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Episode 027: Eric Leach of Radical Organics Shares the Value of Coconut

027: Eric Leach of Radical Organics Shares the Value of Coconuts Released: January 11, 2018 In this episode, Eric Leach, Chief Values and Marketing for Radical Organics, joins Anne to talk about the benefits of coconut in our diets. He addresses issues such as what the difference is between an MCT oil and regular coconut oil, how to tell if you are buying an adulterated coconut oil, what to look for on the label when picking a coconut oil, whether you need to bother with organic coconut,...


Episode 026: Talking about the GAPS Diet with Amanda Leach

026: Talking about the GAPS Diet with Amanda Leach Released: December 28, 2017 Amanda Leach, a neighbor of the LCHF Family crew, joins to talk to Anne about the GAPS Diet, a form of low-carb, high-fat diet that aims to correct intestinal and neurological issues. Amanda gives a general overview of the diet, which she learned about by reading Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression,...


Episode 025: Austin Archibald from Rebel Creamery

025: Austin Archibald from Rebel Creamery Released: December 14, 2017 Austin Archibald joins Anne in this episode to talk about how he decided to eat a ketogenic diet, how they make it work in their family, and Rebel Creamery--the company he is launching with his wife to create a keto-friendly, high-fat, low-carb ice cream. You can check out the Kickstarter, or learn more about Rebel Creamery at their website. Those of you who vaguely remember when we talked about fat bombs on the show...


Episode 024: Leading by Example

024: Leading by Example. Released: November 30, 2017 In this episode, Adam interviews his father, Eric, about why he started LCHF eating and what his results have been. The take away: letting your own results do most of the talking when you want to share LCHF with your friends and family can be very effective. Many thanks to Lee Rosevere at Free Music Archive for the music we use in the podcast! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or your podcatcher of choice so new...


Episode 023: Planning on Holiday Treats? Know What You're Getting Into.

023: Planning on Holiday Treats? Know What You're Getting Into. Released: November 16, 2017 To treat, or not to treat. That is the question. If you are going to indulge this holiday season, it's important that you know what you're getting into so you can stare the consequences in the eye and deal with them like the LCHF warrior you are. Adam and Anne talk about what you can really expect from that "harmless" Christmas cookie or vacation indulgence so that you can make an informed...


Episode 022: An Eat Happy Thanksgiving with Anna Vocino

022: Preparing for Curious or Concerned Family at Holiday Gatherings Released: November 9, 2017 Please join us as Abby and Anne speak to Anna Vocino, author of Eat Happy: Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb Recipes Made from Real Foods For A Joyful Life, about being diagnosed with Celiac disease, how to get family on board with an LCHF diet, how her family does Thanksgiving, and ways to keep the holiday LCHF--if you want to. This is our longest episode yet, and you're going to love every...


Episode 021: Preparing for Curious or Concerned Family at Holiday Gatherings.

LCHF Family 021: Preparing for Curious or Concerned Family at Holiday Gatherings Released: November 2, 2017 We are coming up on that time of year when extended family gatherings will be the norm. These can often be difficult to navigate, but add in the fact that your family is on this wackado new way of eating, and you may find yourselves being grilled over your choice to eat low carb, high fat when you'd rather be getting caught up with your cousins. In this episode, Anne talks about...


Episode 020: Halloween as an LCHF Family

LCHF Family 020: Halloween as an LCHF Family Released: October 26, 2017 How do you navigate a sugar-ladened holiday now that your family is living a low-carb, high-fat life? Anne and Kai discuss several options to deal with candy coming in and going out of your home, as well as offering some sugar-less alternatives and an LCHF menu for Halloween party. Oriental Trading has lots of options for giveaways if you want to avoid adding to the sugar being spread around your neighborhood. A...


Episode 019: Filipino Foods to Add to Your Meal Rotation

LCHF Family 019: Filipino Foods to Add to Your Meal Rotation Released: October 19, 2017 Many people are at a loss when they switch to low-carb, high fat eating because they can no longer make many of the meals their family loved to eat! Taking the time to look beyond the "obvious" examples of various ethnic foods to the lesser known stars of different cultural cuisines can be a book help in boosting our list of "go to" recipes. In the first of an on-going, occasional series about ethnic...


Episode 018: Talking to the Adults in Your Child's Life about LCHF

LCHF Family 018: Talking to the Adults in Your Child's Life about LCHF Released: October 12, 2017 On today's episode, Anne and Abby take on a question from Listener Marina that was posted to the Facebook community group: Thanks for the question, Marina! We hope we offered some helpful phrases and tips to make it easier for you to get the other adults in your children's lives to respect your parenting decision in this matter. Many thanks to Lee Rosevere at Free Music Archive for the...


