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Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.

Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.
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Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.






Josh Lee Kwai The Special Effects Wizard Of MTG - Ep 306

In this episode, I’m talking to Josh Lee Kwai, co-host of the Command Zone Podcast and Game Knights. Josh is a professional in the movie industry and you might have seen his work from Disney princess movies, the Fast and the Furious, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and Star Wars. Running for over 180 episodes, Josh and Jimmy host the Command Zone, a weekly podcast about all things Commander. Josh brings his special effects wizardry to the realm of Magic to direct and produce Game Knights, a...

Duration: 01:20:45

Worlds 2017 Special With Gerry Donald Christian and Paolo - Ep 305

Welcome to Special coverage of the Magic World Championships 2017 in Boston. I’m your host Sam Tang, and you’re listening to Kitchen Table Magic, presented by Hipsters of the Coast, Card Kingdom, and Paragon City Games. The Magic World Championships are going on right now in Boston. Twenty four of the world’s best competitors are battling it out right now, October 6th, 7th and 8th. In this episode, I’ll be bringing you clips from my interviews with Gerry Thompson, Donald Smith Jr,...

Duration: 00:47:26

Dev From SBMTG Talks Rappers YouTube And Cats - Ep 304

In this episode, I’m talking to Dev, from Strictly Better MTG. Dev is the rapping YouTuber with the deck tech strategy and feline co-hosts. With over 60,000 YouTube subscribers, Dev is a major player in the MTG community providing strategy, news, and set reviews. Dev has been playing Magic from early in the game’s history and his expansive knowledge of Magic makes for thorough and in-depth videos. Dev enjoys teaching the community how to build a better deck to accommodate both competitive...

Duration: 01:15:03

Dan Burdick and the Infinite Universe of Play Design - Ep 303

In this episode, I’m talking to Dan Burdick, the lead of Play Design, a new division of R&D for Magic: The Gathering. While Mark Rosewater is trying to break the game, Dan and his crazy team of wizards is making sure Magic stays functional and playable. Dan considers all the cards available in the game of Magic to make up the physics engine that governs the MTG universe. He uses this unique way of thinking to balance the play environment for players. Dan has a motley crew of spell slinging...

Duration: 00:42:26

The Magic Man Sam The Best MTG Visual Storyteller - Ep 302

I’m talking with the Magic Community’s best visual storyteller, The Magic Man Sam. Sam’s stunning videos highlight the art of prominent artists such as John Avon, Nils Hamm, Terese Neilsen and many more. Sam’s videos also give perspective on Magic history’s most influential cards such as Rancor, Thoughtseize, One with Nothing, Thragtusk and Snapcaster Mage. Sam meticulously crafts his videos to tell a story we’ve never heard before. I’m so excited to bring you my conversation with the one...

Duration: 00:53:07

Sheldon Menery the Elder Dragon of EDH - Ep 301

Welcome to the Season 3 premier of Kitchen Table Magic. It is so good to be back. Over the summer, I’ve been hard at work booking and interviewing new guests for this season. You’re really going to enjoy all the interview’s I’ve had. Let’s kick things off with our first guest of Season 3! I’m speaking with former L5 judge, and founding member of the Elder Dragon Highlander Rules Committee, Sheldon Menery. Sheldon helped to popularize Magic’s most fun format, EDH now officially recognized...

Duration: 00:51:11

Richard Garfield The Creator Of Magic The Gathering - Ep 222

In this episode, I’m speaking with Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering. Richard is fascinated with games and one day asked himself, what happens if not all players have the same deck? Richard tells us that the cornerstone of Magic, the five flavors of mana, was an idea that he thought about frequently and tinkered with in his other games. Richard shares thoughts on certain cards, his hopes for the future of Magic, and other games he’s proud to have made. Richard has a...

Duration: 00:49:52

The Professor of Tolarian Community College - Ep 221

In this episode, I’m speaking with Brian Lewis, better known as the Professor of Tolarian Community College. The Professor created the Magic community’s most subscribed YouTube channel, clocking in at over 200,000 subs. The Professor started Tolarian Community College with reviews on card sleeves, deck boxes, and binders. Later the Professor expanded to funny skits, card previews, deck techs, and community news. The Professor shares what it means for him to create videos full time and his...

Duration: 01:40:17

Preview - The Professor of Tolarian Community College

Coming up on the next episode of Kitchen Table Magic, I'm interviewing Brian Lewis, better known as the Professor of Tolarian Community College. The Professor created the Magic community’s most subscribed YouTube channel, clocking in at over 200,000 subs. The Prof and I sit down to talk about how it all got started, what’s next, and the meaning of life, all on the next episode of Kitchen Table Magic. Listen to the Professor next week Tuesday 6/13/17 on Apple Podcasts, Google Play,...

Duration: 00:01:51

Emma Handy Tears It Up With Us - Ep 220

In this episode, I’m speaking with Emma Handy, writer at Star City Games, competitor on the SCG tour, and Magic streamer. Emma is very thoughtful when it comes to writing her articles because she is an educator at heart. Emma started in Yugiyoh and joined the Magic community for a better culture and player attitude. After playing Magic at her local card store, Emma quickly became competitive to play at SCG Opens. Emma wrote about her experiences as a trans woman in the competitive Magic...

