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Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.

Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.
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Kitchen Table Magic is a storytelling podcast about the wonderful people in the Magic: The Gathering community.






White with Michelle Rapp, Zack Brady, and Craig Wescoe - WUBRG Series part 1 - Ep 321

This is the first episode in a five part series on the five colors of Magic: The Gathering, White Blue Black Red and Green, better known as WUBRG. In this episode, we’re talking about the White color of mana with podcaster and MTG personality Michelle Rapp, streamer and commentator Zack Brady, and legendary pro player and champion of white weenie Craig Wescoe. What are the values of White as color identity in the game of Magic? What are the game mechanics? Which are the notable cards? We...


Trash Talking With Legacy Elf Master Daniel Nguyen - Ep 320

In this episode, I’m talking to the master of Legacy Elves, Daniel Nguyen. Daniel is a Seattle Legacy player who dedicated himself to testing and grinding tournaments. Daniel’s experience and long history with the game lead to him creating a primer on Elves, which has been standard reading for Magic players around the world. Daniel talks with me about growing up playing Magic as a kid, and what he’s doing to help preserve Legacy in today’s Magic community. If you’re going to GP Seattle in...


TJ Rogers On The Future Of MTG Live Streaming - Ep 319

In this episode, I’m talking to the commentator, streamer, and host, TJ Rogers. TJ is an advocate of Magic streams, and wants to help more players and local game stores broadcast their games on the internet. TJ is interested in solving the technical challenges that comes along with streaming. What camera to buy, how to set up your computer, what the overlay should look like, what should the feature match area look like? TJ believes that live streaming matches with players on the internet...


Geoffrey Palmer Brings Our Favorite Magic Cards To Life - Ep 318

In this episode, I’m talking to the animator of the Magic community, Geoffrey Palmer, of Living Cards MTG. If you’ve seen anything from The Professor, Magic: The Amateuring, Game Knights, Loading Ready Run, or a Channel Fireball GP, you’ve seen Geoffrey’s work. Geoffrey is a professional motion graphics designer and uses his talents to bring our favorite cards to life. Geoffrey has animated Anger of the Gods, Bouncing Beebles, Liliana, Force of Will, Sol Ring, Treasure Cruise, Ponder, and...


Jund Em Out With Keith Capstick - Ep 317

In this episode, I’m talking to journalist, writer, and Jund enthusiast, Keith Capstick. Keith is an editor at and also writes for Face to Face Games Toronto that runs Mana Keith and I share a love of the modern archetype Jund. Jund’s not doing so hot these days with that all stupid Tron and Death’s Shadow running around. Coming up soon is Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan, which will be a Modern Pro Tour, so hopefully Reid Duke can help a homie out and win with Jund. Keith...


Donald Smith Jr From Platinum To Worlds To WotC RnD - Ep 316

In this episode, I’m talking to platinum pro Donald Smith Jr. Donald started playing when Theros was released. In just a little over 4 years, Donald grinded his way to become a platinum pro and got himself an invite to the Magic World Championships 2017. After playing a lot of aggro decks, Donald qualified for the Pro Tour. Donald continued playtesting and dedicated himself to stay on the Pro Tour. I caught up with Donald in the summer of 2017. Go say hi to Donald on Twitter @DonaldWSJr I...


Christian Calcano And The Journey To Worlds - Ep 315

In this episode, I’m talking to veteran pro player Christian Calcano. Christian has been on the pro tour for over 7 years, and recently Top 8’d his first one at Pro Tour Amonkhet. His emotional response was celebrated by his team and the community as he was interviewed by Brian David-Marshall. Christian shares with us about his early days playing Magic, slowing making his way to the top. Christian is an expert in limited, and he gives us valuable advice about drafting. I caught up with...


Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa Has More Pro Points Than You - Ep 314

In this episode, I’m talking to Brazilian Hall of Famer, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa. Paulo has been on the professional scene for almost two decades and he’s the youngest player to reach 300 lifetime pro points. Recently, Paulo won Pro Tour Hour of Devastation and has the second most Pro Tour Top 8’s behind Jon Finkle. Paulo shares with us about his life as a professional Magic player, how he got started playing Magic, and his life in Brazil. Paulo also talks to us about improving at Magic,...


Billy The Fridge Will Eat Your Tarmogoyfs - Ep 313

In this episode, I’m talking to rapper, comedian, filmmaker, and Magic player, Billy the Fridge. Billy started with local rap battles in the Seattle area and making his own films on a budget. Soon, his creativity made it to the front page of Reddit and where his thoughtful lyrics and edgy visual style caught the attention of millions. Billy is true Magic player at heart, writing and performing Cardboard Crack, an ode the game we love. Since then, Billy has completed his latest album “ill!”...


The Craftsmanship of Wyrmwood Gaming With Eric Dupuis - Ep 312

In this episode, I’m talking to Eric Dupuis from Wyrmwood Gaming. Wyrmwood Gaming is the premier company making expertly crafted wooden deck boxes, dice vaults, and other gaming accessories. Eric has a background in both carpentry and business, and he shares with us the journey of how Wyrmwood started to how it became a household name today. All of Wyrmwood products showcase quality lumber from around the world with colors and patterns that naturally occur in the wood. Wyrmwood then...


