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Want to watch a scary flick with your kid but you're not sure if it's age appropriate? Join an 8 year old girl and her wildly irresponsible father as they review horror films and literature so you don't have to. We've done all the hard work, so sit back and enjoy. We're horror for the whole family.

Want to watch a scary flick with your kid but you're not sure if it's age appropriate? Join an 8 year old girl and her wildly irresponsible father as they review horror films and literature so you don't have to. We've done all the hard work, so sit back and enjoy. We're horror for the whole family.
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Want to watch a scary flick with your kid but you're not sure if it's age appropriate? Join an 8 year old girl and her wildly irresponsible father as they review horror films and literature so you don't have to. We've done all the hard work, so sit back and enjoy. We're horror for the whole family.








Episode 36-It

There is much rejoicing in the land! The children have finally watched the new version of IT. And now they want to talk about it with you. Hang out with us as we talk about clowns, kids, and lots of teeth. I give this movie a hard time, but it’s really not all that bad. … Continue reading Episode 36-It →


Episode 35-The Ritual

Why watch Deliverance, The Blair Witch Project, and The Ruins separately when you can watch all three at once! The Ritual is a pretty darn good UK flick that doesn’t stray too far from its source material, until the end, that is. We don’t spoil the ending because we love it, and we also won’t … Continue reading Episode 35-The Ritual →


Episode 34-Before I Wake

The inmates are running the asylum! This week we’ve got Colby from Nearly Neurotypical sitting in with Katy Bug to talk about the Netflix flick, Before I Wake. For Colby, this movie was an emotional gut punch. For Katy, it was all right. Katy is a salty dog! Pardon Nik’s poor audio, we simply don’t … Continue reading Episode 34-Before I Wake →


Episode 33-Frightmare

For our final instalment of Flashback January, we’re jumping back to 1975 to watch Pete Walker’s British ::cough:: masterpiece, Frightmare. Nik saw this when he was 6 years old? Does it hold up? Is it frightening? Probably not! But listen to the podcast anyways because Katy Bug is cute and Nik isn’t the worst podcaster … Continue reading Episode 33-Frightmare →


Episode 32-Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Travel back to Katy Bug’s early childhood 4 years ago to age 5! Take a rest and listen to us chat about Killer Klowns, how great the FX are, and of course, silly straws! Katy Bug also pimps out her Girl Scout cookies and I mistakenly call this episode 31 at least a half dozen … Continue reading Episode 32-Killer Klowns From Outer Space →


Episode 31-Hell Night

Pack your bags, we’re going on a trip down memory lane! This week we’re talking Hell Night, a 1981 slasher flick starring the lovely Linda Blair. This movie is near and dear to Nik’s heart. What does Katy Bug think of it? Listen and find out….if you dare! Leave those reviews on the Apple Podcast … Continue reading Episode 31-Hell Night →


Episode 30-Gremlins 2

Happy New Years! This week, Nik is doing all the heavy lifting as we talk about Gremlins 2, a movie so forgettable that Katy Bug literally had no memory of seeing it. We actually had more fun talking about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Leave those reviews on the Apple Podcast app Twitter: @katycrypt … Continue reading Episode 30-Gremlins 2 →


Episode 29-Year End Review

Say to goodbye to 2017 Katy From The Crypt style by listening to us talk about stuff! Got nothing better to do? Neither do we, so we’re talking about our favorite flick of the year. We’re also talking about biggest disappointments. Oh! And Nik harkens back to a memory he has about meeting Tobe Hooper … Continue reading Episode 29-Year End Review →


Episode 28-Krampus

Christmas is here! Are we talking about homeless babies? No! We’re talking about Germanic demons! Krampus is calling and we’re accepting the charges. That doesn’t make any sense, but we love this movie so much, we don’t care. Tonight we’re giving our love to the listeners. Katy Bug reads from the book of Luke. Nik … Continue reading Episode 28-Krampus →


