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Akepele Apparel

Trent of Akepele has been building a brand over the last several years that celebrates the art of hip-hop and the foundations of the scene. He took a few moments out of a busy schedule having just performed with J-Ritz and Saywords at the DJ Quick & Scareface show in Portland and on his way to a gig in Vancouver, to jump on the podcast to speak about the history of the brand, the challenges of collaboration and what might be next for the apparel line. Peep the latest episode of Klyph...

Duration: 00:47:35


From the moment I heard CVTVLYST for the first time I became a fan. A student of the genre & a real emcee, Wynne passed through to speak on her career thus fire, her respect for hip-hop, upcoming performances at Mic Check PDX and TBA'17 & a little bit more. Excited for y'all to hear this latest episode of Klyph Notes featuring Wynne.

Duration: 00:45:31

Renee Lopez

When you want to get a peek at what the current Portland hip-hop scene looks like, just Google Miss Lopez Media. Renee has been a fixture in the scene, capturing performances and candid photos for some time. She took a moment to sit and share her story, motivations, plans and hopes for the future. Check the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Renee Lopez

Duration: 00:39:49


Tope made a return trip home while on tour to perform at Mic Check PDX. While in town, he passed through to catch up on the two years since he made the move to California. Check out this in depth conversation on Klyph Notes with Tope*

Duration: 01:12:15

Amerigo Gazaway

Amerigo Gazaway was kind enough to jump on the podcast to talk about his creative process both in production and live DJ'ing. He talks about his favorite project so far in his catalog, plus you get to hear me fan-boy out on this latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast.

Duration: 00:26:08


Portland Oregon MC/Host/Radio personality...the list goes on and on. StarChile took time from his busy schedule to record the lost episode of the podcast. The conversation touches on his work in the Portland music scene, race relations, why the Portland Trail Blazers have difficulty attracting free agents and the use if the "N" word. Check out the latest episode of Klyph Notes feat. StarChile

Duration: 01:18:39

Y.G.B. Portland

Natalie Figueroa, Vaughn Kimmons and Lamar LeRoy of Y.G.B. Portland sat down to share the history of the collective and building community in the city as they celebrate the new beginning via "One". Check out the laughs and entertainment on this special informative episode of the Klyph Notes podcast.

Duration: 00:45:13

Jason Fellman

Jason Fellman of J-Fell Presents sat down to talk about the second Mogo Music Festival. The two day event will feature local artists performing at 11 different venues covering Hip-Hop, funk, soul, blues and more. Jason shares stories of the history of the event, talks about the members of the music scene who are acting as curators and gives an invitation to networking events to benefit local artists. Check out this informative and entertaining episode of Klyph Notes and check more...

Duration: 01:01:09


Portland based emcee Libretto's first New Years Eve performance in 4+ years kicked off what expects to be a monster year in 2017. On January 2nd, the long awaited double vinyl "Captain Crook Snatchin' Crumbs and All" was released on on Kiasu Records. Libretto sat and talked about the new release, the changes in the Portland scene since he came home and plans for the future including his upcoming show with the Beatnuts. Peep the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Libretto.

Duration: 01:12:49

Brookfield Duece

He's been working on building community with the Portland hip-hop scene for a minute. He's performed on stages throughout the city and now the Oakland-to-Portland emcee sits down for an in depth conversation with Klyph talking about everything from his start in the scene, The Brookfield Way clothing line, his views on artist development and a peek at one of the more anticipated album releases of the year. Check the latest episode of Klyph Notes feat. Brookfield Duece.

Duration: 01:13:09

Champagne Duane & Cee Goods

Champagne Duane & Cee Goods stopped by the studio to talk about their new upcoming collaboration "The Campaign". They also talked about the current state of the industry, the successes they've had inside and outside of music and the impact of their music on society and the impact of society on music. Check out this classic episode of Klyph Notes featuring two great artists!

Duration: 01:39:01

Yanagida Projects

To have the opportunity to sit with Todd Richardson of Yanagida Projects and Ways & Means Global was mad cool. He shared the history of the brand and logo, spoke of working with local artists and gave some insight on pushing an idea - great information! He dropped some pearls of wisdom for artists looking to push their brand, definitely one to listen through. Check the latest episode of Klyph Notes feat. Todd Richardson.

Duration: 00:46:49

2 Reps

Portland Oregon Emcees 2 Reps have been on the scene for a minute. They join the Klyph Notes podcast and give us a sense of they're journey from grade school up and comers to sharing the screen and stage with Snoop Dog and Mike Epps. They also share the release date for the long awaited mixtape.

Duration: 00:22:18

Vinnie Dewayne

North Portland Emcee Vinnie Dewayne was gracious enough to sit for his final interview on Klyph Notes before relocating to Chicago. He spoke on his beginnings as an emcee, who's next coming out of the Portland scene and what drives him to leave the city he reps so hard. Insightful and open, a conversation not to be missed. Check out the latest episode of Klyph Notes featuring Vinnie Dewayne.

Duration: 01:10:58

Stewart Villain

Portland Oregon producer and MC Stewart Villain sat down for an interview to speak on how he came up in the production game from working with a majority of Portland MCs to Danny Brown. We also get deep on life, the state of the world and he lets his fans get a closer look at who he is as an individual. Stewart gives us sneak at the upcoming solo project he’s finishing up and speaks on why you shouldn’t watch so much television. He also gives his thoughts on the first annual Portland...

Duration: 00:38:56


West coast MC LMNO has achieved some amazing success as an artist. He is a member of the legendary Visionaries crew, he’s demonstrated an crazy work ethic exampled by releasing 10 albums in one year in 2010. He’s shown a consistency as an artist and a human being. He’s has a new project titled “25/8” with Mr. Brady and LMNO takes some time to speak on that project, the challenges of the industry, his thoughts on the Visionaries crew, connecting with Dr. Dre and members of NWA back in the...

Duration: 01:07:38

Neill Von Tally

In July I had an opportunity to host Neill Von Tally and Martlell Webster of Eyrst on the Welcome to the Neighborhood radio show in preparation for the Eyrst Label Launch event. As often happens, at the end of the show more great stories were being told, so I asked Neill if he’d be down to connect for more conversation. He was gracious enough to link the day after the label launch and spoke on how he linked with Martell, what in fact Eyrst really is and what’s up with that dope logo. So...

Duration: 00:49:19


To simply say producer is too limiting as Dupre is more a curator of art. Oceans 85 Sonics is the brand and the first representation is Indigo Vacation. The northwest representative takes a minute to speak on his process and growth, the responsibility of artists and his plans are for the brand. Check out the latest conversation as Dupre joins me for Klyph Notes.

Duration: 00:46:13

Brian Coleman

Author and journalist Brian Coleman spent some time in the northwest promoting his latest project Check The Technique which features interviews with the artists that recorded some of the foundational, classic hip hop albums. Brian took a few moments to share some behind the scenes stories related to the project on this latest episode of Klyph Notes.

Duration: 01:07:16


Musician, producer, singer, writer - the man wears many hats. We connected a couple of years ago and now I’m happy to have him as a guest on Klyph Notes to share the latest on adding radio host and writer for We Out Here Magazine (WOHM) to his list of credits. Truly an underrated talent and underutilized resource here in the northwest, DJ Klyph presents...Dizz

Duration: 00:49:28

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