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20170311 KMFBZ news - #26 - St. Patrick's Day Edition

Wikileaks releases thousands of documents that detail CIA hacking of devices, NASA scientists create the coldest place in the universe, Deadpool 2 teaser, Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild reviews, the origins of leprechauns, tips for celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, history of green beer, nine crazy facts about St. Patrick's Day, thoughts on Bill Paxton, Harrison Ford nearly crashing into an airliner, seven Earth-like planets discovered in the Trappist-1 system, and...

Duration: 00:49:40

20170211 KMFBZ news - #25 - Valentines Day Edition

Thoughts on the 25th anniversary of Wayne’s World, Trump draws on Twitter, trivia and history on the origins of Valentines Day, HMV closing all of its stores, remembering John Hurt and Mary Tyler Moore, majestic pics of Earth from space, vampire bats in Brazil, and much more. Party on! Be sure to support KMFBZ by subscribing at Music in this episode: 1) Hello, I Love You - The Doors 2) Love - John Lennon 3) Disco Love - Smallwhitelight 4) You Don't Love Me Anymore -...

Duration: 00:43:38

20170114 KMFBZ news - #24 - The Birthday Edition

A very special edition on the day of my son’s 20th birthday!!! Thoughts on David Bowie, huge advances in teleportation and quantum mechanics, aftermath of the Trump meltdown, tenth anniversary of the iPhone, a brilliant Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds documentary, scientists working on self-healing technology like Wolverine, and much more! Support KMFBZ by subscribing today at Music in the episode: 1) Happy Birthday - Weird Al 2) Terriers - Kids in the Hall 3) No...

Duration: 00:59:53

20170102 KMFBZ promo

A new season of KMFBZ starts soon. Check out new editions of KMFBZ radio with Vincent the Dragon, KMFBZ Native Pride with Johnny Blackfeather, KMFBZ Trippy Hippy Dippy Show with Captain Spacecase, KMFBZ Evil Genius with Evil Genius, and KMFBZ news. Please sign up to become a monthly subscriber today at Music in this episode: 1) We Want The Airwaves - The Ramones 2) Indian Giver - The Ramones 3) Purple Haze - The Jimi Hendrix Experience 4) Weird Science - Oingo Boingo 5)...

Duration: 00:12:18

20161218 KMFBZ news - #23 - Christmas Edition

KMFBZ is trapped in the Matrix and only you can help! Shoutout to my good friend and fellow podcaster Brendan Kennedy, thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (STAR WARS!!!!!!), Christmas Flintstone, over a billion Yahoo! accounts hacked, Christmas wishes from all the KMFBZ shows, live radio from around the world at Radio Garden, how to support KMFBZ on Patreon, top metal Christmas songs, and much more! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from KMFBZ! Music in this episode: 1) I’ll Be Home...

Duration: 00:51:02

20161126 KMFBZ news - show #22

The excitement building for Star Wars: Rogue One, an iPhone video that crashes the phone, Billy Idol yelling at his Christmas tree, Apple’s holiday ad featuring Frankenstein, Joe Biden memes, thoughts on Trump from Dr. Evil and Comic Book Guy, Joe McTaggert: Rogue Cop, and much more! Music in this episode: 1) Andres - L7 2) The Future Freaks Me Out - Motion City Soundtrack 3) Watching the Wheels - John Lennon 4) Haunted When the Minutes Drag - Love and Rockets 5) Locust - Machine Head 6)...

Duration: 01:04:29

20160924 KMFBZ news - show #20

Thoughts on winning story slam, BMX bikes flying through the air at Hawrelak Park, quantum teleportation, a very special tribute to my Uncle Dan, and much more! Music in this episode: 1) Sunscreen - Baz Lurhman 2) Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan 3) One Stones Throw (From a Riot) - Gadjits 4) Shake Your Dance Stick - Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat 5) Mothership - Kid Beyond 6) Green Mills Blues - Mike Jones 7) Casse-Moi - Irina Bjorklund and Peter Fox

20160723 KMFBZ news - show #18

KMFBZ news is back baby! Thoughts on Pokemon Go, the Cloverdale bridge, and never giving up. HUGE shoutout to my good friend Liz for helping me through this very difficult time. :) Music in this episode: 1) Bad Habit - The Offspring 2) Couple Million Miles - The Bad Rackets 3) Bulgarian Chicks - Balkan Beat Box 4) Gotta Do It - Andrew W.K.

