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Kenism. The Unfiltered thoughts, Opinions, and beliefs of the one and only Kenan himself. Join him each week as he delivers non-stop dangerous yet entertaining content.




Ep. 102 - Did Men Or Women Ruin Dating in 2017

Welcome to episode number two of the Kenism Podcast. On Today's episode, Kenan and Michelle discuss dating in 2017 and who's to blame for all these dysfunctional relationships. Are men set up to fail with all of today's relationship standards? Kenan seems to think so. Michelle? Not so much. Please subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes. Also, if you need advice or have a comment or critique for the show, feel free to send an email to

Duration: 01:03:42

Ep. 101 - If you're anti-immigration, does that make you racist?

Kenan is finally back after being off for about a month. He's back with a new co-host named Michelle. The two discuss Trump, DACA, and why the immigration debate is such a hot button issue. Please remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

Duration: 01:03:00

Ep. 100 - Usher, R. Kelly, And The Fallen R&B Singers

Sorry for the hiatus, but we finally made it to our 100th episode!!! On today's podcast, Kenan and Tony discuss if Usher's (alleged) herpes' crisis is overblown, R.Kelly and if Kenan will ever stop listening to his music, and why were people mad at Rick Ross. Please Subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. Thank you!

Duration: 01:20:37

Ep. 99 - A Democracy of Idiots

Kenan and Tony don't believe Americans are smart enough to pick their leaders, but who's to blame? The government? The media? Or the people? Later on, Kenan and Tony argue over whether or not people are born great or achieve greatness through hard work. @KenanRnB Show Notes: (4:45) - American’s are to stupid to pick Leaders (14:10) - The Government is responsible for stupid Americans (25:30) - We can’t rely on Politicians to make moral decisions on our behalf (32:30) - American...

Duration: 01:15:41

Ep. 98 - Miguel's 30 for 30

Kenan and Tony are back with another crazy episode. Two of Kenan's old co-workers stopped by (Miguel and Jonathan) and Miguel brought along a friend of his. Miguel talks about how his last relationship and if he's dating anyone new. This leads to Kenan asking some questions about if whether or not Miguel and his "friend" (Lashay) are more than friends. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!!

Duration: 02:00:11

Ep. 97 - Should Your Woman Have Wifi?

Kenan and Tony discuss if you could date a woman who doesn't have wifi in her house. This leads to a conversation about how reliant are humans in 2017 on technology and if we could survive without it should something drastic happen. Subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

Duration: 01:03:28

Ep. 96 - Street Harassment In The 1st Degree

Kenan is joined by Tony as the two discuss a situation in NYC where a man was killed for catcalling. Kenan doesn't think men should talk to women in the street period while Tony believes women do their own form of catcalling as well. This was a good one. Show Notes (1:50) - Clearing the air with Tony (8:00) - 18yo kills old man for catcalling his cousin (17:00) - Tony explains the female version of catcalling (24:00) - There are degrees to street harassment (30:30) - Men need to view...

Duration: 01:24:42

Ep. 95 - Culture Wars

In the first half of the show, Kenan gives his thoughts on the republicans repealing Obamacare and why we need to acknowledge we're in the midst of a culture war. The second half of the show, he discusses Lavar Ball and whether or not black people should buy his $500 sneakers. Please subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

Duration: 00:57:02

Ep. 94 - Kenan Speaks #1

Kenan comes to the people all on his lonesome. On this show, he discusses why he's looking for a new co-host, A video he uploaded on youtube speaking on black women devaluing fatherhood, and touches on why men feel the need to look at a big butt when one passes by. Hope you enjoy. Remember to Subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. Thank you.

Duration: 00:40:37

Ep. 93 - I Love Her

On This week's podcast, Kenan and Tony talk about personal issues. While Tony speaks on pursuing a particular woman he wants, Kenan discusses how he's beginning to feel that desire to start a family yet still wants to date a bunch of different women. Do men eventually grow up from that or is that a feeling they live with forever? Hope you enjoy this one. Please remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. Thank you! Show Notes (2:00) Weekly Recap, (7:50) Kenan coping with a...

