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Hosted by Willis Ryder Arnold and Nancy Fowler, Cut & Paste arts and culture podcast features the personal stories of St. Louis' visual and performing artists, and intelligent but playful discussion of what's at stake in their work.

Hosted by Willis Ryder Arnold and Nancy Fowler, Cut & Paste arts and culture podcast features the personal stories of St. Louis' visual and performing artists, and intelligent but playful discussion of what's at stake in their work.
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St. Louis, MO


Hosted by Willis Ryder Arnold and Nancy Fowler, Cut & Paste arts and culture podcast features the personal stories of St. Louis' visual and performing artists, and intelligent but playful discussion of what's at stake in their work.




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Cut & Paste: Children's book authors want kids to know Rosa Parks 'wasn't the end of the story'

How do you condense more than 150 years of civil rights history in to a single book — and make it understandable and meaningful to a fifth grader? St. Louisan Amanda Doyle and co-author Melanie Adams recently attempted to do just that, for their children's book, “Standing Up for Civil Rights in St. Louis.” It starts in the 1800s with the stories of people who were enslaved, and ends with the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown and the subsequent protests in Ferguson. But its message looks...

Duration: 00:19:42

Cut & Paste: St. Louis composer’s venture takes him to the convent and the big screen

Contemporary classical music fans all over the country have enjoyed original compositions by St. Louis' own Chris Stark. But he may have found his biggest audience, ever, in a new group: moviegoers. Stark, a composer and a professor of composition at Washington University, recently finished scoring his first film, a Sony Pictures release, “Novitiate.” It’s the story of a woman who joins a convent. Margaret Qualley plays the aspiring nun and Melissa Leo, the mother superior, in the film...

Duration: 00:22:32

Cut & Paste: Documentary follows St. Louis teen haunted by death, inspired by new life

By the time Deja Shelton of St. Louis was 17, she’d already lost lots of friends to gun violence. One was shot while waiting at a bus stop, another while walking to the store. Shelton had few outlets for expressing her grief and coping with emotions about that trauma. In her world, fighting, not talking, was a typical way to address conflict. After one fight, she was expelled from high school. A documentary film captures her struggle. “For Ahkeem” opens with Shelton in a courtroom, where...

Duration: 00:25:22

Cut & Paste: Prison Performing Arts alums credit the late Agnes Wilcox for success on and off stage

St. Louis’ Prison Performing Arts serves 1,000 inmates every year, some as actors, others as audience members. But leaving prison doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to the program. Through its Second Acts Ensemble alumni troupe, PPA provides a theatrical outlet on the outside for those who honed their acting skills behind bars. In our latest Cut & Paste podcast, we talk with Robert Morgan and Lyn O’Brien, two Second Acts members, about how PPA and recently deceased founder Agnes Wilcox...

Duration: 00:21:36

Cut & Paste: Storyteller Bobby Norfolk wants black explorer to share glory with Lewis and Clark

Who were the leaders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition across the Western United States? The obvious answer is Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. But many likely don't know that an enslaved African played a crucial third role. Lewis and Clark are famous for undertaking the “Corps of Discovery” in the early 1800s. But another man, York, typically only receives a footnote in history books. St. Louis storyteller Bobby Norfolk wants the change that. In our latest Cut & Paste arts and culture...

Duration: 00:16:11

Cut & Paste: Theater couple professes more delight than drama in managing marriage and kids

This has been a super-crazy week for St. Louis theater professional and mom Christina Rios. One of her three younger children started kindergarten. Her teenager entered her junior year of high school. And her theater company R-S Theatrics geared up to open its largest-ever production: “In the Heights.” In our latest Cut & Paste podcast , we talk with Rios and her husband, Mark Kelly — who’s an actor with a day job at Washington University — about how they make it all work. They come from...

Duration: 00:19:44

Cut & Paste: A former drama kid pays tribute to his hunter-father with theater and taxidermy

Who among us hasn’t grappled with building a relationship with our parents? Matthew Kerns, director of the St. Lou Fringe festival of performing arts, struggled to bond with a father who was very different from him. Kerns was a gay theater kid; his dad was a stereotypically “manly” man who drove a truck and hunted deer.

Duration: 00:17:47

Cut & Paste: The Knuckles of St. Louis come out swinging with mashup of rap, pop and more

Don’t put Rockwell Knuckles and Aloha Micheaux in a box. He’s known as a rapper and she’s more of a pop singer, who made it to the finals in “American Idol” in 2005. But the St. Louis performers shun labels in their collaboration known as The Knuckles. In our latest Cut & Paste podcast , we talk with the musical collaborators with 200 songs and one EP under their belts, focusing on a wave of recent attention they've received and what they'll do next. Look for new Cut & Paste (#cutpastestl)...

Duration: 00:21:40

Cut & Paste: Nika Marble performs improv on the piano, at the easel and behind the bar

Nika Marble’s artistic toolbox holds an eclectic mix: A shot of tonic, a staccato note and a sharp pair of scissors. Each tool is in service of one of her artistic endeavors: music, mixology and collage making. But as she dons one hat after another, how does Marble define herself? In this reboot of our Cut & Paste podcast , we talk with Marble about an identity crisis that plagues many creative people. “Am I am I an artist who waits tables? Or am I a waiter who occasionally makes art?”...

Duration: 00:18:10

Cut & Paste: What do you want in your arts and culture podcast?

