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13 – Rey Timosa Novicio Jr. / Mister REY, Producer, Mental Health, Community

Rey Timosa Novicio Jr. is a Pinoy musician, producer, community mentor, and mental health advocate. He goes by the stage name of Mister REY and has released both instrumental and solo albums. He also recently produced the whole Native Immigrant album of Ro3lay. Born and raised in Makati, Philippines, he immigrated to the US when he was 12 and moved into the Mission District of San Francisco. He participated in multiple youth programs such as Youth Speaks and has now transitioned into the...

Duration: 03:11:58

12 – Kevyn Lorenzana / First Time in Philippines, Education, Martial Law

Kevyn Lorenza just came back from his first trip in the Philipines! He was able to visit different communities in Luzon and Mindanao, with the specific goal of learning about the education system and the struggles of the various sectors in the country. He went with Laya Migrant Youth for Change and Action, based out of Daly City, and this episode has a few reflections on the trip, specifically about the struggles of the Aeta and Lumad communities. Our local hosts in the Philippines were...

Duration: 01:50:45

11 – Rodney “Mr. No Name” Manalo / Musician, Freestyle King, Daly City, Hip Hop

Rodney Manalo is a Filipino American musician who goes by the stage name of Mr. No Name. He was born in Daly City and continues to create and perform his music in local shows and events—this guy can rip a freestyle! He's also in the Year Up program, currently interning at a tech company, while still consistently working on his craft. He has long-term visions to work as an illustrator and character designer, while still maintaining his love for music. He shares his experience growing up in...

Duration: 02:07:45

10 – Kevyn Lorenzana / Emcee, Poet, Barber, Ethnic Studies, UCLA

Kevyn Lorenzana is a 22-year-old Filipino American emcee, poet, musician, organizer, barber, and community organizer. He’s headed to the Philippines this summer on a community exposure trip to visit rural schools. Once he comes back in the fall, he will be pursuing a degree in Asian American Studies at UCLA. In this return episode, he shares an original song written for Roderick Daus-Magbual’s Filipina/o American Community Issues class and drops a few freestyle bars. We talk about his...

Duration: 01:38:18

09 – Katrina Liwanag / Singer, SF Native, Filipina, Community Organizer, SFSU, Expo Trip

Katrina Liwanag is a FilAm singer-songwriter native to San Francisco and is active in multiple community organizations and grassroots movements. In this episode, she sings and performs two songs that relate to her experiences regarding community exposure trips throughout the Philippines. She shares her point of view on political and social issues, her background growing up in San Francisco, her involvement in various Filipina/o American organizations such as Kappa Psi Epsilon and League of...

Duration: 01:55:53

08 – Michelle Yvette / Pinay Dancer, Showbiz, Religion, Relationships

Michelle Yvette is a Pinay who immigrated to the United States in 2012 and is currently at Skyline College, pursuing a degree in Business. During her time in Daly City, she found a sense of home and community through dancing and other artistic endeavors. She’s helped choreograph for the Pilipino Cultural Night and has been working alongside other local dancers for events run by The Filipino Channel (TFC). In this episode, she opens up with a short song cover and poem, then shares her...

Duration: 01:39:56

07 – Dessa Hipolito / Filipina Immigrant, American Culture, Skyline College, Pilipino Cultural Night

Dessa Hipolito is a Filipina immigrant to California, an active leader at Skyline College, a singer, and an overall great role model for FilAm youth. On campus, she’s been this year’s Commissioner for Student Activities while also producing the last two Pilipino Cultural Nights. Next school year, she is planning to transfer to UCSD and continue her academic and personal journey. She shares her family's immigration history, her struggles, and her integration process into America and...

Duration: 01:17:59

06 – Bea Zamora / Philippine Teacher, Skyline College, America

Ate Bea Zamora is this year's Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) at Skyline College. She's an English teacher in the Philippines and has been in the US for the last 9 months, teaching the Filipino language and assisting Filipino American classes through the Fulbright teaching program. She's also been co-assisting College Success classes at both Westmoor and South City high schools. She shares a reflective poem, talks about her experience of arriving in America, and expounds on the...

