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Episode 36 Noelle Hunter

In 2011 Noelle Hunter's daughter Muna was taken by her father to the African nation of Mali. Noelle then fought an international tug of war to have Muna returned to her home in the U.S. Noelle is now very active in advocacy and lobbying the U.S. government through her work with iStand Parent Network. Join the conversation on Facebook...

Episode 35. Shelli Littleton

Michelle Littleton’s three children, ages 6, 13, 14, were taken to Lebanon by their father on Jan. 4, 2017. The father, Mazen Fawzi Matar, has refused to return the children, despite a federal kidnapping charge and a demand to return order from the Orange Co. Superior Court. Littleton hired an attorney in Lebanon, and has won two court judgements in favor of the children’s concern. Notably, the December 26, 2017 ruling in Sharia law court also affirmed the mother’s full custody status and...

Episode 34. Barbie Hise

One year ago this week, Barbie Hise's life changed, when her son Zander was abducted by his father to Malta. Barbie then fought and lobbied for her son's return, and now campaigns to try to raise awareness and prevent further children being abducted. I also discuss suicide rates in Australia. Is it true that 21 fathers a week take their own lives? There's more to this than just numbers.

Episode 33. Alec Baldwin (sort of) and Me.

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, is possibly the most high profile Parental Alienation awareness advocate, having personally been alienated from his daughter Ireland. I doubt I'll ever be able to actually be able to interview him for my show, but I still felt there was benefit in sharing his message. So this week I share audio of an interview he did on 'Larry King Live' in 2009, along with Micheal McCormack and Mark Tabb. After playing the interview, I dissect what they discuss and share my...

Episode 32. Brian Prager

Brian Pragers son Rui was taken by his mother from America to Japan in 2010. In this episode Brian discusses the circumstances under which Rui was taken, and his memories of his son. We also talk about his work with the LBP movement. Brian is also a musician and I end the show with a song he wrote and performed entitled 'A Reign Of Love' For more about Brian and his story go to - Join the Conversation -...

Episode 31. Amanda Sillars

As a child, Amanda Sillars was abducted from Australia to the U.S. by her father, alienating her from her mother. Then, as an adult her 2 children were taken by their father from Australia's west coast to the East coast, once again causing her to become alienated. Having experienced alienation as a child and a parent, Amanda has taken up the fight to raise awareness of Parental Alienation, through her foundations Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo, and parental alienation Australia. As well as her story...

++Bonus Episode++ My interview with ‘The Atheist Stories’ Podcast

Bonus Episode for podcast subscribers only. Early last year I did an interview for the short lived "Atheist Stories Podcast". It was the only episode broadcast so far. Although not strictly LBP related, I do go into detail about losing Liam and how the actions of his mother and her friends affected me, for better and for worse. And how I lost my faith in God and religion. As the show has not been made available for download, it's creator Josh Brogan gave me permission to share it here. I...

Episode 30. Alissa and Leo Zagaris

A few weeks ago I did a two part episode entitled 'LBP's Go to Washington' that covered a conference of LBP's at the Helsinki Commission. In preparation for that episode I interviewed three of the participants, Jeffery Morehouse, and Alissa and Leo Zagaris. Unfortunately, due to computer issues I lost the recording of Alissa and Leo so I was unable to feature them. But I recently found the recording in my back up-back up files, and felt what they said was still worthy of being broadcast....

Episode 29. Ira Scott

We've spoken to parents on this show who had children taken away from them, but what if the child is taken away before it is even born? This is the heart breaking situation facing Ira Scott, who has never met his, now 2 1/2 year old daughter, who was abducted by her mother from the U.S. to the Ukraine. Support iStand Parent Network Join the conversation;

Episode 28. Holiday Special

It's the holiday season. And no matter what your faith or culture is, it's always a difficult time for LBP's and alienated children. A time when the absence of those we love is more palpable. While other families take joy in each others company, for LBP's it's often depressing and lonely. With today being Christmas eve I thought it would be appropriate to do an episode where I have invited a number of LBP's to share a message to their kids and other LBP's at this difficult time. I've also...

