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LIFEology is a motivational broadcast that seeks to encourage people to live their lives with purpose, power, prayer, and passion. This broadcast focuses on the following: PURPOSE - help you to understand why you were created and discover what you were made to do in life POWER - encourage you to take control of your choices and goals to live the life you envision PRAYER - inspire you to have faith and believe that God can make your dreams come true PASSION - work together to accomplish goals, overcome setbacks, and live a life of meaning and significance. Life without purpose, power, prayer, and passion is meaningless. You were not made to live a meaningless life. You were made on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose. God knew what He was doing when He made you. This broadcast seeks to help you find your calling and live your life purposefully, powerfully, prayerfully, and passionately.






Greatness Must Be Earned (365 Days of Spirited Living #2)

Reggie McNeal said, “Greatness is earned. It is not a gift; it is a reward.” It is often believed that individuals can be born great. Perhaps, that was something Shakespeare thought of. But there is not a single person who has become great on this planet who was actually born that way. Every soul who has any courage to become of considerable weight in the world must earn it. Greatness does not come without its costs and pains. ******* VISIT: LIFEology LIFEology Blog

Duration: 00:03:07

To Live Is the Rarest Thing (365 Days of Spirited Living #1)

Oscar Wilde said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Isn’t it amazing that billions of people exist in the world but very few people actually live? Existing is going through life on autopilot, slow-walking through the motions, and letting each day pass like a blip on the radar. Existing is waking up in the morning and doing the same old things, with no goals, no direction, and no passion. Existing is also easy — very, very easy. And this is why many...

Duration: 00:03:13

Review of Thierry Koehrlen's “On the Road to . . . Honesty!”

Welcome to a special mid-week broadcast. We are glad that you have tuned in. Today, we are featuring Thierry Koehrlen and his book, “On the Road to . . . Honesty!” “On the Road to . . . Honesty!” is a very innovative, life-changing, and creative children's book with deep honesty and trust content put in a simple and fun way. Thierry Koehrlen is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who learned a lot from a few successes and even more from a couple failures. He has an education in both philosophy...

Duration: 00:07:59

The Control We Have (LIFEology #82)

There are some things in life that we cannot control. One of them is the day we were born. The other is the day we’re going to die. While we would like to have some say in these important matters, we don’t. We only have a say in what we do with the days we are given in between our birth and our death. What we do with our life and the time we were given here on earth is our responsibility. Nobody else can live our lives for us. Neither can we blame anyone else for our past, our present, or...

Duration: 00:02:57

Identify Positive Thoughts (Effective Thinking #2) (LIFEology #81)

We often hear the phrase "think positively." Positive thinking is so much more than a cliche; it's a choice. In order to overcome negative thoughts, we must not only identify them, but we must replace them with positive thoughts. It's not enough to tell ourselves to "stop thinking negatively." We have to develop an outlet by which every negative thought is quickly pushed away and replaced with a positive thought. If we don't keep positive thoughts flowing through our minds, we leave the...

Duration: 00:06:15

10 Ways To Care For Yourself (LIFEology #80)

1. If it feels wrong, don't do it. We all have a conscience, a gut, intuition, or an inner voice that talks to us. We are internally informed before we act. Therefore, the voice inside of us tells us when we're about to do something wrong and even when we're about to do something right. Listen to your heart like you would a good friend; it can save you tons of trouble in the long run. 2. Never give up on your dreams. You're not dreaming for nothing. What you envision can and will come to...

Duration: 00:04:13

Identify Negative Thoughts (Effective Thinking #1) (LIFEology #79)

I am a firm believer that what we think influences every aspect of our lives. Not only should we learn to think in general, but we should also learn what to think on and how to think about what we think on. Our thoughts can be the stumbling block that keeps us back from living a fulfilling life or it can be the catalyst for expanding our potential and doing something that matters. Effective thinking is almost never taught in school and rarely is developed as one goes through life. However,...

Duration: 00:04:19

Fooled By the External (LIFEology #78)

A school teacher did an experiment with her kindergarten class. She placed three boxes at the front of the room. All three boxes had something in them. The first box was wrapped with Christmas gift paper and had a blank paper in it. The second box was wrapped with birthday party paper and had five dollars in it. The third box was plain brown and had ten dollars inside. The teacher set the boxes up in front of the class and told all thirty of her students to line up in front of the box they...

Duration: 00:04:57

Stop Trying To Fix Your Weaknesses (30 Things To Stop Spending Time On If You Want to Be Successful #2) (LIFEology #77)

We're not perfect. It is a fact of life that each and every one of us possess both strengths and weaknesses. Imagine a world where everybody was good at everything and we did it perfectly. That's a nice thought, but that world would be pretty boring. It is both our strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are, that assist us in creating teams, in developing business models, and in reaching our goals in life. ******* VISIT: LIFEology LIFEology Blog

Duration: 00:06:46

Stop Avoiding Failure (30 Things To Stop Spending Time On If You Want to Be Successful #1) (LIFEology #76)

Failure happens. It happens to all of us, even the best of us. The thought of not achieving one's desired goals is a scary fact of life. It is an idea that we could well do without. But in embracing the opportunity and freedom to succeed in life, the opportunity and freedom to fail is also willfully available. Many people avoid failure to the neglect of the possibility that they could succeed. Sometimes, success is found after many failed attempts at doing something. Take for example Thomas...

