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Super Strong Cena 2016 - 01/06/16

It's a New Day of a new month in the New Era, How could it possible get more exciting than this!? Ben, Erik & Elliot bring you the latest hot takes from the world of the squared circle and this week is no different.

Duration: 01:20:57

Crossfit Jesus Returns! - 25/5/16

He's back! Our lord and saviour of crossfit Seth Rollins has returned to the squared circle and the boys on the Kayfabe Today Podcast have a lot of things to say about. Before all that though we have talk about the rest of the Extreme Rules show and discuss how good/bad/indifferent we are to some of the matches and some of the wrestlers. I fear for Mr. Ambrose this week.

Duration: 01:08:38

Extreme Injuries - 18/5/16

Another week, another episode of the Kayfabe Today Podcast with Broski Erik and Grapmaster Elliot at the helm all is normal until...The music hits and Big Daddy Ben the podcast host OG is back on the scene and boy is his renewed energy needed as they Kayfabe announce team have alot to discuss this week.

Duration: 01:15:50

Gone, Not Forgotten - 11/5/16

On the heels of the WWE releasing eight members of their roster, the Kayfabe Today crew of Elliot, Erik & Drew, discuss where those the booking mistakes and where they'll end up next along with the latest episode of RAW and the Ring Of Honor Global Wars Pay-Per-View.

Duration: 01:36:55

The New Era Begins - 4/5/16

With Ben away on his holidays, Erik, Robbie and Elliot, dive deep into Payback 2016 and the next nights RAW. You've got Corbin, Styles, Reigns, Ryback, Saxon, Zayn, Shane! It's a new era! What's not to like?

Duration: 01:33:50

Roman's Empire - 27/4/16

Another week has passed and Podcast host Ben is suspiciously missing for a second week. Has he been killed? Have Elliot and Erik conspired and undertaken a podcast coup? Get your tinfoil hats out its about to get political!

Duration: 01:39:19

Good Brothers 4 Life - 20/04/16

Week three of the Shane McMahon era and things are starting to look too sweet. Ben & Elliot are joined again by First Thing In The Morning host & William Eaver super-fan Erik to discuss all the good things, that's right GOOD THINGS that have happened on this week's edition of Monday Night RAW.

Duration: 01:35:08

Puro Lads: Invasion Attack 2016 - 16/4/16

The Kings of Strong Cast are dead! Long live the Puro Lads. The former kings Elliot, Robbie & EVIL Jason run down New Japan Pro Wrestling's Invasion Attack show in its entirety, Moving then onto Big Japan Pro Wrestling and discussing its Strong Climb Final show. To finish off a talking point about one of NJPW former "big four" Shinsuke Nakamura and his potential in the WWE.

Duration: 01:41:37

RAW is Shane #2, Pro Wrestling CHAOS & PROGRESS Chapter 28 Review - 13/4/16

As we are now firmly entrenched in this new wrestling timeline, It felt right to bring you our hot takes with the Kayfabe Today Podcast! This week Ben & Elliot are joined by Mr. First Thing In The Morning himself Erik due to overwhelming demand from social media and we are going to discuss a whole lot of things, including:

Duration: 01:22:03

Ringside Report: Wrestlemania 32, NXT Takeover: Dallas, Evolve 58/59 & Wrestlecon 2016 - 8/4/16

Our final piece of audio content around the wrestling Christmas that is the Wrestlemania weekend is a one on one chat with a man who actually there!

NXT Takeover: Dallas, Wrestlemania 32 & RAW after 'Mania - 6/4/16

Are you ready for another 2 hour super-show review? You better be because that is exactly what the Kayfabe Today Podcast is giving you! A one-off WWE focused special running down NXT Takeover: Dallas, Wrestlemania 32 and always abnormal Monday Night RAW after 'Mania. So strap in your seats and get ready for Ben, Elliot & Robbie to take you on wild ride that is the Wrestlemania weekend.

Duration: 02:04:05

Wrestlemania 32 Supershow - 1/4/16

This is not a joke! This is the latest episode of the Kayfabe Today Podcast dropping to you on April Fool's but we ain't fooling you! Ben & Elliot and joined by 3 familiar voices in the form of Broski Erik, Jason (Evil) & Notorious Robbie alongside the debut of voice of reason Ciaran to run down the entire Wrestlemania 32 card.

Zack Ryder's beard, Aztec Warfare II & PROGRESS Chapter 27 preview - 24/3/16

It may be the week before Wrestlemania 32 but we still have plenty of things to talk about, Such as:

Roadblock review, Neville's injured & fantasy booking Wrestlemania 32 - 16/3/16

Happy 3:16 day everyone! And I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than a earlier than usual episode of the Kayfabe Today Podcast!

Duration: 01:04:44

Kings Of Strong Cast: New Japan Cup Final 2016 - 15/3/16

Elliot, Jason & Robbie gather to discus the New Japan Cup Final. Giving you the complete run down of the show that you did not know you needed. Along with a quick Q&A covering some of the basics of New Japan Pro Wrestling for the more casual fan, Enjoy!

Sami Zayn...ia, New Japan Cup & Roadblock Predictions - 11/3/16

In the second episode of the Kayfabe Today podcast Ben & Elliot are joined by wrestling columnist Robert Radford the whole myriad of things that happened this week on Monday Night Raw. From the break up of Y2AJ to Sami Zayn's return to RAW. We then jump across the ocean to briefly touch on the New Japan cup and discuss the merits of Naito & Micheal Elgin. Finishing up with predictions of WWE Network Special Roadblock and a impromptu Q&A what more could you want from the past seven days in...

Duration: 01:25:46

Taker returns, KOmania & Guide to British wrestling - 4/3/16

In this Inaugural episode of the podcast, the boys run down the Undertakers return to RAW, argue about The Usos, the next main roster arrivals from NXT, alongside the latest results from NJPW, ROH , a guide to British wrestling and some good old fashioned McMahon incest.

Duration: 01:20:13