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It'sa Meme, Elliott!

Erik and Drew welcome back Elliott this week who has become a meme since Erik's hostile takeover of the podcast. Alcohol fueled tales from Global wars are on deck this week as well as our incredibly professional preview of Survivor Series!

Duration: 00:59:07

Ellsworth, Ambrose & Styles. Oh My!

With Elliott struck down with a second mysterious illness will Erik's rise to total podcast domination be complete? Is their anyone that can stop him!? Drew would but he really just wants to talk about the Graps, which is exactly what he does!

Duration: 01:31:34

Spooky Uncle Mick

After last week's hostile takeover, Elliott has returned from the hospital with a burning vengeance in his heart to reclaim his throne as big boss of the Kayfabe Today Podcast! Luckily with so much wrestling to talk about relations are smoothed over quickly so we can talk about the important things such as...

Duration: 01:37:19

No Chin Music - 21/10/16

With Ben AWOL and Elliott out sick it has finally happened, BROSKI HAS TAKEN OVAH! kidnapping Drew in the process. Expect a episodes full of swear words, hot takes and the occasional outrageous statement. Oh they also talk about wrestling too I guess.

Duration: 01:38:20

Crap Of The Champions? - 30/9/16

Eliot, Erik & Drew run down another week in professional wrestling. On the docket this week, Erik has a girlfriend, the night bus, sliding into DMs and what seems like a general distaste for everything RAW are doing.

Duration: 01:43:16

Hulk-a-Maybia Running Wild - 23/8/16

With Ben still away being all married and stuff, Eliot is again joined by Erik and Drew, to run down the last week in wrestling, including Hulk Hogan potentially coming back, Dolph Ziggler having a awful character, Jack Swagger being on commentary, and the go-home RAW for Clash Of Champions.

Duration: 02:09:10

CM Punked - 18/9/16

With Ben still away basking in marital bliss, Elliott and Erik call upon top worked and regular contributor to Kayfabe Today, Drew Ortman. The trio discuss everything from CM Punks debut in UFC, the WWE Backlash PPV, as well as Elliott making friends at a recent WWE house show! Of course, Raw and Smackdown are discussed as we laugh and laugh and laugh!

Duration: 01:51:02

Kevin Owens Show - 2/9/16

What happens when you have a Kevin Owens win the Universal Title? Well that all depends if you have a native Canadian on the podcast or not! Ben & Elliott do their best to hang on to Eriks emotional rollercoaster! We run through a few highlights of Monday Night Raw before settling on the main event and pul that narrative rug apart!

Duration: 01:33:27

Summershambles 2016 - 26/8/16

Hot Damn! That was an absolutely jam packed weekend of profession wrestling! So much wrestling in fact that Ben has been taken ill from not inoculating properly against 'The Graps'. So Erik & Elliott do what they can to pick up the slack. So what do you think they did? That's Right it's a two hour podcast spectacular taking you from NXT Takeover: Brooklyn to the biggest part of the summer that was Summerslam and then straight through Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live! So much WWE content I...

Duration: 02:05:11

The Biggest Suspensions Of The Summer! - 19/8/16

The podcast so nice we had to do it twice! With Ben away this week, Elliott and Erik run down theNXT Takeover Brooklyn and SummerSlam cards. They also share their opinions and thoughts on the recent string of wellness policy violations as well as WWE's apparent interest in including more LGBT storylines. It's the Kayfabe Today podcast, the #1 source of hot takes delivered right to your ear holes.

Duration: 01:17:13

Summerslam or Bust? - 11/8/16

What happens when you come back off a week's hiatus with no Erik and two decidely average episodes of Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live? Ben & Elliott get off topical and political is what happens! Discussions range from Cesaro's midcard workhouse status to potential booking matchups for a Roman Reigns championship run but also a serious and frank discussion LGBT characters and how they could work in the WWE. Don't worry the boys also talk about Eva Marie's wardrobe malfunction it's not...

Duration: 01:05:54

Puro Lads: NJPW Catchup, G1 & More! - 29/7/16

Puro Lads makes its long awaited return following a short absence. Elliott, Jack and Robbie discuss all things G1 including takes on Hiroshi Tanahashi's poor start, Kenny Omega comedian vs Kenny Omega serious and Tenzan's last stand.

Duration: 01:11:16

The 'New' New Era - 28/7/16

It's a 'new' new era, yes it is! Unfortunately due to the amount Graps Per Hour (GPH) Elliott is not with us this week so Ben & Broski Erik are going to breakdown all the things they deem important from WWE Battlegrounds, Monday Night RAW & Smackdown Live! Buckle in this is going to get messy.

Duration: 01:15:38

When Two Brands Go To War - 22/7/16

While Ben is away, Elliot and Erik will play! It's a 2 man show this week as our fearless leader tends with real life! It's 2 hours of hot takes, draft notes, political agendas and our Battleground preview! So sit back, grab your headphones and join Elliot and Erik as they break it all down without parental supervision!

Duration: 01:58:59

Unsafe Working Environment - 13/7/16

This it is Brothers & Sisters, The only place to get the hottest scoops in professional wrestling the Kayfabe Today podcast is here and this week its extra special. Touching briefly on the CWC Bracketology and how if the WWE treated themselves like a little bit more like a sport than a entertainment it would be all the better for it. We take a trip to the Wyatt Family compound and get shown the serious side of Dean Ambrose.

Duration: 01:15:13

Rusev, America's Sweetheart - 5/7/16

Born on the 4th of July, Born in the USA, A star spangled banner and an eagle flying majestically over the blue mountains. It's America Day people, Well it was yesterday but close enough! So that means we got a extra patriotic episode of Monday Night RAW! Featuring Team USA Vs. Multinational Alliance, Minutemen & a couple of taters! (Po-tay-toes)

Duration: 01:00:44

No Roman No Cry - 29/6/16

It's the return of the Kayfabe Today Podcast! Whatever happened to last weeks episode I hear you cry? We won't ever tell. Let just say that Wellness Policy violations hurt everyone. But enough of that we have a brand new episode of Monday Night RAW to talk about a show with actual character development!

Duration: 01:08:15

NXT@Download - Ringside Report

Dan recently went to the Download music festival in England. He got to watch three whole days of NXT wrestling and this was his first experience of seeing wrestling live, So we got together and recorded this little mini episode of KTP. We discuss the Live wrestling experience, The NXT In-ring debut of Bobby Roode and the potential of some of the wrestlers at the performance centre like Hugo Knox who Dan believes could be the next big English wrestler in the WWE.

Duration: 00:35:03

Fun Police - 15/6/16

On this weeks show! Ben, Erik and a returning Elliot rundown the full list of participants of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and three things happen. 1. Elliot shares with us his full knowledge of the indepedent wrestling scene. 2. Ben mispronounces 80% of the names in the tournament to hilarious effect and finally 3. Erik picks Tajiri to win the entire tournament, What a time to be alive!

Duration: 01:23:53

The Beginning of The End - 8/6/16

This week Ben & Erik are joined by Beth who just so happens to write for Kayfabe Today and provides the coverage for NXT. Does this mean that they are going to preview NXT Takeover: The End in the Main Event segment? That would probably make sense right? But before we get to that we have some very strange episode of Monday Night RAW to discuss.

Duration: 01:14:14

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