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Check In With Your Coach

What do I mean by checking in with your coach? Well, you should be your own coach. Now you may have another coach in many different areas. I do for myself. I have a coach who works on my personal development. I also have a trainer, and I also have other coaches that I work with intermittently, but I am my own coach. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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What Are You Doing Next Weekend?

You can probably hear in my voice; I'm a little stuffed up. I've been fighting a cold, and from what I've been told by other parents, this is just the beginning, with being around a lot of infants and children from all over the place. I love it, but it actually, my immune systems doesn't as much. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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Which Version of You is Running the Show?

I was talking to a client of mine; we'll just call him Tim. Tim was having an issue. He said, "Doug, what happens is it's like somebody else possesses me and they take over. I know what I should be doing, and I know when I'm making the wrong decisions. When I make a wrong decision, I just beat myself up. It's like somebody else takes over and possesses my body." What Tim was talking about in this conversation with me was, in particular, he had a very distinct goal. He has distinct goals in...

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Slay a Sacred Cow

When I say 'slay a sacred cow', of course, I'm not talking about a sacred cow in Hinduism, what I'm talking about are those things that are policies, procedures, or systems that have worked for you in the past, have helped you get success, but are now holding you back. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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Can You Handle the Truth?

Now, can you handle the truth? I mean are you actually telling yourself the truth in areas of your life that are important, in your five to thrive, or are you actually trying just to be positive and tell yourself everything's OK, when really it's not, really you're not on the path to getting where you want to go? Now see, there's a difference between positivity and lying to yourself or being deceitful to yourself to protect yourself. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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Revisiting What Works

So, it's really important to remember to revisit what's working for you. Now, what I'm talking about is revisiting thoughts, or courses, or ideas, or books, or things that really strike you as relevant, and things that you've found have worked for you in the past. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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Revisit: Rapport

Today I'm going to talk about rapport, and rapport really falls under two of the five to thrive. That's your relationships and your business. Now, it actually will sprinkle all over the place, but let's talk about why rapport is important. First of all, rapport is really the ability to establish a connection with somebody else, the ability to establish that connection where they feel like you actually get them, you understand them, and you are like that person. ***Subscribe --- Episodes...

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What's Your Set Point?

We were talking this morning about a family member, a family member going through an extremely hard time. Where the conversation went up was like, "You know what? She's only meaner, she's only gotten meaner over time. And even though she's going through this hardship, instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and actually being nice to other people, she's actually meaner." So the conversation went into, and my wife eloquently said, "Hey, you know what happens when bad times come...

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Revisit: Running Your Life Like a Project

Now, when I talk about running your life like a project, what I'm really talking about is a conversation I had with a friend of mine. Now, he's a business owner, and he manages several projects on the given day. He's really efficient at it, but when it comes to his life when he leaves work, his life seems to fall apart. He looked at me and said, "Doug, what do I do? Like, you know, I go home, my relationships are in shambles. I can't seem to get fit, my health, my energy is just down. I...

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Take Care of Yourself First

Now, I'm still traveling and experiencing the Author of My Own Story lifestyle. Now, while traveling, I'm still able to coach my clients. These are high-level people. These are people that have been extremely successful on all areas of their life at one time or another, and typically have most of their stuff together. Now I share this with you, only to emphasize the fact that having this conversation I had with somebody, this person was an extremely successful business person, as well as...

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Revisit: Self-Appreciation

Self-appreciation is also called self-love. Often times, when working with a client, this is something that I see missing. We all think “I love myself, I like myself, that’s all good, Doug.” But I can tell you right now, I have a lot of clients that pay me a lot of money to help them break through barriers to up-level their lives. The reason this works is that I am able to look past them and see the love or missing elements within themselves. Often times, the first things I have them do,...

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Revisit: Being Right vs Being Happy

I was at the gym this morning working out and there were two guys talking. One guy turned to his friend and started correcting his form. Now, I had just met these guys a few days earlier and the instinct to jump in and tell him that his advice was wrong, was really high in me. I mean, I really had to fight it. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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Love Where You Workfrom

I'm in New Hampshire visiting family, and when I'm in New Hampshire, I really need a place to work. A place where I can do my Facebook Lives, my coaching sessions, and just really catch up and unwind. I found this really cool little coffee shop. Now it's in the middle of a downtown depressed town, and I'm filming this daily growth hack right there from my car because it's so loud outside with all the trucks outside. But this little place is a gem. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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Expecting Results Without Putting In The Work

Now, this is a reader's question or a listener's question that was sent to me just the other day. Now, here I'm still in Vermont in this beautiful forest if you're watching this, and if you're listening to this, just imagine an idyllic kind of country farm with hundreds of acres. It just amazing. When I got this email, it actually shocked me because it was such a contrast to the experience I was having. Now, what the listener said, they said, "Doug, I'm in my 30s, and I've been putting in...

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Remind Yourself

We've just got done walking in the woods, and this is absolutely breathtaking. An amazing experience here, especially in the fall when it should be snowing and here we are in a sunny day. And one of the things it reminded me of because I got an email this morning, and the email said to me what my purpose was. Why was I here? ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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What Lies Beneath the Surface?

Just yesterday, I was invited to be on a seminar. It was a virtual seminar called The Virtual Summit. I was the expert for marketing, but the conversation took a turn. See, the host asked me a question. They asked me, "Hey, Doug, there's all these people that are trying to run online businesses and grow them exponentially." Which is a big word to use when you talk about business. But they're trying to grow their businesses and while they're doing that, they're worried about social...

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Get Rid of Your Excuses

Now, I'm shooting this Daily Growth Hack for you because I'm getting a lot of questions about this. And the questions aren't about excuses, they're about actually pushing forward and how to do it. And people that have actually gone through and set up their 30 or 90-day plans, but haven't done the work necessary. And so, what I wanna remind you is a story that you've all heard before, and that's about a Spanish explorer Cortes, and when he landed in Veracruz. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up...

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Revisit: Categories of Improvement

So, what are categories of improvement? Categories of improvement is just another way of talking about how to categorize your life and look at where you want it to go. So, we're going to break your life down into two main sections. We're calling them containers here. We have personal and then we have business. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY**

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Challenge the Rules

Now, according to the ancient prophecy, whoever could untie the Gordian Knot was destined to become King of Asia. Now, people failed and tried this over years, and came from all over e world to untie this knot, but nobody could do it. Then, Alexander the Great tried, and he tried many times himself. Finally he decided, "I'll make my own rules." He pulled out his sword and slashed the knot, thus untying it. Now, as fate would have it, he took over all of Asia. ***Subscribe --- Episodes...

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Revisit: Listening to Words

What do I mean by listening to words? Well, we got a lot of feedback from our Growth Hack about listening to audiobooks at two or three times speed. Got a lot of information and I love hearing from you, so thank you. One of the questions I got was, "Doug, I don't have the audiobooks. A lot of the books that I enjoy reading either come in hardcover or Kindle versions. What do I do then?" ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***

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