Duration: 01:43:29

05 – Sean Pierre / Photography, Cannabis Entrepreneurship, Daly City, Relationships

Sean Pierre Viray is a Filipino American entrepreneur and creative. He worked as a professional photographer before launching a medical cannabis delivery service—Mighty Breed. We talk about his experiences growing up in San Francisco and the various transitions he's gone through in life—he even shares a classic Filipino love story at Serramonte Mall and gives some relationships advice, so listen up young ones! Follow him on Instagram @sean_pierre_ and check out MightyBreed.org

Duration: 02:06:11

04 – Herschel / Bakersfield, Filipino Education, PEP


Duration: 01:19:29

03 – Joseph Magsaysay / Immigration, Architecture, Infant Seeds, Community

Joseph Magsaysay is a designer, poet, MC, and community organizer. He was born in the Philippines, moved to San Francisco and Daly City, attended Skyline College and UC Berkeley, and is now working at SFO. Listen as he drops some bars and shares a little bit of his life story and points of view on design and community. His current projects include Infant Seeds, an art collective, and Rays Up, an after-school high school program for creative arts. Follow him on Instagram @infin8seph and...

Duration: 02:20:42

02 – Joshua Berja / Year Up, Dating, College Success

Joshua Berja is a Filipino American, native to San Francisco! I met him when he was in high school and part of Kabataan, an after-school group based out of the Filipino Community Center in San Francisco. He's currently part of the Year Up program, which trains and places urban youth into tech positions. In this episode, Joshua shares a rap verse, talks about his post-highschool experience, and breaks down Tinder within today's "hook up" culture.

Duration: 01:44:01

01 – Relaunch / Kevyn Lorenzana / Student, Barber, MC

Kevyn Lorenzana is a student, barber, and artist based out of Daly City, CA. A Filipino American, he was born and raised in San Francisco. He attends Skyline College, participating in multiple programs such as Filipino Student Union, Kababayan Learning Community, Kapatiran Mentorship Program, and is also a consistent performer. He cuts hair in the Top of the Hill area of Daly City—hit him up.

Duration: 02:31:04

The Miseducation of the Filipino

Education is a vital weapon of a people striving for economic emancipation, political independence and cultural renaissance. We are such a people. Philippine education therefore must produce Filipinos who are aware of their country's problems, who understand the basic solution to these problems, and who care enough to have courage to work and sacrifice for their country's salvation.

Duration: 00:59:07

GVN #9 – Joseph and Ernest // Daly City Artists and Performers

Joseph Magsaysay and his friend Ernest Evangelista are two Filipino Americans who grew up in and around the cities of San Francisco and Daly City, California. They both have a history of drawing, graff writing, and performing. We chop it up and talk about a whole range of topics from weed, Filipino identity, ghost stories, and fuck ups - very informal, but very fun.

Duration: 02:38:46

GVN #8 – David Delena // The Americanized Filipino

David Delena is a community organizer and San Francisco native with some unique insights on music, business, politics, and nationality. He also shares some thoughts and insights about the recent trip he had back to the Philippines. Come listen and vibe!

Duration: 02:03:52

GVN #6 – Dale and Darnel Garcia // Hustling Fil-Am Brothers

Dale and Darnel Garcia are two brothers out of Daly City, CA with some solid dreams and goals. Dale is currently in the Army Reserves, and Darnel is building himself up to be a top-tier automotive mechanic. The two also have business plans for their local community - watch out for an upcoming clothing line!

Duration: 01:51:15

GVN #5 – Keziah Anne // Teacher & Activist

Keziah Anne is an educator and activist based out of Daly City, CA, and she came in to share her thoughts about patriarchy, racism, education, and power.

Duration: 01:18:16

GVN #4 – Get Rid of Distractions

It's easy to get caught up in the flow of life. New things come and go, and some may really catch your attention. It's important though to maintain an understanding of the truly important things in life and not get sidetracked pursuing something that isn't really worth the time.

Duration: 00:29:05

GVN #3 – Asian American Women and Men (Labor, Laws, and Love) Analysis

This is an overview and analysis of Yen Le Epiritu's Asian American Women and Men (Labor, Laws, and Love). An accurate understanding of inequality is a prerequisite for effective social change.

Duration: 00:59:45

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