20151212 KMFBZ news - show #13 - Christmas Edition

Christmas wishes from King Diamond, why being a 9 to 5 monkey sucks, and thoughts on ONE YEAR OF KMFBZ! Music in this episode: 1) Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight) - The Ramones 2) Twelve Days of Christmas - John Denver and the Muppets 3) Jingle Balls - Udo Dirkschneider with Evil Disposition 4) Merry Christmas Asshole - American Dog 5) We Three Kings - Rob Halford 6) Santa Claws - Alice Cooper 7) Fairly Tale of New York - The Pogues 8) I Sure Hope I Don't Have to Beat Your...

20151030 KMFBZ news at Kid Komic Kon

KMFBZ at Kid Komic Kon! Captain America, Iron Man, and Harry Potter! Good times. :)

20151024 KMFBZ news - show #11 - Halloween Edition

The very special Halloween Edition is loose and stalking the studio. Very scary, kids! Music in this episode: 1) The Last Vampire - Christopher Lee 2) Keepin' Halloween Alive - Alice Cooper 3) The Haunted Strangler - Boris Karloff 4) Gorgeous Frankenstein - Gorgeous Frankenstein 5) Grim grinning ghosts - Thurl Ravenscroft 6) Headless Horseman - Thurl Ravenscroft 7) Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo 8) Hands of Death - Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie 9) Hokey Pokey - Haunted Garage

20150905 KMFBZ news - show #10

It's show #10 and we celebrate! Looking back at the past shows and planning for the future. Tribute to Wes Craven and a review of the head trip film El Topo!! Music in this episode: 1) From the Pinnacle to the Pit - Ghost 2) Repentless - Slayer 3) Tears of a Clown - Iron Maiden 4) Choking On Your Screams - Motörhead

20150808 KMFBZ news - show #9

Movie news and thoughts about the Chris Farley documentary with reviews of Order of Chaos and a crazy night of hardcore punk! Music in this episode: 1) Vision Thing - Prong 2) Shoot ‘Em Down - Twisted Sister 3) Jump the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne

20150718 KMFBZ news - show #8

Reviews of Jurassic World, movie and TV updates, and much more! Music in this episode: 1) Darkest Night - Death SS 2) Necromancer - Crobot 3) Amen - Halestorm

20150620 KMFBZ news - show #7

i talk about finally seeing the band Ministry and surviving to tell the tale, plus movie news and great music! Music in this episode: 1) My Way - Christopher Lee 2) Fish On - Til Lindemann 3) Nobody Thinks About Me - Michale Graves

20150516 KMFBZ news - show #6

Reviews of Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Kingsmen, and movie and TV news. Music in this episode: 1) Three O'clock in the Morning - B.B. King 2) That'll Be the Day - Buddy Holly 3) Rock and Roll Music - Chuck Berry

20150418 KMFBZ news - show #5

Reviews of It Follows, movie and music news, and much more! Enjoy! Music in this episode: 1) Sunny Side Up - Faith No More 2) God Is Dead - Black Sabbath 3) Vincent Price - Deep Purple

20150328 KMFBZ news - show #4

A very special tribute to Leonard Nimoy, reviews of Paddington, Seventh Son, music and TV news, and much more! Music in this episode: 1) Whistlin' Past the Graveyard - Tom Waits 2) Bustin' Out - Rick James 3) Marz - Prince and Third Eye Girl 4) Give Me the News - Rick Moranis

20141231 KMFBZ news - show #2 - New Year's Eve edition

Thoughts on the most pirated movies of 2014, our favorite albums of the year, and a review of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Music in this episode: 1) Fated, Faithful, Fatal - Marilyn Manson 2) King of the Underdogs - Newstead 3) The Performer - Gwar 4) Triumph of the Pig Children - Gwar

20141206 KMFBZ news - show #1 - Christmas Edition

Our very first episode! We talk about Christmas gifts for the metal fan on your list and much discussion on upcoming movies in 2015. Music in this episode: 1) No Choice to Love - Salem's Lott 2) God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen - Dio