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KritzKast #445: Feel the Heal

We have two guests today, eXtine from eXtelevision and Chicobo from UGC League. Heals for Reals Steam Group | Money Donations | Donator and comp Medals | Ultiduo tournament signups Also covered on this week’s show: Dec 1st‘s Update UGC Snowfort Nullcore is now VACbanned Crash talks to Freya

Duration: 01:29:29

KritzKast #444: Bladex64’s Cool Beans

Recorded 18th Nov, a tough week for Team Fortress 2 as we had lost Flan’s Miggy. The creator of Jungle Inferno map, Banana Bay was here to discuss his maps. Also on this week: Miggy Update Banana Bay Giant Beefer spotted at Valve Mixed reality is now a steam reality HL2 is 13 Nightmare before Smissmass Special thanks to all of our Patrons: NiceAsh, CriticalFlaw, Murlock Jonny, RTGame, Donkie, Viking34

Duration: 00:49:11

KritzKast #443: Fuel of my Fire

HiGPS returns to fill our brains with information and a critical look at the biggest update TF2 has had in years. I’d also like to thank all of our Patrons, and since this is my show, I will. Thank you, NiceAsh Thank you, CriticalFlaw Thank you, Murlock Jonny Thank you, RTGame Thank you, Donkie Thank you, Viking34 Show recorded 11th Nov. 2017

Duration: 01:38:52

KritzKast #442: Feast or Famine

Agro is alone again, and feeling the pinch, what with the mammoth swell of updates and fixes. It’s enough to make a man yearn for a simpler time when nothing happened to anything anywhere. This episode was record on October 28th. Also on the show: Updates: October 23rd October 24th October 25th October 27th Engineer Update Teaser Trailer Jungle Inferno HUD hotfix Despair screenshot competition

Duration: 00:40:35

KritzKast #441: Meet CeeJaey

October 21st 2017 will be the date that many players first started playing TF2. It was, by no coincidence also the time that the biggest update for Team Fortress 2 since unsliced bread dropped Jungle Inferno. All this pales into insignificance since it was also the day we finally got to have CeeJaey on the podcast.

Duration: 01:37:30

KritzKast #440: Big Blog Twist

Recorded just before the big update we realised this may sound a little peculiar now. If ever there’s a lesson to be learned here it’s “get the editing done while what you said is still true enough”. Also on the show: TheGentlemansFedora 10th Anniversary of Orange Box Community Celebrates 10th Anniversary Uberchain Medli20 /r/tf2 Karuuhnia Cake by GoldMineTurtle SFM by RuffianSFM Painting by IJCT Mouse Mod by thiebucon PC Gamer […]

Duration: 01:03:56

KritzKast #439: Legendary, part 1

After months of predictions that TF2 would have its massive update on October 6th…. we can finally report, that the wait is over, and it is legendary. Everything we’ve ever hoped for and more. So much more, in ways that we were unexpected and delightful. So much so that we’re just going to have to release it in chunks. Hot messing chunks that will rot your inners and mess with […]

Duration: 01:08:46

KritzKast #438: Your move Valve.

In a week were a Valve employee quietly announces that their world is turning upside down, TF2 Highlander caster, Jakeowaty joins Agro and Wack to talk our way through boardgames and female mercs. Also in the show: Valve are moving TF2 may have had female models – story broken by ValveTime Team Fortress Monopoly Edition Shapeways Partnership with Valve KritzKast vs. The World, and SFM competition

Duration: 00:53:02

KritzKast #437: Roadie Pump Action Hibernation

This week, Agro was left on his own for far too long. He went mad and then decided those were the perfect conditions under which to podcast. This is the terrible result. SweLan Announced Tip of the Hats KritzKast Highlander NHBL enters Frankfurt

Duration: 00:33:27

KritzKast #436: Look at the Beefers

Recorded 9th September, back when Essentials had just completed their coverage of i61, Also on the show: Liamzigge has made their own lo-fi – | finished 01 | finished 02 | the back | Materials construction KritzKast covers EU Highlander

