and do they understand one another?

Duration: 00:51:20

RAISE Act cuts legal immigration by half, promises to lift wages

The President says legal immigration should be cut in half, with Green Cards based on "merit" and not on family connections. Would the US survive as a "nation of immigrants" if it only admitted "the best and the brightest?

Duration: 00:51:15

Can a general 'unchaos' the White House?

With the President away, his White House Staff will play — unless former General John Kelly can establish rules of order in his new role as chief of a group he himself has called "dysfunctional." We hear about his challenges and his record.

Duration: 00:51:08

The brave new world of genetic engineering

Gene editing now used for agriculture and developing drugs can also prevent inherited human diseases. We hear the pros and cons of the latest breakthrough in medical science.

Duration: 00:51:13

Will the US help Venezuela or hurt it?

Venezuela is said to be on the verge of becoming a failed state, and President Nicholas Maduro has increased political instability by staging what's being called a fraudulent election. We hear about potential American sanctions; will they make things better or worse?

Duration: 00:51:14

President Trump touts a booming economy

The New York Stock Exchange hit another record today, and the President says that means the economy's booming. Who's reaping the benefits and who's not? What about calls for "tax reform?"

Duration: 00:51:21

The isolation of the State Department in Trump's White House

Career diplomats say the Trump Administration is "hollowing out" the State Department with no clear foreign policy from the Secretary of State or the White House. Congress is already showing impatience as the President has yet to sign a sanctions bill passed with veto-proof majorities.

Duration: 00:51:16

A one-two punch on LGBT rights

President Trump's new policies on gender and sexual orientation are a far cry from his promises during last year's election. We hear what they could mean at job sites and in the military.

Duration: 00:51:33

A dramatic defeat for the GOP's health care plan

Last night Republican failed to repeal parts of Obamacare — even with control of the White House and both houses of Congress. A desperation plan called "skinny repeal" failed in the Senate — with John McCain casting the decisive "no" vote. What's next for the party that’s supposed to be "in control?"

Duration: 00:51:49

Chaos and rivalries in the White House and the cabinet

Republicans in the Senate say President Trump has gone off the tracks with attacks on their former colleague, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Meantime, top White House aides are battling each other in public.

Duration: 00:52:37

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