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#11: Creating Value

How do you build and grow? You add value! And that’s what this episode is all about. Key points: Value examples and an attempt at an explanation Define and refine the service you want to provide FIRST THEN you work out how to communicate your value Build it around YOU so that you can keep Read more about #11: Creating Value[…] The post #11: Creating Value appeared first on LIVE LAUGH JONES.


#10: Making Decisions

A short and sweet episode on the importance of making decisions. I ramble on about: Indecision and missed opportunity The fine line between thinking it over and overthinking Being flexible after making your decision Word of warning, I say the word ‘decision’ a lot. Enjoy friend! -Klinton The post #10: Making Decisions appeared first on LIVE LAUGH JONES.


#9: Three Kings: Carnegie, Crews, Schwarzenegger

In this episode I discuss three cool human beings and big influences of mine. Andrew Carnegie Terry Crews Arnold Schwarzenegger I briefly talk about their backgrounds and the things that I take away from these masters – I hope you enjoy! Supdude Podcast See Resources for mentioned books The post #9: Three Kings: Carnegie, Crews, Schwarzenegger appeared first on LIVE LAUGH JONES.


#8: Interview with an Agent

This ep houses a most enjoyable chat with a highly motivated and proud business owner in Jacob Pirrone of Pirrone Property. We talk about: When the agency was founded and the reasons why The jump from being an employee to being self-employed The difficulties that come with being the new kid on the block Things Read more about #8: Interview with an Agent[…] The post #8: Interview with an Agent appeared first on LIVE LAUGH JONES.


Episode 7: Morning Glory

A short and sweet episode discussing the noticeable benefits of having a consistent morning routine in my life, as opposed to waking up and being rushed and stressed from the get go. I go through what I do, why I do it and how implementing just one or two consistencies every morning can really help Read more about Episode 7: Morning Glory[…] The post Episode 7: Morning Glory appeared first on LIVE LAUGH JONES.


Episode 6: Interview with a Psych…ologist (Danni Copplin)

This episode is awesome. I talk to Danni Copplin, a brilliant Psychologist, business owner and overall great human being about the trials and tribulations of her entrepreneurial journey up until to this point, such as; How and why it all began + the transition from taking a pay check to creating a pay check Being an expert in your profession doesn't mean you'll automatically be a master of your business Why creating a business budget doesn't work initially Knowing that you can't do it alone...


Episode 5: Interview With A Frontman (Ben Tilney)

In this tasty episode I catch up with amazing frontman Ben Tilney and discuss a great many things; A brand new project called Gigfit which combines music and fitness The synergies of being a musician, keeping super fit and why the two go hand in hand Musical influences Dealing with rejection The band and Ben's short term goals + the plan to achieve them How to keep working out when it gets hard What situations bring the perfect moments The creative process in writing a great song and where...


Episode 4: The Wisdom

This lovely episode contains a brief summary of my definition of wisdom and the parts that comprise it; Knowledge & Learning Philosophy (Did you know this literally means 'Love of Wisdom' in Ancient Greek? Mindbottling!) Spirituality And then I go on to express a few ideas that you might find worthwhile applying in your own life. Beware, I do get a bit deep....I hope you enjoy! The Ultimate Regards, Klinton Notes: Below are are but a handful of books I would gladly recommend on Stoicism as...


Episode 3: The Wealth

In this ep I offer my thoughts on wealth and offer a few tips and strategies that I've picked up along the way. An overview...... Wealth to me = being financially free Create & grow multiple streams of income Diversification of income and assets (1) Take control of your finances - Don't budget, identify (2) Set goals and uncover what you need to do to achieve it (3) Pay yourself first (10-20% of your income) (4) Develop a great personal and professional support base with like-minded people...


Episode 2 : The Health

In this cute little episode, I eloquently communicate my thoughts on what being Healthy means to me as well as offering a few principles that I am employing on my journey for continuous improvement! Episode notes: If you really want to know, you can find notes on my food regime here:…sys-current-diet/ Intro music created by Ben Tilney from the outstanding band Street Pieces and...


Episode 1: Intro for this bad boy of a podcast

A massive welcome to you my good friend! This is the first episode of what will be a wondrous journey for you and for me. Through an exceptional verbal narration performed by a confident yet sensitive young man, the ep simply sets the tone of the podcast's reason for existence.... I truly hope you enjoy and jump on the journey with me! Yours in coolness, Klinton Jones "I dig it" - A future listener. "3 stars......out of 3!" - Jinton Kones. "Wow" - Owen Wilson.


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