You know what they say: You can’t spell Cut & Paste without “u.” OK, go ahead: groan. We're groaning with you. We know that no one says that. But seriously, we want to know what you want to hear in Cut & Paste, our arts and culture podcast . Not necessarily “who,” but what kinds of conversations and experiences do you want to be in on? We’re taking a short break to talk with you and other podcast listeners and maybe people who don’t really listen to podcasts all that much. Take our survey...

Duration: 00:02:42

Cut & Paste: It's 'a very white-dominated field': Adrienne Davis advocates for diversity in the arts

Adrienne Davis teaches law but she regularly cross-examines the status quo in a completely different field: the arts. The Washington University law professor will receive an Arts Advocacy award from the Women of Achievement of St. Louis in a May 16 event at the Ritz-Carlton. The honor applauds her service on various boards including that of the St. Louis Art Museum and Opera Theatre of St. Louis. But it also extols her efforts to infuse more racial diversity into the artistic pipeline,...

Duration: 00:18:41

Cut & Paste: For Kat Reynolds, photography is about creating trust and being ‘super-present’

Photographer Kat Reynolds is having a moment. In the past few months, Reynolds has exhibited at five St. Louis venues. She was named this year’s Emerging Artist by the local Visionary Awards, a prize she’ll accept April 24 at the Sun Theater in Grand Center. She’s also wrapping up a residency program at Paul Artspace, north of Florissant. Her work primarily features young people of color, friends, people she encounters on the street, or people she finds through social media. Reynolds works...

Duration: 00:18:43

Cut & Paste: St. Louis' LGBTQ film festival marks 10 years of history and 'magic'

When St. Louis' QFest of films officially launched, people in the LGBTQ community were barred from institutions ranging from the military service to marriage. A decade later, LGBTQ citizens can both serve and marry. The 10th annual festival, which opens March 29, includes a dozen films that reflect a restricted past and progressive present. The Cinema St. Louis festival at .Zack in Grand Center includes modern fare such as "Lovesong" starring Riley Keough and Jena Malone, and classics,...

Duration: 00:20:24

Cut & Paste: Artists to St. Louis’ next mayor: Show us the money and the love

When St. Louis’ next mayor takes office, local artists will be waiting. They’ve got a list of things they want the mayor — likely Lyda Krewson — to do in support of the arts. They presented their ideas to mayoral candidates in a recent forum presented by Citizen Artist St. Louis. Their goals include a living wage, more artists at the table when economic development plans are decided and recognition of artists’ economic contributions. In our latest Cut & Paste arts and culture podcast, we...

Duration: 00:13:29

Cut & Paste: From coming out to staying safe, Charis has sung about tough issues since 1993

In the early 1990s, same-sex relations were illegal , the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy helped keep closet doors sealed shut, and marriage equality for same-sex couples was unthinkable. In that environment, a group of St. Louis lesbian singers wondered: "Where can we find a safe and comfortable place to enjoy making music?" They created Charis, a women’s chorus that’s still lifting its voice — and audiences' spirits — nearly 25 years later. In our latest Cut & Paste podcast, we...

Duration: 00:25:33

Cut & Paste: Activist Elizabeth Vega is outspoken about Art House and her house arrest

St. Louis artist and activist Elizabeth Vega spends a lot of time in her home. It’s a place in north St. Louis known as Art House, that she bought in 2015. There, she provides space for sign-making and other activities related to protest actions. She also works with local children to create kites, collages and other art to help them process their feelings. Recently, she spent five days and nights at Art House without leaving. An ankle monitoring device kept her tethered to her home. In our...

Duration: 00:21:39

Cut & Paste: What constitutes censorship in art — and how it affects artists and the community

St. Louis-area artist Fabio Rodriguez was devastated when a very personal piece of his work was removed from an exhibition. But did that action rise to the level of censorship? The idea of reacting to public outcry against a work of art captured the conversation in St. Louis last fall after community advocates demanded that the Contemporary Art Museum remove a Kelley Walker exhibition . Since then, two Washington, D.C. incidents with local connections have kept a spotlight on the subject....

Duration: 00:17:42

St. Louis improv artists wing their way through this Cut & Paste episode

We’ve all had that dream. You know, the one where you’re naked on stage and the audience is laughing. For an improv performer, that’s no nightmare; that’s life. OK, they're wearing clothes but they're emotionally naked, working without a script, responding off the cuff to random cues from the audience and their co-performers. In our latest Cut & Paste podcast , we talk with Kevin McKernan, Melanie Penn and Becca Brooks — members of St. Louis’ Improv Shop — about what it’s like to be in the...

Duration: 00:22:12

Cut & Paste: A year of beatboxers, Baptist influence and that controversy at CAM

The art of activism weaved its way more deeply into the St. Louis arts scene in 2016. In this year’s Cut & Paste arts and culture podcasts, we brought you conversations with performers, poets and visual video artists, inspired personal experiences and cultural issues. A poet and performance artist got her start in church . A visual artist made work around her mother’s cancer. A father drummed beatboxing into his daughter’s psyche before she was even born. In this podcast, we revisit some...

Duration: 00:16:18

Cut & Paste: These two poets are generations apart but they both envision a better St. Louis

Two official St. Louis poets don’t always agree on what’s appropriate but they do concur on at least one thing: If you want change, you've got to work for it. For this pair, words are the tools. In our latest Cut & Paste arts and culture podcast, we talk with St. Louis’ first Poet Laureate Michael Castro, and new Youth Poet Laureate Bisa Adero, a student at Grand Center Arts Academy. Castro, 71, finishes his term at the end of this month. Adero, 17, is just getting started. As you'll hear...

Duration: 00:15:13

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