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Join Keith and Chemda as they talk with comedians about current events, pop culture, politics and even intimate details of their lives. They create a new hour-long show each weekday.

Join Keith and Chemda as they talk with comedians about current events, pop culture, politics and even intimate details of their lives. They create a new hour-long show each weekday.
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Astoria, NY


Join Keith and Chemda as they talk with comedians about current events, pop culture, politics and even intimate details of their lives. They create a new hour-long show each weekday.




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2738: Father Figures

with Carmen Lynch, Chanel Ali, and Amber Rollo — A congressional candidate’s space alien abduction; Carmen’s live-in boyfriend is also a father; biological vs. adopted kids; Anthony Weiner shamelessly on crowded public subway; new (gross) Harvey Weinstein accusations include food; dead parents; stripper tricks

Duration: 01:18:07

2737: Sky Daddy

with Christi Chiello — Church vs. the NFL; family dynamics; gun tests, automatic weapons, and KATG Polls; The Foreigner and Marshall reviewed

Duration: 01:01:43

2736: #LandscapeMode

with Josh Gondelman and Casey James Salengo – Blackout drinking; homeless fantasies; Landmark Part 2; Josh’s wedding DJ/Michael Jackson impersonator; Harvey Weinstein’s perverted beginnings; Woody Allen worries over an inappropriate men witch hunt; James Corden’s tone deaf Weinstein jokes; portrait mode vs. landscape mode; an NYC teacher’s aid’s 500 child upskirt pictures; stealthing to be a form of rape; unorthodox burn remedies; Wiki What?

Duration: 01:10:35

2735: Alone Together

with Myka Fox – Addicted to being bad; Myka lives with her boyfriend; camping alone together; Weinstein Twitter backlash; babies in adult locations; Blade Runner, its sequel, and Happy Death Day reviewed

Duration: 01:10:13

2734: #PortraitMode

With Emily Lubin — Emily on her podcast co-host’s worse qualities; NYC subway racists and perverts; more Harvey Weinstein accusers; Amazon’s sexually inappropriate programming chief; lost condoms; Ben Affleck and Oliver Stone’s sexual misconduct; Roman Polanski’s fourth public victim; Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory; 14 family members all have 12 fingers and 12 toes; straight men prefer men over women

Duration: 01:19:43

2733: Dinner Table Regulations

with James Adomian and Andrea Allan - Family impersonations and rules regarding laughter; being a parent of divorce; James's estranged father; Trump impressionist Anthony Atamanuik and audience members ruining the illusion; Andrea's visit with her dad

Duration: 01:11:27

2732: Honey, We’re Trending

President Trump’s IQ test; Mike Ditka doubts black oppression; Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster on tape snorting cocaine and talking dirty to a stripper; Pennsylvania Representative and anti-abortionist Tim Murphy asks mistress to get an abortion; Hurricane Harvey Weinstein and his public victims; Chemda’s Harvey-related experience; Ed Asner asks interviewer for a kiss during workplace sexism interview; comic Ralphie May died

Duration: 01:33:50

2731: Kids These Days

with Matt Bachus – Matt didn’t know his roommate’s name and the roommate killed himself; Matt took acid at age 16; mass shooting and a DMV for guns; 26-year-old woman shoots homeless man over her loud car stereo music; high school bullying and depression; male vs. female statutory rape

Duration: 01:03:29

2730: Crazy

with Mehran Khaghani, Andrea Allan, Paul Hooper, and Christian Finnegan – Mehran’s Ambien-induced busted face; Paul’s break-up and dick pic; Andrea frees Paul’s body; Christian witnesses the afternoon of Keith’s last day of drinking; Christian’s vocal surgery and dead mother

Duration: 01:05:34

2729: Gun People

With Caitlin Brodnick – Mastectomies and sobriety; pregnant catcalling; robot restaurant workers and Seamless’s tricks; McDonald’s pay it forward drive-in lines catches on; man wins $1.3 million on a casino machine then told it’s a malfunction; the Las Vegas shooter; Indiana police shoot at armed robber that’s actually filming a movie; Keith recounts the dangerous set of She’s Crushed; the birthday of Keith’s dead Army friend; how to react to a sexless marriage

Duration: 01:19:02

2728: Pajamas in the Projects

with Ayanna Dookie – Ayanna’s turbulent dating past and her new love; Chemda’s threesome

Duration: 01:09:35

2727: The Heartbreakers

with Chris Laker – MoviePass; being bullied, bullying, and the mentality of school shooters; beloved pedophiles; Hugh Hefner tell-alls; Jim Carrey’s dead ex’s revealing iPad letter; Las Vegas’s mass shooting; how to handle relationship fights through yelling; Tom Petty died

Duration: 01:18:19

2726: The Dope Show

with Kat Burdick – Transgender family members; Chemda’s 1-year tumor anniversary; footballer protesting and Donald Trump’s non-support of Puerto Rico; Keith’s love of the film Wind River has him explaining the plight of Native Americans; American Made and Flatliners reviewed; Marilyn Manson’s giant stage prop falls on him while performing

Duration: 01:02:36

2725: Two Llamas, a Grill and Keith's Place

with Bianca Brady – Sobriety and dreams; how to record your iPhone screen; how to get your dog to eat; Let’s Make a Deal’s Monty Hall died; Playboy’s Hugh Hefner died; Bianca’s Fitless podcast; Home Depot shopping

Duration: 01:06:35

2724: Home Base

with Travis Irvine – Chinatown bus shadiness; running for Mayor; Fentanyl; Cleveland Browns, Steven Seagal, and football protests

Duration: 01:06:56

2723: On Your Knees

with Bob Powers – Marriage, divorce, and mental illness; the 2017 Total Eclipse; nursing home romances; the National Anthem, football, and President Trump; the price of cheesehead “hats”

Duration: 01:02:01

2722: Is It in You?

with Andrea Allan – Gatorade vs. Water; Mormon-owned Brigham Young University’s love of soda; the cost of Halloween; Hurricane Maria; KATG Polls; Kevin Hart’s baby shower; Usher’s herpes victims; Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months; Pretty Woman the musical; Macarena celebrates 21 years; group camping; high mountain climbers; Kingsman: The Golden Circle reviewed

Duration: 01:05:56

2721: Birthright

with Gianmarco Soreski – Gianmarco's father's unconventional jobs; being heterosexual and loving musical theater; friends coming out at theater camp; Israel and Birthright; Keith's horrible skydiving experience vs. Gianmarco's wonderful skydiving experience; laying on the Italian; divorced parents and their dating choices; woman charged with manslaughter for injecting toxic materials into other women's butts; Chemda's teen legal battle; toddlers hit with foul balls at baseball games

Duration: 00:45:33

2720: Skits ‘n Bits

Keith gets divorced and prepares his bachelor pad; reminiscing on past group camping trips and talking about the upcoming trip; drug addict killed by his own dog who ate crack by accident; Kevin Hart infidelity and extortion plot thickens; Andrea is moving up fast in her guest appearances on KATG

Duration: 01:16:10

2719: What’s in a Name?

with Neruda Williams – Man caught fucking barbell disc; cooking oils as lubrication; straight sex with your same-sex buddy; cocaine, fighting, and your mom’s brothel; sex with your cousin; YouTube’s #1 star PewDiePie says the N-word on his own video; Cash Me Outside girl’s rap song; The Harlem Comedy Festival

Duration: 01:24:09

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