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There's no manual on this. I celebrate embarrassment using a sassy, but classy TMI approach. Women tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth even if it’s totally embarrassing or super cray cray from puberty to the M-Train. NO topic is off limits. If you're shy, nervous, or embarrassed to ask, you're in the right place. Learn what women are thinking, but not saying out loud.








50 and Over Singles Swipe Right Too - EP116

This show is dedicated to empowering women and men who are to shy, nervy, or embarrassed to cross the line with taboo. I keep it real and true with jawdraopping Motherfriggin real stories. You can be single AF at 50 too. I thought it would be fun to get insight on how the 50 and over crowd handle online dating. In this episode: My guest Walter sheds light on dating from the male point of viewA man's red flagsTips for men and women when it comes to their profile photo Tune in. Let me...

Duration: 00:56:19

She's Too Pretty to be Single - Ep. 115

Today, I am going to be talking about what it means to be blessed or cursed to be too pretty to be single. Seems to always happen at family gatherings whether they are my own or one I was invited to where I meet complete strangers for the first time. In fact, it happened a few weeks ago. This is when random people or relatives act legitimately concerned and telling you you're running out of time. Its sooo annoying, one should have to live a certain way to be seen as happy or seen as...

Duration: 00:13:43

The Maintenance Man - Ep 114

In this episode - maintenance man - just to be clear, I am not talking about meeting or marrying a blue collar worker. I am talking about girl needs and that maintenance man who is on call. Definition of a maintenance man. The maintenance man usually does his job in the late evening and leaves when the job is complete. In this episode, you will hear these three things: It’s different, it’s not the sameThe light responsibilities attached to itIt’s just not there. no emotions...

Duration: 00:12:48

She is Still Swiping to Right Because She Doesn’t Want to Date a White Guy - Ep 113

She is on Bumble Dating App and is Still Swiping to the Right Because She Doesn’t Want a White Guy. The whole argument for a black woman is if you go the interracial route is this. Going the white guy route means dude or Timmy has to be a cute white guy. Arm candy white guy. One says she doesn’t play that and the other is exploring her options digitally using online dating apps. Tune in. Let me know what you think! @ninababel Remember to Keep it 100! HUFFINGTON POST...

Duration: 00:20:15

What Happens to Her Body When She Goes Off the Pill? - Ep 112


Duration: 00:25:56

So, What's Your Type? - Ep 111

At some point you will realize what is your best fit. There’s no magic formula or horoscope, but there are times where it makes you feel single AF. Hopefully after this episode and hearing these stories it just got a little easier and you don’t turn down that right woman or man just because they were not your type.

Duration: 00:15:07

The One Strike You're Gone Theory - Ep 110

This is a Keep it 100 Moment for women needing to love themselves even in that messed up relationship. Whats trending this this week is the Carmelo Anthony Lala's marriage ending or on the cusp of ending makes you wonder a couple of things about marriage being an unnecessary cost and liability now a days in the even your don't protect yourself. Men cheat for sex and women cheat with men who serve as a replacement for something they lack or crave or are you that one strike kinda gyal or...

Duration: 00:20:49

40 and Over Series. Forget the Biological Clock One. The Body Clock - Ep 109


Duration: 00:25:40

Girlfriend Advice of the Week - Social Media + Relationship No No’s - Ep 108


Duration: 00:13:14

Been There. Ugh, She Regretted That - Ep 107


Duration: 00:21:48

She Doesn’t Want Kids. And That’s Ok - Ep 106


Duration: 00:12:03

Girltalk About Men Chompin On the Box


Duration: 00:43:16

Dating for Potential / Convenience - Ep 104


Duration: 00:10:34

She Called It Off and No Regrets - Ep 103


Duration: 01:01:27

Friday Girlfriend Advice - Ep 102


Duration: 00:08:30

Vivrant Beauty Thang - Ep 101


Duration: 00:41:05

Morning Sip - You’re Late -Ep 100

Today, is a 15-minute mini where I am unapologetically talking to women about being late with your date or significant other. Ladies can so much relate to what I am going to describe here. Nothing erks me (us) more than sitting down waiting for someone dressed in nice clothes especially if there is no warning they are going to be late. Tune in. Let me know what you think! @ninababel Remember to Keep it 100! HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLES Click here - Love tips you can use all year...

Duration: 00:09:04

Real Life 60-Day Bride - Ep99

Today we’re chatting on about 60-day bride. A woman who decided to marry her fiance in 60 days. It's not only a story of love, but it was a matter of life and death. Learn why she made this happen with a quickness and some sanity saving things to consider if you’re a woman in this same situation or can relate to her decision. Tune in. Let me know what you think! @ninababel Remember to Keep it 100! HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLES Click here - Love tips you can use all year round. Click...

Duration: 00:37:08

A Man with a Plan is Sexy - Ep 98

Are you a man with a plan? If yes, share your plan with the rest of your peers. If not, take a listen to this episode. There’s nothing more that turns on a woman more is a man who has a plan. Especially for those career-minded professionals or female entrepreneurs who hustle 24x7. Tune in. Let me know what you think! @ninababel Remember to Keep it 100! HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLES Click here - Post Valentine's post Click here - YAY! THIS ONE GOT PROMOTED BY HUFFPO Click here - YAY!...

Duration: 00:06:21

For That Time of the Month - Ep 97

Monthly Feature: Panty Prop (for him and her) Why I love panty prop and attracted to her brand is because you celebrate embarrassment by saying goodbye to no leaks, no stains, period. She tried and tested her competition, so she understood better how her own design should work with women who were pad wearers. Now I understand this whole couchie pillow thing better. The purpose of this episode is that for every woman no matter their circumstances - heavy bleeding, athlete, bladder...

Duration: 00:40:19

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