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The best fantasy hockey podcast hosted by two guys who own Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools. Informative, #fancystats-ish, self-aware, occasionally prop(at)hetic. Follow us on Twitter: @keepingkarlsson.

The best fantasy hockey podcast hosted by two guys who own Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools. Informative, #fancystats-ish, self-aware, occasionally prop(at)hetic. Follow us on Twitter: @keepingkarlsson.
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The best fantasy hockey podcast hosted by two guys who own Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools. Informative, #fancystats-ish, self-aware, occasionally prop(at)hetic. Follow us on Twitter: @keepingkarlsson.




No. 160 - Andrighetto Superstar

On this episode of the Keeping Karlsson Hockey Podcast, Elan and Brian discuss two newly-minted NHL first-liners and one newly-minted PPQB, a dominant blue-liner who could make for a great sell-high candidate, a dormant defenseman who may yet have more to offer, and the shockingly thin list of candidates to be the 3rd best non-injured player on the Wild. And, take on Elan and Brian in the Keeping Karlsson FanDuel listener league! Our contest opens every Monday night, and runs on Tuesday...

Duration: 01:16:36

No. 159 - Alex Is On Fire

Welcome to a BRAND NEW episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! Everything. Is. Happening!!! But never fear, Elan and Brian are here to coach you through how you should react to the shock and awe of the early season scoring fest, breaking down the glut of goals and panopoly of prodigious performances in Week 1 of the 2017-18 NHL season. Also, we’re having a Season 5 Launch Party in Toronto on Oct. 14th! Join us by RSVPing here. Oh and one last thing: Take on Elan and Brian...

Duration: 01:27:59

No. 158 - Almost Not Preseason

This is it– the final preseason episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!! Elan and Brian couldn’t be more excited about it, and being closer to 2017-18 faceoff than ever, the guys feel ready to take seriously some of the line combo and deployment situations from the final minutes of exhibition play. They’ve also got tidbits from their drafts to share about under/overappreciated players, and run down a whole list of bubble guys that may or may not be worth taking a swing on...

Duration: 01:05:40

No. 157 - Courteous Luszczyszyn

With Brian away Elan brought in famed writer for The Athletic, Dom Luszczyszyn, to discuss a number of topics including his game score stat, season preview series and fantasy projection spreadsheet. Here are some of Dom’s articles that were discussed: Fantasy Hockey: How to draft the best team Fantasy Hockey: Expect big breakouts from players in bigger roles Measuring Single Game Productivity: An Introduction To Game Score Players discussed on this epi [...]

Duration: 01:08:22

No. 156 - Debate Expectations

Whose NHL point totals are the hardest to pin down for the 2017-18 season? Elan and Brian leafed through a whack of different point total projections to pinpoint this year’s most contentious players, and are bringing them into the analytical spotlight to help settle the debate on this episode of the Keeping Karlsson Hockey Podcast. Projections we used for this episode: Scott Cullen (here, too) Dobber Hockey Dom L Steve Laidlaw Left Wing Lock [...]

Duration: 01:28:40

No. 155 - Draft Mock

It’s the Keeping Karlsson Hockey Podcast’s 2017 Draft Mock! As has become a Keeping Karlsson tradition, Elan and Brian spend this week’s episode picking apart the Yahoo rankings to find the players that you should leave untouched as they come upon your radar, and the gems hidden amongst the masses that you should reach to draft (far) earlier than their pre-draft ranking calls for. Players discussed on this episode include Erik Karlsson, Antti Raanta, Victor Hedman, Brent Burns, Joe...

Duration: 01:43:32

No. 154 - Smörgoåliesbord!!! 2017

It’s the Keeping Karlsson Hockey Podcast’s 2017 Smörgoåliesbord!!! With a dizzying mix of numbers and context, Elan and Brian go sifting for clues on which goalies will improve, decline, and surprise in the 2017-18 NHL season. As on every Smörgoåliesbord, the guys touch on Every. Single. Goalie with potential to see a minute of ice this year, and conveniently tier them for your fantasy hockey draft purposes. They explain why you should tier for your draft, how they design their...

Duration: 02:09:48

No. 153 - Early Projecschenns, with Steve Laidlaw

On the final episode of the Keeping Karlsson Hockey Podcast’s 2017 offseason series– pre-season series begins next episode!– Elan and Brian are joined by Steve Laidlaw, who lets us in on how the Dobber Fantasy Guide sausage is made. He also shares his thoughts on some of the projections found within this year’s guide, including a new Blue projected for a career high, a King looking to bounce back, an elite goalie due for an off year, and a Wild centreman due for a stock drop. On their...

Duration: 01:29:35

No. 152 - Prospect Talk with Peter Harling

With Brian still on his never-ending vacation, Elan brings in a ringer to help him work through all of the new faces we’ll be seeing in the NHL next season. Peter Harling, Managing editor for Dobber Prospects and co-host of the DobberProspects Radio podcast, joins for a fun prospect-filled discussion of career projections and depth chart forecasts with a strong focus on outlooks for the 2017-18 fantasy season. Players discussed in this episode include Nico Hischier, Pavel Zacha, Nolan...

