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Radio Waves Podcast #198

Radio: November 24, 2017 The end finally came for The Sound 100.3 FM, Thursday, November 16. It came after weeks of goodbyes, allowed due to the unknown timing of the transfer of ownership of the station from Entercom to EMF, and Entercom management allowing the staff to stay on until the end, a rare gift that was truly appreciated by the Sound staff and listeners alike. Entercom management does deserve kudos for that, in my opinion, even though they made the decision to sell the wrong...

Duration: 00:14:06

Radio Waves Podcast #197

Radio: November 17, 2017 Troubled Cumulus Media is the owner of over 400 radio stations nationwide including KLOS (95.5 FM) and KABC (790 AM) locally. The company, which has been trying for years to figure out a way to stay afloat amidst a Titanic-level of debt, decided to forgo payment of about $23 million in interest due on loans totaling over $2 billion. The decision was made earlier this month by the company Board of Directors. Some claim it is a hardball push to get lenders to agree...

Duration: 00:12:45

Radio Waves Podcast #196

Radio: November 10, 2017 I’ve been talking with Dave Beasing, programmer of The Sound, about doing either a My Turn segment on the station for almost as long as the station has been on the air. For various reasons we never did it, until last month just after the announcement that the station was being sold. Honestly, neither of us knew it would ever air when it was recorded in early October when I visited the station, due to the station’s impending sale and unknown format-change date. It...

Duration: 00:14:14

Radio Waves Podcast #195

Radio: November 3, 2017 By now I am sure you’ve heard about the night that panicked America. Seventy-nine years ago this week -- October 30 1938 -- was the night that Orson Welles scared the nation into believing that the earth was being taken over by martians through his presentation of a radio adaption of H. G. Wells’ book, War of the Worlds, on his CBS program Mercury Theater on the Air. I’ve heard about it for years. In 1975, ABC Television aired a television drama depicting the...

Duration: 00:15:56

Radio Waves Podcast #194

Radio: October 27, 2017 An early morning fire threatened the Observatory as well as numerous broadcast towers on Mount Wilson on October 17th. Many of the most popular and powerful radio stations along with most if not all local television stations transmit from the area. The fire broke out sometime around 4 a.m. and smoke could be seen from quite a distance. Saul Levine’s Go Country 105 was one of the radio stations that was potentially threatened by the fire; Levine told me that he was...

Duration: 00:17:03

Radio Waves Podcast #193

Radio: October 20, 2017 One of my radio dreams is to take an AM station and program it. Not program it the way most current owners do -- syndicated talk, sports or some other lame format. No, I want to take an AM station and show that you can, indeed, program an AM station to attract actual listeners. Make actual money, serving the community with either programming you can’t find elsewhere or programming done better than any station in town. Of course I don’t have a few million dollars...

Duration: 00:14:39

Radio Waves Podcast #192

Radio: October 13, 2017 Joe Reiling started his Los Angeles radio tenure in 1977 when he was hired by KLOS (95.5 FM) in 1977. In 1981 he launched the station’s long-running “KLOS Local Music Show” (later called “Local Licks”) that played unsigned acts. He left for KMET (now KTWV, 94.7 FM) in 1982; to moved KNX-FM (now KCBS-FM 93.1) in for a time in 1983; and returned to the Los Angeles airwaves on KLSX (now KAMP, 97.1 FM) from 1988-1990. He worked for Armed Forces Radio, produced shows...

Duration: 00:12:58

Radio Waves Podcast #191

Radio: October 6, 2017 The news last week that Entercom will sell The Sound (KSWD, 100.3 FM) to a company that will play satellite-delivered Christian pop music caught people by surprise. Even more surprising is that the buyer - EMF - got the station for a song. The Sound, two other full-power stations and two FM translators made for a total of $57 million; in comparison, The Sound alone sold for over $100 million in 2008. Not proof, but certainly a worthy allegation, that Entercom CEO...

Duration: 00:29:38

Radio Waves Podcast #190

Radio: September 29, 2017 Helen Borgers started her tenure at KKJZ (88.1 FM) long before it WAS KKJZ. Before it was even owned by the Cal State Long Beach Foundation. The station was KLON and it was owned by Long Beach City College when Borgers joined in 1979. Such an expert on jazz and blues, Borgers earned the reputation among many as a jazz educator. She managed to stay on board for almost 40 years until she was let go from the jazz station last June. Cost cutting, I believe, but that...

Duration: 00:11:49

Radio Waves Podcast #189

Radio: September 22, 2017 Radio transmitter towers can be quite high. The top of KFI’s (640 AM) tower was at one time 760 feet off the ground, before a small plane hit it, causing it to collapse. It is now “just” 654 feet tall. Radio stations have it easy. Some television towers can be as tall as 1500 feet ... or more. yet all towers must be equipped with a lighting system so that they are not -- or are at least less of -- a hazard to aircraft that may be in the area. The lights must be...

