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Season 0 - Episode 3: Meet the Premiere Date

This episode we bid a fond farewell to Matt as he goes on to other pursuits. Meanwhile, Pat and Aaron welcome back Bob Fisher of Superman Forever Radio to the show. They discuss the newest casting news about Krypton and go over the newest synopsis of the show. Then finally, they announce the premiere date for Krypton and talk about their feelings and thoughts on the upcoming show. Join them as they talk about Krypton and mention other Superman shows from the past.


Krypton Podcast Season 0 - Episode 2: Bob Fisher who was rocketed from the exploding planet, Kryptin...

This episode, Aaron and Pat are joined by Superman Forever Radio host, Bob Fisher. This time out, Bob regales our hosts (minus Matt), with tales of his misspent youth reading comics about a certain Kryptonian and how he fell in to comic books. Also the guys discuss some of Superman's past tv shows and movies, and of Bob's thoughts on the upcoming Krypton tv show, after a few side bars about other comic trivia. Somewhere along the way, they also talk a little about DC comics and it's...


Krypton Podcast Season 0 - Episode 1: Meet Matt Moore

Welcome to the first official episode of the Krypton Podcast! On this first episode, your hosts Aaron Moss and Pat Sampson greet their new fellow co-host, Matt Moore In this episode, we're introduced to Matt and we get to find out a little about his comic and Superman origins. Also, they find out who has been cast as Adam Strange for the show, the guys discuss the news. Also, Matt brings us the tentative titles for the first four episodes. So come meet Matt and stay for the entire Season...


Krypton Podcast Season 0 - Episode 0: Meet The Hosts

Welcome to episode zero of the Krypton Podcast! On this first installment, your hosts Aaron Moss and Pat Sampson are joined by guest-host Andy Behbakht (from The Flash Podcast) to introduce themselves to the listeners. Throughout the episode, the hosts discuss what is known about the Krypton show so far, what was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con about the new DC TV show, their excitement for the series and what is coming up in Season Zero leading up to the series premiere. That and more on...


Krypton Podcast - Coming Soon!

Coming soon to the airwaves, from the DC TV Podcasts Network, the Krypton Podcast, your source for all things related to the upcoming Krypton TV series on Syfy.