Duration: 00:08:21

9 Ways to End Your Day Right (LIFEology #75)

The sun always sets. The night always comes. Sooner or later, the day we started will end and what we entered, we will have to exit. Within the day you have lived, I hope you reached your goals or at least made progress towards them. I hope you took one more step to fulfilling your purpose in life. I hope the dreams you had did not die with the difficulties and headaches of the day, but that you saw the pathway open up just a little more to seeing those dreams come true. The way we end our...

Duration: 00:04:23

The Hard Thing and the Right Thing (LIFEology #74)

Have you ever wondered why the hardest thing to do is often the right thing to do? It is easier to do some things like doing nothing. But doing nothing in life when there is so much to be done is the wrong thing to do. Most often what is hard is the same as what is right because it is precisely the thing that will bring the most benefit. We all face difficult situations and circumstances we would rather not deal with. When we face hard things, we should ask ourselves if it is the right...

Duration: 00:02:11

Your Tomorrow Is Today (LIFEology #73)

Many people waste valuable time thinking about tomorrow while living in today. For some of us, we can't wait until tomorrow comes because today carries issues that we would rather not deal with. We fool ourselves into thinking that another day will produce solutions to our problems so long as we avoid the problem for as long as possible. Tomorrow becomes some indefinite time in the future that never seems to come fast enough and never comes at all. The more we wait to do tomorrow what should...

Duration: 00:03:32

9 Ways to Start Your Day Right (LIFEology #72)

Each day is a gift from God. It is a moment in time that has never come before and never will come again. What we do in our day, how we act, and how we react to situations and to people, is equally important to how we start our day. Often, we start our day with an agenda --- things to do, people to see, and places to go. But less often do we choose to do certain things that will help jump-start our day. It's important to get our day off to a good start because how we start our day will...

Duration: 00:04:34

You Can't See What You Don't First Believe (LIFEology #71)

How often we tend to only believe things we can see. After all, "seeing is believing" as the often-used statement says. Vision that only touches the surface will bring limited results. The end result of what we see begins with what we choose to believe. Our physical sight is very limited but our ability to believe with our hearts and see with our minds is not. Most everything that exists is a result of someone believing that it could. Dreams come true based on the choice we make to believe...

Duration: 00:03:29

You're Not a Good Leader If... (LIFEology #70)

1. You don't have a vision. If you don't know where you're going, then you are not equipped to lead. Vision is what gets people around you motivated and inspired. Low vision, fickle vision, linear vision, or no vision will take you straight to the exit of failure. You must be able to see clearly what your goals are and envision how you will get them accomplished. 2. You don't have a plan. All good leaders have a plan for themselves and their team. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “A goal...

Duration: 00:07:53

6 Ways to Completely Destroy an Absolutely Great Idea (LIFEology #69)

Have you ever had a great idea? I mean something that was absolutely so wonderful you just know it had to come from Heaven? I have. Have you ever had a stupendously great idea but did all the wrong things to make it happen? I mean you did all the right things, or what you thought was right, in the wrong way to make it happen, only to find out later that all you did completely destroyed your otherwise absolutely great idea? I have too. Well, by now, you've probably discovered several ways...

Duration: 00:05:50

Life Is a Camera (LIFEology #68)

I read a popular quote once that carries a lot of truth and meaning to life. It goes like this: "Life is a camera. Focus on what's important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives. And if things don't work out, Take another shot." How often do we see like like a camera? Not many times. We were created with the ability to focus, to capture, to develop and to start over if we need to. Cameras produce pictures that remind us of what once was. Pictures jog our memory to a certain...

Duration: 00:03:12

10 Dangerous Personalities that Ruin Our Lives (LIFEology #67)

The whiner If you spill a cup of milk and you start crying, that doesn't solve the problem. Don't be a person who falls over crying every time something doesn't go your way. The truth is, most things aren't going to go your way most of the time. So, buck up, stop crying, and do what matters. The negative thinker The world is filled with enough negative people. Be positive. I don't mean that you live like Pollyanna and avoid reality, but every single thought you think and word you say cannot...

Duration: 00:05:38

It Really Is Not About You (LIFEology #66)

How quick we are to forget that the world does not center around us. In fact, nothing regarding life is really about us. Our problems and difficulties may seem large to us because they are ours. But all of our griping, complaining, and mumbling and grumbling about everything that is going wrong just does not make it right. God is amazing. He is so amazing because He rarely chooses the most talented, the biggest, the strongest, the most gifted, the best looking, or the most spiritual. He...

Duration: 00:04:17

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