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Listen to the #1 Knicks podcast with Emmy winner Tommy Dee as he breaks down all things New York Knicks

Listen to the #1 Knicks podcast with Emmy winner Tommy Dee as he breaks down all things New York Knicks
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Listen to the #1 Knicks podcast with Emmy winner Tommy Dee as he breaks down all things New York Knicks








X's And O's Podcast Episode 140- Hollywood Lebron

Intro Lebron has turned heel and is Hollywood Hogan corny (1:30) Ben Simmons is a generational talent (4:55) Nick Wright can't be serious (7:00) NC State was terrible last year (9:55) Lebron did not make the Knicks relevant (14:45) Previewing the Utah Jazz (17:00)

Duration: 00:24:19

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 125: Can the Knicks Actually Land Kyrie Irving?

Intro The Latest Drama in Cleveland (2:00) Hard to blame Dan Gilbert (8:20) Melo not holding up his end of the NTC bargain (12:45) Kyrie is over the distractions (18:00) Quote from ESPN article (22:00) There is a deal to be had (25:18) Knicks fans can't have it both ways (33:45) Comparing Kyrie to the other elite PGs (34:30) The odds of drafting a player of Kyrie's caliber with future picks (38:00)

Duration: 00:46:13

Knicks Xs And Os Episode 121- Post Draft Rumblings And Porzingis' Time Is Now

Intro Thoughts on Ntilikina vs. Dennis Smith Jr. (2:00) KP Trade Rumors (9:45) Targeting Fox (11:00) Phil's conversation with the Lakers (14:45) Rubio Update (16:15) Embracing the Disingenuous Hate (19:30) Hernangomez to Denver for Mitchell (31:00) 2017-18 Team has to Belong to Porzingis (34:30)

Duration: 00:45:50

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 120- TD Talks with De'Aaron Fox

Intro Thank you to Patreon Subscribers! Subscribe here ( De'Aaron Fox Interview Knicks/Spurs Rumors

Duration: 00:10:00

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 119- Will Lebron and Phil Revisit Melo For Love?

Intro Lebron's Audacity(2:15) Recalling The Decision and the impact on the Knicks (4:00) Kevin Durant's performance (10:10) What's next for Lebron? (14:45) Daily Knicks Article (20:15) How can the Knicks trade with the Blazers and other best case draft scenarios (25:30)

Duration: 00:33:37

Knicks Xs And Os Episode 117: Inside Carmelo Anthony's Failed Attempt to Overthrow Phil Jackson

Intro Latest on Melo Trade Rumors (4:40) NBA Finals Game 2 thoughts (7:55) The Melo and Phil saga (21:30)

Duration: 00:44:18

Knicks Xs and Os Podcast Episode 115: NBA Draft Chat with Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman

Intro Phil discussing Knicks issues Pick and Roll Ricky Rubio vs Derrick Rose guarding the ball NBA Mock Draft with Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman (@NBADraftWass)(18:45)

Duration: 01:05:57

Knicks Xs And Os Episode 113- It's About Time For Some Good Fortune

Intro Revisiting the 1985 draft The Steve Nash to Lakers Trade was Eddy Curry-level bad (3:00) Scott Brooks channeled Knicks Mike D'Antoni in Game 7 (6:30) What if the Knicks picked 2nd in 1985? (7:40) Is Fultz John Wall and will the Sixers trade down? (14:20) Team-by-team picks based off of how it stands now (16:00-42:00)

Duration: 00:42:03

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 112: Recapping Day 1 Of The NBA Combine

Intro Day 1 of the NBA Draft Value of the NBA combine (2:30) The one guy who really stood out yesterday (5:30) Why I really like what the Bucks are doing (12:30) Maybe trade back? To who? (15:00) Shout out to Mason Ginsberg (16:30) Take Malik Monk? (19:30) SF loaded draft as well (25:00) What happens if they get in the top 3? (30:00) Which lesser knowns are moving up? Mason, Diallo (36:20)

Duration: 00:42:00

Knicks Xs And Os Episode 111: Talking Phil Jackson's Mindgames and Melo's Future With Roland Lazenby

