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What's Your Crazy?

Just yesterday, I was talking to another business owner who was telling me how overwhelmed they were. They were looking for techniques, or some kind of trick that I might have to help them get over overwhelm. In fact, they were so overwhelmed, they were telling me they were going to sell their business. They were just going to give up and throw it all away. They've been working at this for over two years. Blood, sweat, tears, the whole nine. And what I told them is what I'm gonna tell...


Wherever You Go, There You Are

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are in a society that is constantly running after the thing, event, person, experience, retreat, course, weight loss, fill in the blank….to make us ‘better’. Yet, as we talk about in today’s daily growth hack….wherever you go...there you are. You are still you no matter what new experience (fill in the blank) you have. In today’s episode, we talk about truly diving into making true change that is effective and consistent. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up...


When Good Men Do Nothing

When you look back through history, how often have good men and women just sit on the sidelines and watched? Slavery, the Holocaust, genocide, all these things happening in the world that we disagree on, but we don't do anything. Well, that's not enough. It's not enough for me, and it's not enough for you. If you're here with me today, you're on a journey. You're on the journey to author your own story, to write your own script, write out how you are as a hero. Now, what would your hero or...


Carpe Diem

We all have 24 hours in a day, I don't care who you are, you have 24 hours in the day. What are you going to do with it? Have you ever woke up in the morning and said, "How can I seize and conquer this day?" Maybe you actually follow these daily growth hacks and realize that people write down their day the night before. They plan it out. They ask, “how am I going to seize these 24 hours? This precious time that I have here on earth? This precious time that I have to spend with my family?...


The Enemy Of Happiness

Many of us are on this journey to be fully fulfilled and happy, and yet, we get in our way so often that we stifle our ability to actually be happy. In today’s daily growth hack, we talk about the enemy of happiness and how we are robbing ourselves of feeling the joy we truly desire. If you’re on the road to won’t want to miss this episode. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Uncomfortable Vs. Exhaustion

How come there's only a few people that make it to the Olympics? Well, it’s the difference between exhaustion and just being uncomfortable. How many times do I look back at my life that I've given up because I was uncomfortable. I pushed it to where I thought my limits were and then I just pulled back. I've done this in the areas of business, I've certainly done it in relationships, and I've done it in the areas of my fitness. As an ex-competitive athlete, I certainly have done it in...


What Was I Thinking?

How often have you heard that from somebody who makes a mistake, and they go, "What was I thinking?" Well, the truth is they weren't thinking, and that's why today's tip is going to be short and right to the point. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Revisit: Pain Provides You 3 Choices

Pain is just part of life, we all go through pain. The pain of an event, a loss of a loved one, pain that is physical. Either way, pain provides us three ways to respond to it. I want you to do is think of these three ways and think about which one you actually fall into more often. And just be honest with yourself. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Where There's Overwhelm There's Actually Fear

Have you ever experienced extreme overwhelm? Do you feel like you're balancing a million things and like there is just too much going on? If so, this daily growth hack is for you. Today, we get challenged to take a deeper look into our overwhelm to identify what's really behind it...fear. ***Subscribe --- Videos up DAILY***


You've Trained People to Overwhelm You

Today I'm going to talk about the topic of relationships and business because I got a series of messages from a frustrated and overwhelmed business owner. Now what they were frustrated about was the fact that I was calling them out on their BS. Now what I mean by that is, they were telling how overwhelmed they are, how they don't have balance in their life. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Revisit: Do It For The Photo

In the day and age of social media, 'do it for the photo' is a phrase we hear often. Many people are taking HUGE action steps and living the author of their own story...for the photo. Social media is sparking this fire in people to go out and create more epic adventures. So, the question in today's episode becomes....what is photo worthy for you and how can you take action to make that a reality? ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Being Found Everywhere

Today’s daily growth hack is for anyone trying to build their personal brand, build their businesses’ brand, or generate more quality leads/sales. In today’s episode we talk about something that not a lot of businesses/brands are doing….which is being EVERYWHERE. You could be missing a huge portion of your target audience by simply not being where they are. Find out how to effectively get in front of the people you want! ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Pause For A Bit

If you are currently experiencing stress, overwhelm, or a big decision you can’t stop thinking about….this daily growth hack is for you. Many times, we get in the space where we can’t help but constantly think about a problem in one area of our life that blocks us from showing up in all the other areas of our lives…..enjoy this daily growth hack to learn how you can find the solution you’re looking for and feel 100 times better. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


When To Make The Jump

When we are in the practice of being the authors of our own story, that tends to call for some major shifts in our careers, relationships, friendships, etc. One of the toughest things to figure out is when do we make that jump? When do we jump from a stable career that is unfulfilling to a dream job that we feel called to create? In this episode, we talk about how to know when to to make the jump. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


What's Your Normal?

What is your “normal” weekend? How about your “normal” morning routine or “normal” exercise week? In this episode, we talk about what our “normal” has become and check in with ourselves to see if it’s a normal that lights us up, and normal that feels exciting and empowering. If not, then we go through the mind shifts that can create a “normal” that you LOVE. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Get Support

People that have large family networks close to them tend to recover from illness and injury much faster than those of us who have families spread out all over or just one or two people around. This is because when those people actually get sick or injured their family rushes in to support them and they recover so much faster. Having that emotional support as well as the physical support that allows them to rebound so much quicker. Now, how often do many of us actually need that support,...


The Importance Of Picking A Lane

I know in the past in my business career and also my personal career, or my personal life I should say, I often drifted from one subject to another or from one area of interest to another. In business, this is probably the most profound because you saw the results of this drift in a negative way, the quickest. You would start down one lane, having an idea. Maybe it's an idea for a business or a project or a certain demographic you want to go after in marketing, whatever it may be, and as...


The Common Issues in Relationships

I just left a client's business right now where I sat down with him in one of his key employees. And they have been going back and forth on a job description and a role for this key employee for over six months. Now, I was privy to the email exchanges and a lot of the communication that they were having. What they asked me to do is come in today and sit down and help them assess the meeting and really come to a clear and concise decision on where they want to go. ***Subscribe --- Episodes...


Think Like A Kid

Do you ever feel a lack of energy or like you keep hitting the same problem over and over again? In today’s episode, we talk about how to get out of our own adulting minds and get back into our childlike ways of thinking and imagining. Today, we all get challenged to approach the “problems” in our lives with a childlike innovative way of thinking and look at how we have created rules and formulas in our lives that no longer serve us to experience more freedom in our every day...


The Importance of Clear Communication

When we talk about clear communication, what we're talking about is looking at a communication style that nobody can argue with. In other words, it's so crystal clear that the facts of the communication are indisputable. So in other words, what you're trying to say lands on the person you're trying to communicate with, with such clarity that there's no misinterpretations or confusion. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


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