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Episode 26 - Buffalo Comedian Clayton Williams

This week’s episode features local Buffalo comedian and all around good brother Clayton Williams! The boys talk Steven Seagal, Clayton’s Shockmaster Halloween costume, Shockmaster on paper, Andy re-tells the story of his all time favorite live wrestling event in Denver PA, sex robots, virtual reality, tug time , flat earth , ghost hunters and of course the ins and outs of wrestling, comedy and music! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow...


Episode 25 - Sauna Stories, Tattoo Talk, Heavy Metal Memories, And More!

This weeks episode is simply Jesse & Andy in the studio and sprinkle in a dash of Puf! Topics include ... 80’s adult cartoon Heavy Metal, sauna adventures at the YMCA, more Frankie TM, tattoo explanations , extra movie talk, workout stuff and diet stuff. We tried to avoid wrestling as much as possible. Ehhhhh it kinda worked. Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out...


Episode 24 - Monday Nitro #70 Retro Review (1.13.97)

Catch a BRAND NEW episode of KICKIN' ASS with Jesse and Andy, starring Impact Wrestling's Braxton Sutter (Jesse) and Andy Williams from Every Time I Die! The Buffalo brothers welcome Wes Pythons back into the studio as they continue their exploration of World Championship Wrestling circa 1997. Fire up the WWE Network and tune into Monday Nitro Episode 70 from January 13th 1997 as Jesse, Andy, and Wes serenade you with their ridiculous recap and far-out theories! And as always, KEEP KICKIN...


Episode 23 - Empire State Wrestling's Chris Gullo

This episode features stand up comedian , pro wrestling referee and the voice of Buffalo’s ESW Chris Gullo! He is great brother to talk shop with and all the boys put some time in on this one ! So listen in, enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out the Kickin' Ass podcast on Twitter @KickinAssPod Email your questions to Sponsored by:...


Episode 22 - James Dewees From Reggie And The Full Effect, The Get Up Kids, And Coalesce

This episode is gang busters! You’ll get the feel of what you’re getting yourself into with the opening minute! James has a lot of energy and brings it 100% in the sweat box studio for the brothers!! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out the Kickin' Ass podcast on Twitter @KickinAssPod Email your questions to Sponsored by: American...


Episode 21 - Monday Nitro #69 Retro Review (1.06.97)

It's a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of Kickin' Ass with Jesse and Andy! The Butcher and the Blade are delving into a monthly endeavor where they will watch and review EVERY EPISODE OF MONDAY NITRO FROM 1997... and as Andy will tell you: "It's not great." Join Jesse and Andy for the first episode of 1997 - Episode #69 on January 6, 1997 - and laugh along with a grip of guests including Wes Pythons, Kevin Bennett, and even a ROAD REPORT from "Puff Marshall" !!! Listen across all major podcasting...


Episode 20 - Hacker Scott O'Shea Of Smash Wrestling

It’s our 20th episode and to be honest we just keep getting better and better! This is definitely one of our best yet and features a sweet collaboration of all the openings jams!! Not to mention long awaited guest Hacker Scotty O’Shea of Smash Wrestling!!! We all talk porn, wrestling , porn , music , porn , MMA, porn, movies and prob more porn and tug time talk!! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 19 - The Final Episode of 2017 (Q&A)

It’s Q&A time again here on the poddy and we’re answering YOUR questions! Jesse and Andy get deep with a lot of fitness , diet and movie talk! Plus the usuals music and wrestling too ... spoiler alert the last 10 minutes might be the best part! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass! Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out the Kickin' Ass podcast on Twitter @KickinAssPod Email your questions to Sponsored by: American Barbell Club...


Episode 18 - 'Tid The Season In Buffalo New York

Coming off a HUGE weekend Jesse and Andy recap the Every Time I Die Christmas show Tid The Season! Hear all about the sold out show, how much the wrestling portion Kicked Ass and how good the catering was that Andy never got to eat! We get a little off topic with more Frankie The Mobster sightings, Matthew Vincent being the ultimate good brother and movie talk but this is one of our longest poddy’s yet ... Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass!!


Episode 17 - The Road to ETID Christmas w/ Matthew Vincent

2 days out from the biggest ETID Christmas show to date and we’re Kickin Ass! This week we have former 2x World Champion Highland Games athlete and all around good fitness brother Matthew Vincent !! Topics include Andy’s 40th birthday poo disasterpiece, fights breaking out during live gigs, Louisiana and it’s links to Green Day , USWA’s time traveling tag team , how conversations with Jared Leto work, Alpha brain overdose , a loooooooot of tug time porn talk and we eventually get around to...