Episode 27. Stephen Best

This week I talk to UK Left Behind Father Stephen Best. Who has recently started a website Stephen is blind, and this limits his ability to have contact with his 2 sons who were taken by their mother from the South of England to Scotland. I also talk about a new German based webpage and share audio of an interview I did with ABC TV here in Australia. To Contact Stephen -

Episode 26. LBP’s go to Washington Part 2.

This week I conclude my coverage of a recent meeting of several of my US based LBP Colleagues, who recently went to Washington D.C. to Talk to members of congress, White House staff and The Helsinki commission. Featuring speeches from former show guests Alyssa Hindle, Leo Zagaris, Jefferey Morehouse, and others. Join the discussion on Facebook

Episode 25. LBP’s go to Washington. Part 1.

This week I'm discussing a recent meeting of several of my US based LBP Colleagues, who recently went to Washington D.C. to Talk to members of congress, White House staff and The Helsinki commission. Nearly 1,000 American children a year are victims of international parental child abduction. International parental child abduction occurs when one parent removes a child from the child’s country of habitual residence, or retains a child outside the country of habitual residence, in...

Episode 24. Amy J.L. Baker Phd

Dr. Baker is a nationally recognized expert in parent child relationships, especially children of divorce, parental alienation syndrome, and emotional abuse of children. Dr. Baker is available as an expert witness and for print, radio, and television interviews. Dr. Baker is a researcher and developmental psychologist with expertise in parent-child relationships, child welfare, and parental alienation syndrome. She is the author of several books and over 50 scholarly articles. Find more of...

Episode 23 John LaDue

This week I talk to LBP film maker John LaDue about his alienation from his Children in Japan, and his movie 'Mommy or Daddy?' which is dedicated to raising awareness of parental alienation in Japan. Support John's movie Join the conversation on Facebook

Episode 22. James Cook

In July 2014, James Cook's wife and 4 children went to Japan for vacation with a promise from her to return before school started in August 2014. She has refused to return with the children and James has been forced to utilize The Hague process for anti-abduction to gain the children's return. Although he has prevailed in every court decision in this case, she still refuses to return children. Join the...

Episode 21. Lisa Kennedy

This week I talk to Lisa Kennedy, author of "No Going Back" about her book. "During a routine family holiday to her husband s homeland of Turkey, Lisa Kennedy was suddenly told their marriage was over. Her husband took their six-month-old baby from her care and instructed her to go home to Australia, alone beginning four years of hell in Istanbul as she fought the case through both Turkish and International courts all the while battling people she once called family, now hell-bent on not...

Episode 20. Jolly Bimbachi

Jolly Bimbachi kissed her two sons goodbye as they set out for a month-long trip to Lebanon with their father, back in 2015. She gave each of her boys a watch with a note attached, saying: "I love you. We'll be back together in time."Within days, she got a call from her husband Ali Ahmad — he had no intention of returning with their children. In this Episode Jolly shares her story, discusses the Lebanese legal system, and why Lebanon is one of the worst offenders in regards to Parental...


Episode 19. Sarah Brown

This week I talk to alienated mother and domestic violence survivor Sarah Brown, about her battle to be with her girls, and how the Australian courts failed her. TRIGGER WARNING. This episode contains detailed accounts of domestic violence, sexual violence, torture and course language. If you are sensitive to any of these things maybe skip this episode. For those listening on RTI I have provided an edited, radio friendly version. For those listening to the podcast, you get the full...

Episode 18. Josef Cannon Part 3.

Episode 18. Josef Cannon Part 3. This week is the third and final instalment of the Josef Cannon Trilogy. Josef Cannon is a real life Hollywood actor/director/producer who’s own LBP story sounds like a movie script. His estranged Irish-born wife Catherine is wanted for Parental Kidnapping after she snatched their child Shelby from his care in 1998 by using identities stolen from a tombstone in an Ireland cemetery. Shelby was later discovered in Liverpool England after an anonymous tip came...
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