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Will DC Ever Get It Right? (w/Mark Ellis) - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.23.18

Special guest Mark Ellis from Collider Movie Talk joins Nick to talk about Joss Whedon leaving Batgirl, Netflix’s Mute, The Tick, and more! -Joss Whedon exits batgirl movie (11:50 mins) -Mute review roundup (18:02 mins) -The first season of The Tick wraps up with a super strong hug for your brain and your heart (23:18 mins) -Out this weekend in movies (35:45 mins) Follow Mark Ellis on Twitter:! Thanks to for our timstamps


We Pick Kevin’s Porn Name - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.22.18

Andy and Nick talk about the X-Force movie, Rush Hour 4, Kylie Jenner vs. Snapchat, and Kevin’s various porn names.


Nick's Show Last Night Did Not Go Well - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.21.18

Tim and Nick discuss Nick’s latest showcase at Cobb’s as well as the future of the Transformer’s movies, Bond 25 Director rumors, and a first look at Brainiac in SyFy’s Krypton.


Ice Dancing is Nick’s New Obsession - The Kinda Funny Morning Show

Tim and Nick talk Get Out 2, Jessica Jones Season 2, Jessica Chastain in “It” sequel, Christopher Nolan’s Bond, and ice dancing…so much ice dancing.. -Get Out Directors new movie to begin shooting this year (10:20 mins) -Jessica Jones season 2 trailer (13:35 mins) -Jessica Chastain in talks to star in "it" sequel (18:06 mins) -New teaser for the new Shaft movie (20:20 mins) -Christopher Nolan says hes definitely not directing Bond 25 (27:50 mins) Thanks to for...


Black Panther Crushed the Box Office! (w/Chastity Vicencio) - Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.19.18

Chastity Vicencio joins the show today to talk Black Panther, Bill and Ted 3, Lion King Songs, and Fergie’s “interesting” take on the national anthem.


Happy Birthday Andy (starring Greg) - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.16.18

Greg and Nick wish Andy a very special happy birthday. Also, Black Panther numbers are in, more Kung Fury casting news, and Sony could have had it all


Andy Spent 8 Hours in the DMV - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.15.18

Andy and Nick talk about the Incredibles 2 trailer, Oprah for President, Stargate, and Andy’s amazing adventure at the DMV. Andy Spent 8 Hours at the DMV


Cool Greg's First Morning Show! - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.14.18

Cool Greg and Tim celebrate Valentine's day the only way they know how. -Rita Ora joins Ryan Reynolds in Pokemon movie 'Detective Pikachu' (8:49 mins) -Ready Player One poster (11:00 mins) -I Kill Giants poster & trailer (14:00 mins) -Batman Ninja English trailer (19:35 mins) -Han Solo toys & Star Wars lego (23:30 mins) -Incredibles 2 posters (27:15 mins) -LeBron James to throw new house party with updated version of a classic movie (23:07 mins) Thanks to for...


Rampage Trailer Reacts - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.13.18

Andy and Nick talk Rampage, 80s TV Theme Songs, and Fassbender in Kung Fury. -On Valentines day, nothing says love like a plate of chicken wings (6:20 mins) -Michael Fassbender to star in feature length kung fury (13:00 mins) -JJ Abrams confirms star wars episode IX begins shooting this summer (31:50 mins) -Rampage trailer (35:30 mins) Thanks to for our timestamps!


Fifty Shades Freed Review - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.12.18

Tim and Nick talk Fifty Shades Freed, Five Nights at Freddie’s, and the worlds most inappropriate t-shirt. -Tims restaurant story (10:20 mins) -Solo poster (16:58 mins) -Chris Columbbus to direct five nights at freddys for blumhouse (17:30 mins) -Fifty shades freed tops box office with $38.8 million & Tims review (21:25 mins) Thanks to for our timestamps!


Greg Miller’s First Nude Selfie - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.09.18

Greg joins the show to talk about his first ever nude selfie, the He-Man movie reboot, Gucci Mane, and an update to Tim’s ongoing battle with Sprint.


Sprint is Screwing Tim out of $1200 - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.08.18

Tim and Nick watch the Venom Trailer and talk about Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, Harrison Ford as an advisor on Solo, and Tim’s never-ending struggle to return his iPhone to Sprint. Time Stamps -Venom movie trailer (6:15 mins) -Marvel class photo (15:25 mins) -Harrison Ford served as an advisor on Solo: A Star Wars Story (19:25 mins) -Pacific Rim & Mute posters (22:15 mins) -Joaquin Phoenix in talks to play joker in todd phillips standalone movie (22:40 mins) -Deep Dive: Tims Phone story...