Duration: 01:05:15

Ep. 92 - Are You Clean

Apologies for the late upload. On today's episode, Kenan and Tony discuss STDs. Do you know the latest HIV statistics? Do you know there are STD's you can catch even with a condom? IF not, this one is for you. Also, Kenan gives the latest statistics on who in America is actually having all this sex we all hear about. Subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. Tell two friends about the show so we can help this thing grow. Follow me on twitter @KenanRnB

Duration: 00:59:01

Ep. 91 - Where Are We Going

Kenan and Tony talk about the direction of the podcast and where they would like for it to go. Which leads to the realization that about 70% of Kenan's episodes are about women. Should he just switch to exclusively speaking on sex and relationships? Follow Kenan on twitter, snapchat, and Instagram @KenanRnB. Have a question or comment? Tweet using the hashtag #Kenism or you can send an email to Show notes 2:30 - video game talk 6:00 - Video games they need...

Duration: 01:29:03

Ep. 90 - The White Women Totem Pole

Kenan finally got the whole gang back together. On Todays podcast episode the fellas spend the entire episode discussing women. Although a particular amount of time was spent discussing if white women are "easier" to date than black women. Hope you enjoy. Show Notes (4:00) New Upload Date for podcast (5:55) Are white women easier to date than black women? (16:30) Low Totem Pole Analogy (21:30) Southern vs Northern Black Women (26:45) Why Kenan wants to date a white girl (29:00) Kenan...

Duration: 01:06:34

Ep. 89 - In Defense Of Milo

On today's podcast, Kenan discusses: - Milo Yiannopoulos and when is free speech no longer free - Should Pedophiles really be going to jail - Donald Trump leaving "bathroom bill" to the states - Where I land on the "where should transgender people use the bathroom" debate

Duration: 00:27:56

Ep. 88 - All Women Are #hurtbae

Did this one solo (might be this way for awhile, depends on some circumstances) and I'm talking #hurtbae, why women get cheated on, and why it's always the woman's fault when the man leaves after the baby is born.

Duration: 00:29:31

Ep. 87 - This Is War!

Kenan, Tony, and Brian are back and discussing whether or not Martin Luther King Jr. day is recognized for the right reasons. That leads them to discuss ways they can destroy the oppressive systems in American government, the importance of education the youth, and why the key to ending racism is to attack it like you are fighting a war. On the second half of the show they discuss if men can be monogamous and why women will now be called "goofy" on the Kenism podcast from this day forth.

Duration: 01:53:21

Ep. 86 - The Episode Brian Showed Up

Happy New Years Everybody! For the first podcast of the new year, Kenan and Tony welcome a special guest to the show...Brian. The two have been trying to get Brian on the podcast for awhile so this was a fun one. Tony finally admits that Kenan has been right about women and "nice guys" all along, Brian talks about what it's like having two daughters at 26 and Kenan reveals that he wants to have a bunch of kids by a bunch of women...yeah. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the...

Duration: 01:58:46

Ep. 85 - The Kenan Dating Plan

Kenan and Tony open the show with a rendition of "You're gonna love me" which would set the atmosphere for our topic for today's show, rules for dating. Kenan decided to take it upon himself to layout a step by step series of decisions and actions a man should take to avoid that "what are we" conversation. If you're tired of "situation-ships" this one is for you. Subscribe, rate, and review the podcast!

Duration: 01:03:55

Ep. 84 - Will Nice Guys Ever Get The Turkey?

Kenan and Tony are back discussing their thanksgiving where Kenan gave his younger cousin the sex talk. They also discuss Tony's sense of pride with the nice guy label while Kenan thinks being a nice guy is just a cop out for standing up for yourself. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

Duration: 01:03:35

Ep. 83 - I'm Mr. Lonely

Kenan and Tony discuss where does a man find a good woman in 2016. Kenan reveals that he's on and the two discuss dealing with loneliness when you're a man.

Duration: 01:18:42

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