Episode 017: Non-scale Victories and Motivation

LCHF Family 017: Non-scale Victories and Motivation Released: October 5, 2017 Welcome to all our new listeners who heard us from Vinnie Tortorich's podcast! If you missed our interview of Vinnie about student athletes, you can find it here. Today's episode is a short and sweet one with just Anne. She talks about non-scale victories--those changes that happen that can't be tracked with numbers but keep us going when the scale stops moving. Being observant of these milestones can be...


Episode 016: Eating Out while LCHF

LCHF Family 016: Eating Out while LCHF Released: September 28, 2017 So, how do you eat out and stick to your commitment to stay low carb, high fat? Listen to today's episode for some guidance and ideas from Anne and Adam. Anne wants to make a couple of disclaimers: First, I realized as I edited this episode, that I throw around the term "natural sugar," and I think I need to define what I mean, because white sugar comes from sugar cane and is, therefore, natural sugar. When I talk about...


Episode 015: LCHF Casseroles

LCHF Family 015: LCHF Casseroles Released: September 21, 2017 Alright, busy people, let's talk casseroles. You can totally have casseroles when you're eating a low-carb, high-fat diet. You just need to think beyond the standard, noodle-and-canned-soup variety. The great thing about a casserole is you can make it ahead of time and throw it in the fridge or freezer to bake later. Or, make it at dinner time and use the time it's in the oven to get other stuff done. They are great one-pot...


Episode 014: LCHF Breakfasts

LCHF Family 014: LCHF Breakfasts Released: September 14, 2017 We've had it drilled into us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it is, if you are hungry. It's ok to wait until you're hungry to eat in the morning. Your body has stored energy it can run on--it's called fat. Most days, Anne and Adam don't eat breakfast anymore, and Kai and Abby don't bother with it some days, either. But, when you are hungry, what can you have? So many of us are used to thinking of...


Episode 013: Vinnie Tortorich Shares Insight for Student Athletes

LCHF Family 013: Vinnie Tortorich Shares Insights for Student Athletes Released: September 7, 2017 In this episode, Anne and Adam interview Mr. NSNG himself, Vinnie Tortorich. He shares some great insight into whether student athletes can eat an LCHF diet (yes) and how they should fuel during a sport (depends--you'll have to listen find out). Vinnie is a personal trainer with a book and podcast devoted to helping people live without sugar and grains and reap the health benefits that...


Episode 012: When are treats ok?

LCHF Family 012: When Are Treats OK? Released: August 31, 2017 Adam is back this episode to talk about when it's ok to have a treat when you're eating LCHF. One of the major changes most people have to internalize when they switch to low-carb, high-fat eating is to think of treats as treats, and not just something sweet. A treat is meant to be a rare occurrence. In our family, we have treats at immediate family members' birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and when we're traveling in a...


Episode 011: Movie Snacks

LCHF Family 011: Movie Snacks Released: August 24, 2017 In this episode, Anne and Abby talk about options for snacking in the movies without breaking your new low-carb, high-fat eating habit. The movies are one of those places where most people have a habit of eating certain foods just because they are in that certain place doing that certain thing. These situational foods can be tricky as you switch to a new way of eating, because the old habit is so strong that, if you don't plan...


Episode 010: Fat Head Kids

LCHF Family 010: Fat Head Kids Released: August 17, 2017 In this episode, Anne and Kai review Fat Head Kids, as well as the documentaries Super Size Me and Fat Head. It's been our experience that the kids were much more willing to stick with low-carb, high-fat eating once they understood the science behind it. Fat Head Kids is a great introduction to the science behind LCHF eating for kids in 4th - 7th grades. Older kids would probably be more interested in some of the popular...


Episode 009: School Lunches

LCHF Family 009: School Lunches Released: August 10, 2017 In this episode, we share a bunch of options for healthy, nutritious, real-food, LCHF lunches for your kiddos (or yourself)! First off, Amazon has a bunchof options for bento-style lunch boxes. These will help a great deal in reducing waste as you pack your child's lunch. This one comes in three colors, is leak proof, and the company offers coordinating ice packs. It's hard to tell online, but I'm guessing this option would be...


Episode 008: PIZZA!

LCHF Family 008: PIZZA! Released: August 3, 2017 Let's face it: most of us aren't going to stick to any way of eating if it doesn't include pizza. Luckily, there are still ways to have pizza and stay LCHF. In fact, pizza is already high fat. The crust is the only real issue, and we offer 4 options (plus a bonus in the episode)! A cauliflower crust recipe is available here or in Eat Happy. Fat head crust is available here or in Eat Happy. (Seriously, if you haven't already bought Eat...


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