Intro Melo Agreed to deal with Boston at the deadline (:30) What are the next steps for Melo and the Knicks (6:40) Porzingis situation (9:05) Interview with Roland Lazenby (12:50) State of the Union on Phil Jackson (15:00) Is Phil out of touch in today's NBA? (20:00) Phil's leverage vs Melo (24:00) Are Phil's mindgames still relevant to today's player? (31:30) Tabloid's role in Phil vs. Melo (35:15) Stop wasting our breath on Melo and focus on Kawhi (36:10) Phil the competitor vs Lebron...

Duration: 00:46:56

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 110- Talking Knicks, Mets And ESPN With Mike Silva

On this episode we discuss: Carmelo to the Clippers more likely now? Mike Silva Interview Knicks issues ESPN layoffs Mets struggles early

Duration: 01:09:52

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 109- Prima Donna Porzingis And What's The Ideal Draft Scenario?

Intro Remembering the 2015 draft (3:00) Why do people think Porzingis had a "down year?"(5:54) Thoughts on Porzingis playing for Team Latvia (9:00) Porzingis and Giannis (9:45) Porzingis wants to win in NY (14:00) 2012-13 Knicks weren't sustainable (15:45) TD content moving forward (19:00) Analyzing the Bucks build (21:00) Best NBA Draft scenarios for Knicks (22:00) Prima Donna Porzingis? (29:00) Just go win (31:00)

Duration: 00:38:29

Xs And Os 108: Who Are The Teams Making "The Chase" For Melo?

Part 2 on the Phil Jackson Press Conference. Teams Making "The Chase" Remembering the talks around the trade deadline Why has Melo stopped driving Deep Dive into Melo's 2016-17 stats Phil's understanding of today's NBA Losing the coin toss

Duration: 00:37:15

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 107- The Truth Behind Carmelo Anthony And Phil Jackson

Intro Phil Jackson's opening answer (1:00) The truth behind Carmelo and Phil's Trade talks (2:20) Running with quotes and creating stories that don't exist (6:45) Phil is transparent to a fault (10:45) Be passionate about the truth (13:00) Shame on Woj (19:00) Modern Triangle isn't antiquated (26:30) The Solution (30:00)

Duration: 00:37:34

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 106: Melo's At Peace And What That Means Exactly

Xs and Os is brought to you in part by our friends at Sports Passport: Sports Passport Website: App Store Link:

Duration: 00:39:47

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 105: What's Melo's Future in New York?

Recapping Knicks loss to the Clippers Just focus on stopping the ball (4:00) At some point they are going to have to put 5 guys on the floor for 48 min who are committed defensively (11:00) Switching is pointless (14:30) Melo and the Clippers (20:00) The Knicks didn't "shop" Carmelo Anthony at the deadline (22:45) The Knicks are not committed to trading Melo. Melo and Phil have to be committed (25:30) Why recruiting is difficult (34:00) Talking about the Jason Francis Complex Article...

Duration: 00:47:13

Xs And Os Podcast Episode 104 Can The Knicks Even Target Lonzo Ball?

The Rangers rebuild model under Glen Sather (3:30) It's been far worse around here (9:30) Thanking The Step Back's Ian Levy (12:00) Draft Top 10 as of 3/20/2017 (13:00) TD's terrible call on Louisville winning it all (15:05) Can the Knicks trade up for Ball? (19:00) Is the NBA too geared toward dribble drive PGs? (22:00) What happens if Ball goes first to Boston? (25:00)

Duration: 00:37:40

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Ep 103: Analyzing Porzingis' Year And NCAA Draft Prospects

Recapping loss to the Nets I don't like the Nets (4:00) The Overstatement of Tanking (11:00) Analyzing Porzingis month by month (13:00) Do you us the 1st round pick to draft a big to support Porzingis and Hernangomez?(19:30) Understanding the next 5 years of a tankfest(29:00) Recapping Day 1 of March Madness (31:00) Prospects to watch Day 2 (39:10)

Duration: 00:41:28

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