Duration: 00:14:12

Radio Waves Podcast #188

Radio: September 15, 2017 I should be excited. What many consider one of the best radio stations in Southern California increased its coverage from a potential audience of 3 million to a whopping 11.5 million, through what is being called a merger of KCSN, which broadcasts from the campus of Cal State Northridge in the valley, and KSBR, from the campus of Saddleback College down South, both using the 88.5 FM frequency. Considering how good KCSN is, I really should be excited. But I am...

Duration: 00:12:32

Radio Waves Podcast #187

Radio: September 8, 2017 The Sound (KSWD) currently occupies the broadcast space at 100.3 FM. But more than a few call-letters and formats ago it was known as KIQQ. Actually, the station launched as a background music station called KMLA back in 1957. It later became KFOX-FM, country-formatted sister station to the original “Country King,” KFOX (now KFRN, 1280 AM) in Long Beach. In 1972, a group that includes author and owner of LARadio.Com, Don Barrett, bought KFOX-FM and rebranded it...

Duration: 00:15:02

Radio Waves Podcast #186

Radio: September 1, 2017 Most people know Jay Thomas as an accomplished actor, with roles on such shows as Mork and Mindy, Cheers, Murphy Brown, and more. But I know him as the second morning man on Power 106 (KPRW, 105.9 FM), replacing Tommy Jaxson and Deborah Rath in October, 1986 ... nine months after the initial dance/top-40 format made it’s debut on the station. Born Jon Thomas Terrell, Thomas died of cancer on August 24th; he is survived by his wife and three sons. He began his...

Duration: 00:08:22

Radio Waves Podcast #185

Radio: August 25, 2017 I never heard of consultant Walter Sabo before he arrived in Los Angeles in 1984 to destroy KHJ (930 AM) by instituting a format revolving around traffic reports. I’m kidding. Truth be told, Sabo didn’t destroy the once-legendary top-40 station at all -- that honor belongs to some of his predecessors -- and while I disagree with some of the moves he made at KHJ (including changing call letters to KRTH-AM) and sister KFRC/San Francisco (radio game shows), it turns...

Duration: 00:36:40

Radio Waves Podcast #184

Radio: August 18, 2017 Andy Barber was a high energy Los Angeles DJ from 1974 to 1981, launching his local career at KROQ back when it was heard on the AM band (1500 AM, now dark) in 1974, moving to Ten-Q (KTNQ, 1020 AM) and eventually K-WEST (now KPWR, 105.9 FM) during it’s top-40 days under the direction of master programmer Chuck Martin. As if it was one of those cosmic moments, I happened to hear hear an aircheck of Barber on Ten-Q last week, and contacted him to ask if he’d be...

Duration: 00:14:20

Radio Waves Podcast #183

Radio: August 11, 2017 J.J. Johnson got some big news this week: his book, Aircheck: Life in Music Radio, was selected for and is now included in the archives of both the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and the Paley Center for Media in New York City. Aircheck is quite a read, and paints a vivid picture of Johnson’s experience in the radio -- and music -- industry. Reviews on Amazon.Com, where the book is available in both soft cover and Kindle editions, use words like...

Duration: 00:17:39

Radio Waves Podcast #182

Radio: July 21, 2017 Officially, “My FM” KBIG (104.3 FM) is a “Hot Adult Contemporary” station, playing music that is “hotter” or more upbeat than traditional adult contemporary stations that in the past were designed in large part to be unoffensive. But a closer listen shows that My FM is really modern top-40, or as close as one can get. Much of the music played -- from such artists as Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and Imagine Dragons -- sounds similar to what one-time top-40...

Duration: 00:13:51

Radio Waves Podcast #181

Radio: July 14, 2017 There are specific rules for identifying broadcast stations. Officially, station identification must consist of the station's call letters immediately followed by the community or communities specified in its license as the station's location. This must be done once per hour as close to the top of the hour as possible. So count me as confused when listening to KRDC (1110 AM) lately. The once-proud KRLA is now Radio Disney Country with one of the strangest sets of IDs...

Duration: 00:17:44

Radio Waves Podcast #180

Radio: July 7, 2017 Legendary Los Angeles DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, who spent over 40 years on KROQ (106.7 FM) before being released last month in a pre-Entercom/CBS merger housecleaning, will join SiriusXM to host a new weekly show beginning Sunday, July 16 on the Underground Garage, Channel 21. The move puts Bingenheimer back on a time when people can actually hear him -- he had been relegated to after midnight Sunday nights/Monday mornings on KROQ the last few years. On SiriusXM, he’ll...

Duration: 00:11:19

Radio Waves Podcast #179

Radio June 30, 2017 Some fun channels have been added to SiriusXM Satellite Radio if you have the right tuner and subscription package to receive them. Road Trip Radio has returned on Channel 301 ... music to drive to. Eagles, AC/DC, Sheryl Crow, The Beach Boys, The Doobie Brothers, Michael Jackson, Avicii, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Kenny Chesney, and Prince star on this channel. Channel 303 is ONEderland, playing one-hit wonders from bands such as The Shocking Blue, 4 Non Blondes,...

Duration: 00:13:41

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