Donald Reents and the Colorful Journey of Chessex - Ep 311

In this episode, I’m talking to the founder of Chessex, Donald Reents. Chessex makes a variety of high quality dice in different shapes, color combinations, and designs. Donald has been in the gaming industry for decades as an avid chess and backgammon player. Donald cares about the quality of his products and one day decided that he needed to take matters into his own hands and make his own beautiful dice. When he found the right factory in Germany, Donald’s creativity took off with a...


Jay Schneider Of Red Deck Wins And The Mana Curve - Ep 310

I’m talking to legendary player, Jay Schneider, the creator of the first Burn Deck, popularly known as Paul Sligh Red. Jay created Sligh Red because it was play tested to beat his good friend Paul Sligh, who ironically was an avid blue player. In doing so, Jay created the concept of the Mana Curve, which is now a foundation of how Magic is played and decks are built. Jay also worked for Wizards R&D where he helped play test paper products and had a big role in developing the hugely...


Daniel Chang Of Vintage Magic is Preserving MTG Artifacts - Ep 309

I’m talking to the legendary collector of all things Vintage Magic, Daniel Chang, the President and CEO of Vintage Daniel has seen it all, the rarest of the rare, Alpha sets, Power 9, Black Lotus, original art, even cards that are rumored not to exist. Daniel travels the world connecting buyers and sellers with priceless artifacts of history. Daniel shares with us his passion for preserving the historical artifacts of Magic: The Gathering and his thoughts on MTG finance. I hope...


Seance Halloween Special With Jason Alt, Zac Elsik, and Seance Guy - Ep 308

Happy Halloween Everyone! In this very special episode, we’re diving into the Magic community’s spookiest mystery, the Séance Buyout. Two years ago, reddit user jobs141910 created a post giving users a bounty to purchase and destroy as many copies of Séance as possible. Then, about a year ago, the same mysterious user offered a reward of $40k worth of bitcoins to whoever pilots a Séance deck to prominence on the Pro Tour. Joining us today, MTG finance expert Jason Alt joins us to enlighten...


Halloween Seance Episode Preview Clip

Coming up on next episode of Kitchen Table Magic. I’m talking to pro player Zac Elsik and MTG finance expert Jason Alt about the Magic community’s spookiest mystery, Séance! Two years ago, reddit user jobs141910 created a post giving users a bounty to purchase and destroy as many copies of Séance as possible. Then, about a year ago, the same mysterious user offered a reward of $40k worth of bitcoins to whoever pilots a Séance deck to prominence on the Pro Tour. Pro player Zac Elsik talks...


Jadine Klomparens Shares Stories From The Pro Tour - Ep 307

In this episode, I’m talking to Jadine Klomparens, pro player, writer, and tournament grinder on the SCG Tour. Jadine is a skilled player and rose to prominence when she got to the finals of GP Chicago 2014. And ever since, Jadine’s been grinding it out at GPs, the Pro Tour, and on the SCG Tour. Jadine has written for TCG Player and Star City Games for years and regularly guests on Emma Handy’s stream. Jadine talks to us about the valuable lessons she’s learned playing competitive magic...


Josh Lee Kwai The Special Effects Wizard Of MTG - Ep 306

In this episode, I’m talking to Josh Lee Kwai, co-host of the Command Zone Podcast and Game Knights. Josh is a professional in the movie industry and you might have seen his work from Disney princess movies, the Fast and the Furious, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and Star Wars. Running for over 180 episodes, Josh and Jimmy host the Command Zone, a weekly podcast about all things Commander. Josh brings his special effects wizardry to the realm of Magic to direct and produce Game Knights, a...


Worlds 2017 Special With Gerry Donald Christian and Paolo - Ep 305

Welcome to Special coverage of the Magic World Championships 2017 in Boston. I’m your host Sam Tang, and you’re listening to Kitchen Table Magic, presented by Hipsters of the Coast, Card Kingdom, and Paragon City Games. The Magic World Championships are going on right now in Boston. Twenty four of the world’s best competitors are battling it out right now, October 6th, 7th and 8th. In this episode, I’ll be bringing you clips from my interviews with Gerry Thompson, Donald Smith Jr,...


Dev From SBMTG Talks Rappers YouTube And Cats - Ep 304

In this episode, I’m talking to Dev, from Strictly Better MTG. Dev is the rapping YouTuber with the deck tech strategy and feline co-hosts. With over 60,000 YouTube subscribers, Dev is a major player in the MTG community providing strategy, news, and set reviews. Dev has been playing Magic from early in the game’s history and his expansive knowledge of Magic makes for thorough and in-depth videos. Dev enjoys teaching the community how to build a better deck to accommodate both competitive...


Dan Burdick and the Infinite Universe of Play Design - Ep 303

In this episode, I’m talking to Dan Burdick, the lead of Play Design, a new division of R&D for Magic: The Gathering. While Mark Rosewater is trying to break the game, Dan and his crazy team of wizards is making sure Magic stays functional and playable. Dan considers all the cards available in the game of Magic to make up the physics engine that governs the MTG universe. He uses this unique way of thinking to balance the play environment for players. Dan has a motley crew of spell slinging...


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