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Ketagalan Media is the gateway that informs, inspires, and facilitates the movement of ideas and trends between Taiwan, Asia and the rest of the world. Ketagalan Media started off as a podcast project to bring more Taiwan news and commentary to the English speaking audience. We believe that there is more room for quality coverage of Taiwan in English, and that news on Taiwan and Asia can feature more historical, ideological and international context. We are taking that same vision for connecting the dots between news stories forward in all of our upcoming offerings. Ketagalan Media is named after the Ketagalan Austronesian aborigines originally living in the Taipei area whose language has become extinct, and the Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Building in Taipei.




Taiwan’s 70s Gay Subculture and Authoritarian Rule: Crystal Boys

In 2014, we spoke to Pai Hsien-yung, the author of Crystal Boys, a novel about a gay high school student in 1970s Taiwan, the gay subculture, and his father, an old soldier. The post Taiwan’s 70s Gay Subculture and Authoritarian Rule: Crystal Boys appeared first on Ketagalan Media.

Duration: 00:03:36