Duration: 01:15:15

KritzKast #435: Support with your body

A return for HiGPS and Wack is merely the start of things making a come back. Insomnia 61 TF2 fans 72 hour showcase Arms race III winners #WildTF2UpdatePredictions Dane Visits Valve JPRAS’s comic

Duration: 01:15:52

KritzKast #434: 50 percent Woolen

Woolen is a lovely person who I completely forgot I had met before at I regret forgetting him and a dubiously large number of other things. Also on the show: Woolen – YouTube / Steam / Twitch / UGC Plat / Comp vs YT Proposed changes to case system Funko’s blog Tip of the hats

Duration: 01:25:20

KritzKast #433: We’re no Stangers to love

Newest member of TFCrew, Sir Stanger – the old rogue – joins our crew for his first taste of podcast life. Lets see if he lives up to his spy pseudonym. Also on this week’s show: Sir Stanger | YouTube August 2nd 2017 Update Blapature summer jam raised some money in 24 hours TF2 maps the summer 2017 72 hour Jam Arms Race III – voting REKT Trailer

Duration: 00:52:47

KritzKast #432: MrPaladin here

I have found a kindred spirit. Another old git who remembers the good old days of Team Fortress, Quake and Wolfenstein from the first time around. His name is MrPaladin and he does the best darn impression of a cassette audio tape being fast forwarded you’ll ever hear. Community sites updating: version 1.4.0 version 1.2 unlisted MvM lobby is closing Mr Paladin’s Links: Discord | Website | Steam Group | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter Blapature 24hour […]

Duration: 00:59:19

KritzKast #430: ozfortress forever

Suspicions abound over an update to an application that may or may or not be a new version of TF2. Okay, it probably isn’t but you can’t blame me for getting excited. Although some of that is probably because I’ve got obla or fozzlm from ozfortress here. Link to ozfortress discord – (edit thanks to commenters) Also on the show: TF2 spawn redone in Unreal Engine 4 Gabe Gifts away his […]

Duration: 01:17:03

KritzKast #429: Bonk, Crash, Ban

No week in TF2 is complete without either a massive update, or a visit from UEAK Crash and Bonk Nickletoon. We lucked out and got both! Except without the update. Also, this: 40,000 VAC Bans Bonk Nickeltoon’s workshop files LEGO Memory Maker Heart’s Smissmas Art Contest 2.0 Winner’s Podium TF2 Jungle update Workshop News on the next 72hour TF2 Jam

Duration: 01:13:00

KritzKast #428: The Keys to Good Trading

I don’t get to use superlatives enough anymore. Which is why I’m glad that I can finally say that we had a chance to talk this week with Geel. He is the co-owner of the three largest trading resources in Team Fortress 2; and now finally It’s hard to see it any other way. Geel is the most important man in TF2 trading. Also on the show […]

Duration: 01:10:21

KritzKast #427: Showlander

Sigafoo is a man we’ve had on the show before. Yotts is a man who’s things we’ve had on the show before. Freelands is a man no show can hold for very long. Together they form (part of) RGL.GG, the answer to a question no-one asked but everyone was happy to listen to. Also on the show: Proposed Balance Changes SourceCBL the global ban list

Duration: 01:21:52

KritzKast #426: Uncle Dan, the RTGame man

YouTuber and hastily assembled potato lover, RTGame joins us this week. A week when Valve breaks their vow of silence to let us know they are still thinking about palm trees, tigers and vines. Not the wine type, though maybe them as well. Also on this week’s show: RTGame YouTube | Twitch | Twitter Update June 16th 2017 TF2 Blog Post on the Jungle Update! In-theme maps on workshop Crash’s Overgrown […]

Duration: 01:02:21

KritzKast #425: ETF2L, black on green

For the longest time Europe has had one clear winner when it comes to TF2 esports. Unlike the big pay to complete kings of North America, this giant is free. Run exclusively by volunteers who selflessly give up their free time and energy so that the game they love has a place to be played. Recently the role of head admin has been divided in two, with one half falling […]

Duration: 01:03:39

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