Duration: 01:02:50

Scry into the future with Corey Csuhta of Scryfall - Ep 219

In this episode, I’m speaking with Corey Csuhta, co-creator of the Magic community’s fastest and sleekest card lookup website, Scryfall. Corey, along with Chris Davis, Chuck Harmston, Greg MacWilliam, and Joseph Price are the merry band of Magicians that created this phenomenal new service. Full disclosure, I am not being paid to sing Scryfall’s praises. I just absolutely love how Scryfall works and if I were the Professor, I’d give them a solid A. Scryfall has the best advanced lookup of...

Duration: 00:44:15

Eric Klug and the Best Magic Alters - Ep 218

In this episode, I’m speaking with Eric Klug, the Magic community’s foremost alter artist. Eric paints amazing alters, in the style of classical art such as Hieronymus Bosch and Alphonse Mucha. Eric has also reproduced art in the style of Terese Nielsen’s Guru Lands, and has a wide range including popular motifs from Miyazaki to Marvel comics. Eric tells us how he got starting painting alters and what this art means to him. Eric also has a great love of Cubes and we talk a bit about it as...

Duration: 00:42:42

Jimmy Wong on Acting, Music, and YouTube - Ep 217

In this episode, I’m interviewing Jimmy Wong, actor, musician, YouTube personality and co-host of The Command Zone with Josh Lee Kwai. Every week, Jimmy and Josh share gameplay strategy, deck building tips, and set reviews for Magic: The Gathering. The Command Zone focuses primarily on the Commander format, also known as Elder Dragon Highlander, or EDH. Jimmy also co-starred in the hit YouTube series Video Game High School and is the co-host of another popular show, Feast of Fiction. I ask...

Duration: 00:45:09

Frank Stanley Sits Down for After Hours - Ep 216

In this episode, I’m speaking with Frank Stanley, event organizer and Judge at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue Washington. Every week, Frank puts on multiple events at Mox Boarding House where a hundred or so regulars pack the tournament room. Frank cares deeply about the community and is always there to help Magic players experience the game at its best. Frank and I sat down last week for some after hours fun. We drank a few beers and discussed a wide range of topics with shout outs for...

Duration: 01:32:41

Brian Weissman and the Most Powerful Deck in MTG History - Ep 215

In this episode, I’m speaking with Brian Weissman, former Pro Player known for his creation of The Deck. The Deck focuses on an attrition plan to brutally control your opponent while swinging in with big creatures like Serra Angel, Juggernaut, and Juzam Djinn. Brian’s innovations in deck tech blossomed into what we now know as the “control” archetype and the concept we know as “card advantage”. For a while The Deck was unbeatable and evolved to combat new threats like Necropotence. Brian’s...

Duration: 01:39:29

Randy Buehler the OG of Magic - Ep 214

In this episode, I’m speaking with Randy Buehler, Hall of Famer and former Vice President of Digital Gaming at Wizards of the Coast for Magic: The Gathering. Randy has made a significant impact on Magic, not only as a pro player, but also developing the game at R&D. Randy worked on Invasions and Odyssey, to name a few. Randy also has a long history on the commentary team. Though Randy recently retired from commentary, he still has an influential role in the community with Vintage Super...

Duration: 01:28:12

Brian David-Marshall - Ep 213

I’m speaking with Brian David-Marshall, official commentator and Pro Tour Historian of Magic: The Gathering. BDM started his career in comics. And eventually opened the famed game store Neutral Ground. BDM give us a rare glimpse into the early days of Magic, when it exploded in popularity back in 1994 and 1995. BDM tells us about coverage today and also an interesting tale two Enter The Battlefield movies. I caught up with BDM last year right before PAX 2016. It was such a treat to listen...

Duration: 01:10:08

Ep 298 - Support The Magic Art Show With Vorthos Mike - Kitchen Table Magic

Support the Magic Art Show Kickstarter project! It's produced by Vorthos Mike, Josh Krause of Original Magic Art, Rico Evangelho of Cardamajigs (@cardamajigs), and Brian Walters (@propsofprophecy). They plan to put on a full Magic: The Gathering art exhibit featuring original paintings, sculptures, drawings, concept art, and more at GP Vegas. It's going to feature the planes of Ravnica, Innistrad, Mirrodin, and Amonkhet. This is also the first event of what we hope to become a mainstay at...

Duration: 00:20:10

Ep 211 - Marshall Sutcliffe - Kitchen Table Magic

In this episode, I’m hanging out with Marshall Sutcliffe, creator and host of Magic’s most popular podcast Limited Resources. Marshall is also the play-by-play commentator and host of premier Magic: The Gathering tournaments such as the Grand Prix, Pro Tour and the Magic World Championships. Marshall talks about his thoughts on the game and what he hopes to create in the future. Also! I brought a few packs for Marshall to crack open in true Limited Resources style. This is a fantastic...

Duration: 02:09:21

Announcement to Change Show Format - Ep 210

I'm changing the format of the podcast. Please listen to this episode for details. And please share to boost the signal. Thx!

Duration: 00:08:22

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