Duration: 01:45:09

No. 151 - Designing the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League

With the free agent frenzy in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a step back and go over some fundamentals in the Keeping Karlsson 2017 summer series. This week Brian and Elan argu… er… discuss the various decisions that go into setting up a fantasy hockey league. A number of crucial settings are debated, including rotisserie vs. head to head, categories vs. points, auction vs. snake, etc. Along they way they come up with some new crazy ideas that should probably never see the light of...

Duration: 01:51:46

No. 150 - Yyyyesquicentennial!

Welcome to the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast’s sesquicentennial episode! The free agent frenzy has slowed to a trickle, but we are bursting with takes on how player production around the league will be affected. Of course, our analysis goes beyond just the player that has moved– we go up and down depth charts to scope out roster-wide effects, including the blue lines, top sixes, creases and power-play units in New York, Washington, New Jersey, Dallas, Buffalo, Florida, Detroit,...

Duration: 01:21:29

No. 149 - Robinson KRussell

With Brian away Elan is joined by staff writer at DobberHockey, and the Canucks Senior Writer/Scout at DobberProspects, Cam Robinson to discuss all of the crazy happenings from the past week in this bonus episode of Keeping Karlsson. Elan gets Cam’s take on all of the big trades involving fantasy relevant guys moving to and from Chicago, Arizona, Columbus, the New Yorks, Calgary, Edmonton, Philly and St. Louis. Next they discuss how Vegas did in the expansion draft and which players they...

Duration: 01:29:07

No. 148 - How You Drouin?

Welcome to another summer series episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! Before we get to the content, you might have heard that our friend Darryl Dobbs (aka Dobber) recently announced that he has been diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disorder. In support, we encourage our listeners to sign up for their national bone marrow registries, or otherwise support bone marrow and blood donor programs. It only takes a few minutes– Canadian listeners can follow this link to...

Duration: 01:27:48

No. 147 - Larkin in the Shadows

Unlike its featured subjects, this brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast doesn’t disappoint! This edition signals the official beginning of our 2017 Offseason Series, where we dig deep to explore whether you can expect the player trends of 2016-17 to keep trending or trail off in 2017-18. First on the docket is a group of players who were so off their games, they shouldn’t even be counted on to put the point in disappointment. Elan and Brian pick apart the...

Duration: 01:22:41

No. 142 - It’s Not Easy Owning Green

Are you still in contention for your championship? Or keen on picking up pointers for next year? Or just can’t yet kick the habit of getting your fantasy hockey fix each week? No matter what the reason, we’ve got a brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast just for you! The huge bulk of this episode is framed by Injuries and Outjuries. Right off the top, Elan and Brian squabble about whether there’s any value left to be had on Long Island with Tavares on the shelf,...

Duration: 01:50:15

No. 141 - OKposo Computer

It’s another make or break week, and so we make another episode that breaks all the latest fantasy hockey news on the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! In Outjuries, Elan and Brian delve into the fantasy impact of a return of a top line forward in Buffalo and the suspension of a key blueline cog, as well as temper immediate expectations from a high end Sen, consider upside versus steadiness on the Jets back end, speculate on how two healthy goalies will be rotated in both New...

Duration: 01:37:03

No. 140 - Slavin Over a Hot Streak

For the still alive and the walking dead alike, Elan and Brian bring you the fantasy spin on all the latest NHL news in a brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! During your fantasy playoffs, players on the shelf can decrease your team’s shelf life. The guys offer a multitude of ways to fight back against the injury ninja, including a new top line centreman and rookie winger in Chicago, a tenuously successful temporary starter in Anaheim, a blue chip defensive...

Duration: 01:34:14

No. 139 - Streaky Weal Just a Tease?

Cross your heart and say your prayers, it’s another cuss-free episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! This week, Elan and Brian are feeling just peachy about the healthy returns of an apparent #1 goalie and a top line winger in Detroit, the apparently brief return of the Ducks’ #1 goalie, and the hopefully fruitful return of a top line Canadien. But doggone it, even more players are off to the infirmary this week. The guys talk about the lineup and fantasy implications of...

Duration: 01:25:43

No. 138 - Pet Rangelo Peeve

Like a new baby being born into the world, Elan and Brian are pushing out a brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! This week’s show begins by sizing up most impactful and relevant players who’ve flown the coop since the trade deadline, and the players they may have displaced. This includes a visit to Washington and St. Louis’s even strength and powerplay blueline setups, the blue paint situations for the Lightning and Kings, the top nine in Minnesota and Boston,...

Duration: 01:30:17

No. 137 - Kings Take Bishop

This week’s edition kicks off with a quiet trade from earlier this week that saw Patrick Eaves go to AnahBUT BEN BISHOP JUST GOT TRADED AND WE’LL TALK ABOUT THAT, TOO! We then move onto outjuries, where we’ll review the much-anticipated return of a Colorado defender, followed by injuries to that other Leafs rookie and the usual Penguins defAND MARTIN HANZAL JUST GOT TRADED AND WE’LL TALK ABOUT THAT, TOO! In this week’s streaks, the hot ones include an entire line on Chicago, a couple...

Duration: 01:50:04

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