Episode 27-Gremlins

Oops! It’s December! rolls along with this tribute to screw-ups, Gremlins! If only Corey Feldman didn’t spill the water! Listen as two sick hosts cough their way through another stunning episode! Katy Bug yawns! Nik talks about grilling hamburgers! Todd? Pete? At no point do we get the main character’s name right! You’ll never find … Continue reading Episode 27-Gremlins →


Episode 26-Frozen

Tonight we kick Disney to the curb with a steel toed boot! This ain’t your daddy’s Frozen! While Katy Bug and Nik are drinking hot coffee, three friends are freezing to death on an abandoned ski lift. If the weather doesn’t kill them, the wolves will! This movie was so fun to talk about that … Continue reading Episode 26-Frozen →


Episode 25-The Boy

Another day, another doll. We fly to England for this porcelain nightmare! The Boy has all the makings of a classic thriller but none of the follow through. Listen as Katy Bug and dad chat up Thanksgiving, The Lord of the Rings, Rambo, hair care, and still have time to review a movie! Amazing! Welcome … Continue reading Episode 25-The Boy →


Episode 24-Child’s Play

Don’t trust that doll! It wants to kill you! Or at the very least, ruin your credit score! This week we’re all about Chucky and killer dolls. Katy Bug talks about her American Girl doll, Molly. Nik shares a story of the first time he watched a horror movie with his grandma, which also happened … Continue reading Episode 24-Child’s Play →


Episode 23-Aliens

The 80’s are back and scarier than ever! Katy Bug watches Aliens for the first time and Nik couldn’t be more proud. As an apology for our lackluster Alien episode, we bring down the thunder with our exciting Aliens review! Listen as we tell of Colby’s wild bed-head! Marvel at Katy Bug’s disbelief there were … Continue reading Episode 23-Aliens →


Episode 22-Signs

Our M. Night lovefest kicks off with a breakdown of Halloween. What did Katy Bug dress as? How did the yard decorating go? All these questions and more will be answered here! Also, Nik and Katy Bug tell their favorite scenes from Signs. Is this a great movie to watch with your little monsters? Stay … Continue reading Episode 22-Signs →


Episode 21-Trick R Treat

Our Halloween Spooktacular is in full terror mode! First, welcome our listeners in Brazil and Lebanon. Then, choke down some candy corn while you listen to our chat about Trick R’ Treat. Tonight, we’ve got it all! We talk murder! We talk spirits! We talk allergies! You don’t want to miss this episode. Happy Halloween, … Continue reading Episode 21-Trick R Treat →


Episode 20-Tales Of Halloween

We jump into the spirit of Halloween with this fun, gore fest anthology. Witness the vengeance of candy-deprived children! Behold the terror of vengeful pumpkins! Quiver at the sound of Katy Bug drinking 2 cups of coffee! AAAHHH! We also talk about our vacation and our new podcast series with Katy Bugs older brother called, … Continue reading Episode 20-Tales Of Halloween →


Episode 19-Alien

We launch into outer space for this horror classic. Katy Bug is very distracted and Nik is losing his voice. We talk about a lot of things that neither of us can remember…oh yeah, Alien! A kind of dull first half finishes strong when the aliens get to killin’. Kind of like this episode. Twitter: … Continue reading Episode 19-Alien →


Episode 18-Annabelle

Your dolls want to kill you! Or at least steal your soul. This week we’re watching Annabelle; a pretty good horror movie with a much better sequel/prequel. Listen as we talk about making friends with other podcasts! Marvel at how I have no idea how to apply hand-lotion! Once episode 18 is through with you, … Continue reading Episode 18-Annabelle →


Episode 16-Children of the Corn

On this installment of Stephen King Tribute Month, we take a beating by a real snooze-fest. Witness as children listen to rock n’ roll records! Shiver as adults aimlessly search empty rooms! This movie is so dull that Katy Bug almost fell asleep recording the review and I just talk about the new It film … Continue reading Episode 16-Children of the Corn →


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