Episode 16 - Grabbin' Cakes with Dan Murphy

It’s the godfather of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 500 , Buffalo’s own Dan Murphy! This is a great convo as we get into a variety of subjects. Such as... JYD and James Brown grabbing cakes, fetish’s for enhancement talent and business men, All Japan women’s wrestling from the 90’s, designer underwear , getting star struck but keeping your cool in big environments, Andy and Jesse’s bust of a weekend after a broken serpentine belt, Norwegian Death Metal brother Gaahl, Andy’s underwear...


Episode 15 - The Remix Kevin Bennett

Andy’s fresh off the plane from the UK and we’re in the sweat box studio Kickin Ass! This episode we get in depth with fellow Buffalo brother , our producer brother , The Remix Kevin Bennett! Topics include concusions, Kevin’s babyface and heel gimmicks, his loveable bodyguard The Muscle,his hip hop background, hustling and The Law of Attraction , Andy’s recent tour and of course ... Frankie TM. Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass!!


Episode 14 - Thanksgiving w/ Puff & Danny Garcia

Happy Thanksgiving from the brothers of Kickin Ass!! Even tho we don’t speak a word of the holiday in this episode we’re still Kickin Ass with fresh, young, hungry spitfire, local Buffalo brothers Puff and Danny Garcia!! Jesse being the experienced grizzled vet , young boys the group and leads everyone through a great episode! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass!!


Episode 13 - Supercop Dick Justice

This week we’re Kickin Ass with long awaited guest , good brother Dick Justice! This one starts off with a bang as Dick live sings the intro song then goes right into some of the most incredible Terry Funk experiences of all time! Now add an amazing Andy/Disturbed story, tug time stories, getting heckled, Hacksaw Jim Duggan being the nicest man alive , bad movies on paper , why nobody throws a hell-bow and we’re really Kickin Ass! Enjoy !!


Episode 12 - Bang Energy Drinks & Nair Hair Removal Gone Wrong

On today’s episode of Kickin Ass Jesse and Andy give thanks for the sold out December 16th Every Time I️ Die Christmas show featuring pro wrestling in Buffalo, NY! Other topics include Frankie TM, favorite exotic movie scenes, more Bang energy drink talk and Andy’s experimental phase with Nair hair remover!! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 11 - Q&A With Butcher And The Blade

Episode 11 - Q&A With Butcher And The Blade by Kickin' Ass with Jesse and Andy


Episode 10 - Two Microphones and Zero Guests

QUALITY UPGRADE this week on Kickin Ass !!! We’re now rockin two mics here and sound straight legit! What a better week to finally have no guests and get back to talking about ourselves! Time to start putting over our new tag gimmick The Butcher and The Blade and pinball ideas! Topics include Andy making the move down to wrestling trunks, late 80’s 90’s action movies, blunt force trauma inserted in every buddy cop action flick, a fun week long loop with Smash Wrestling, recent movie talk...


Episode 9 - Big Frank Budelewski

This week on Kickin Ass we have Buffalo NY’s Paul Bunyan ... Big Frank Budelewski ! Big Frank is our first non wrestling non music related guest and we couldn't be more excited!! From overcoming a major car accident , to bodybuilding , to arm wrestling, Frank has many layers and we dive into the all ... so listen in and let’s Kick Some Ass!!


Episode 8 - Jesse's Neighborhood Friend Mitch

This week's guest in non other than ETID bassist and Jesse's childhood friend Steve Micciche aka Mitch !! Show opens with a song Jesse and Mitch wrote about the Natural Born Killers movie in '94 ... from there we all talk high school football, Mitch's teenage flattop , Mitch taking Jesse to his first concert , insane shows Mitch and Andy attended in the 90's , Fred Durst handing out demo tapes at Wendy's in Buffalo, Mitch brothering up on his wrestling lingo , Andy and Jesse becoming the...


Episode 7 - Shootin the Sheetz with Gregory Iron

Pro wrestler and Sheetz enthusiast Greg Iron joins Jesse and Andy to Kick Ass this week! Topics include nicknames for reoccurring characters you meet on tour, Greg's career altering in ring moment with CM Punk only to find out years later he's a Wawa brother, Best/Worst match of all time Tank Abbott vs Big Al from WCW SuperBrawl 2000, Greg's diet and how he trains around his handicap , delusional brothers in wrestling and music, Greg's extreme blood loss in a dog collar match , Ernest and...


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