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Tech Radio: S04E07 (7/7/15)

With almost zero preparation, @tjlytle joins @spainb and @anthonydurante and they make up content as they go. Seems that @tjlytle wants to add DRM to food, @anthonydurante is testing high tech cucumber growing techniques and @spainb has returned from his bucket list vacation. There's a bit about @fablabncc and all the kids running around, @anthonydurante uses Star Trek to solve the moral dilemma of self driving cars (sort of), and @spainb talks to his phone.

Tech Radio: S04E06 (6/2/15)

@tjlytle and @anthonydurante finally get back to the @lvtech mics after quite the absence. For some reason @spainb can't make it to this show, but could very well have been listening. @anthonydurante talks about his travels, notices (halfway through the show) that the entire studio has changed. Later @tjlytle talks to @ealytle about a book she's been reading, and her time at #lvhack. Finally - armed with dangerous stuff - @jeffreyminton joins to talk about making stuff, robot arms, and...

Tech Radio: S03E18 (10/22/14)

@pourcurator joins @spainb and @tjlytle to talk a bit about games and stuff. But first @tjlytle rants a bit about the food in London. Of course there's some talk about Startup Weekend, a bit of on the fly research into the new Kinect adapter. Finally @pourcurator talks a bit about overachieving game companies who promise that games will actually work. Random stuff about NFC tags, winches, and the high tech radio studio being built around them as they talk.

Duration: 00:49:59

Tech Radio: S03E16 (9/10/14)

Still getting up to speed on this new technology called microphones, @tjlytle subjects us all to horrifically overdriven audio for the first minute of the show. It's almost like @markkoberlein is on the show (he isn't). After that bit of fun, @spainb and @tjlytle ramble on about things like Tom Hank's mobile app (things like that, but not actually that, since we talked about that the last time). Or Twitter becoming Facebook. The IoT And some announcement Apple made - for that, we of course...

Duration: 00:49:59

Tech Radio: S03E15 (8273/14)

Abandon by their friends, two technology enthusiasts battle their way to a secret radio studio and broadcast to the world. Yup, it's just @spainb and @tjlytle this time around, and after figuring out just what to talk about (on the air of course) there's some discussion about @tjlytle's new laptop and how @spainb could have been the chairman of Comcast. @spainb also has the inside track on Tom Hank's new app, @tjlytle mentions the 'Humans Need Not Apply' video, and they cover the breaking...

Duration: 00:49:59

Tech Radio: S03E13 (7/30/14)

Let's face it, just skip to the end to hear @tjlytle and @TechonomicMan talk about what's left for humans to do after we automate everything else, and all have personal robots. But if you want to listen to the rest of the show, the basic jist is three old guys - @tjlytle @spanb and @TechonomicMan - all sound old because of Ryan the Intern. @tjlytle passes around Google Cardboard (which works great for radio), talk of Google's new contact lenses and some hitchhiking robot. Then the Kick of...

Duration: 00:49:59

Tech Radio: S03E12 (7/16/14)

[Missing about 2 random minutes of this show, mostly made up of short second or two drops in the stream.] Full show today, from a super secret location because of comments @josh_miler made last show. @tjlytle starts things off his product idea of a kid friendly GoPro enclosure, but the conversation takes a rapid turn into what camels are like. There's some talk about Google I/O, and - of course - Cardboard. @josh_miller found that, and the absence of Google Glass interesting, while @spainb...

Duration: 00:48:07