Deadpool 2 Trailer Reacts - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.07.18

Joey joins the show to talk about the new Deadpool 2 trailer, the Venom poster reveal, Kim Possible movie news, and Elon Musk is our supreme overlord and we should respect him as such! -Deadpool 2 trailer (9:45 mins) -Venom official poster only has eyes for the symbiote (18:16 mins) -Kim Possible live action movie in development (23:10 mins) -Game of thrones creators to write, produce new star wars series of films (27:40 mins) -Black Panther fastest pre-selling first quarter movie ever on...


Cloverfield Paradox Review & Today’s News - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.06.18

Joey and Nick give their thoughts on the new Deadpool 2 poster, Blade Runner 2049, Uma Thurman vs. Quentin Tarantino, and The Cloverfield Paradox! -New Deadpool parody poster (13:00 mins) -Denis Villeneuve knows he wont be able to make a movie like Blade Runner 2049 again "We made a monster" (15:28 mins) -Super bowl 2018: watch all the big game movie spots (19:46 mins) -Uma Thurman posts video of kill bill car crash that almost killed her, she doesnt blame Quentin Tarantino (22:36 mins)...


Solo Trailer Reacts - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.05.18

Tim and Nick watch the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Film, the newest Super Bowl Spot for Avengers: Infinity War, and talk Netflix’s Cloverfield Paradox. -Solo trailer (7:50 mins) -Infinity War trailer (21:00 mins) -Cloverfield Paradox (28:11 mins) Thanks to for our timestamps!


We’re Selling a Ton of Girl Scout Cookies! - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.02.18

-Feds thought she was missing in Humboldt but woman was spotted on the bachelor (14:30 mins) -Back to the future turned into a manga (20:15 mins) -Heath Ledger had planned to return as the joker after the dark night (22:53 mins) -John Logan To Adapt Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo Da Vinci Book For Leo DiCaprio (27:05 mins) -Kazuo Hirai out, Sony's entertainment strategy loses its biggest champion (27:30 mins) -Gary Whitta is adapting the last jedi for Marvel Comics (34:30 mins) Thanks to...


Will There Be A Nintendo Cinematic Universe? - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 02.01.18

Youssef Maguid returns to talk about the Mario Movie, Men in Black, Mission Impossible 6, and #JackmanOff2018. -Nintendo officially partnering with illumination on Mario Movie (11:40 mins) -Mission Impossible fallout poster (17:47 mins) -Isle of dogs and red sparrow get scandalous ratings from the MPAA (20:00 mins) -Men in black spinoff f Gary Gray in talks to direct (24:05 mins) -Eric Roberts stands by everyone of the 74 movies he did last year (30:25 mins) -Fitness deep dive (36:30 mins)...


Black Panther Set to Dominate Box Offices! w/Rocco Botte - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 01.31.18

Mega64's Rocco Botte joins Nick to talk about Black Panther, Ant-Man’s new villain, and finally answer the question, “just where are the cookies at”? -Cool Greg on 2017 rap music in review (24:40 mins) -Black Panther sets Alamo Drafthouse superhero record (25:40 mins) -Ant man and the wasp: who is the ghost (28:25 mins) -Tommy Wiseau has officially annoinced a 3D version of The Room (32:50 mins) -Purge 4 new title and poster revealed (36:50 mins) -Man can name his son Goku if he can get 1...


Ant-man and the Wasp Teaser Reacts - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 01.30.18

Tim and Nick react to the new teaser for Ant-man and the Wasp and talk about Wesley Snipes’ Black Panther movie, Cloverfield 4, and the drug epidemic known as “Girl Scout Cookies”. -Ant-man and the wasp poster & teaser trailer (7:25 mins) -Mute poster (20:55 mins) -Wesley Snipes once tried to make a black panther movie but there was an immediate issue (23:25 mins) -Emily Blunt Joins Dwayne Johnson in Disney's jungle cruise (30:00 mins) -Cloverfield 4 is a WW2 thriller called Overlord...


We Pick The Official Horse Wrestling Logo - The Kinda Funny Morning Show 01.29.18

Tim joins Nick to talk about their weekends, an update to Tim’s massive parking ticket, the 2018 Grammys, and the selection for the official Horse Wrestling League logo. -What we did this weekend (18:05 mins) -The Grammys (28:20 mins) -Tomy is bringing back its transformers/star wars mashup with some smugglers in disguise (33:10 mins) -Horse wrestling league logos (39:55 mins) Thanks to for our timestamps!


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