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Non-Canonical Land - Christmas Special

Happy Holiday's everyone! In this special episode of La La La Land, the boys are transported to Non-Canonical Land - A place where no matter what you do it has no weight on the overall canon of a story, Like the Star Wars Christmas Special! Starlight and Flower Child meet Santa who is not at all like how you were told he would be. It like they say, never meet your mythical deity heroes who have the power to always be watching you. He enlist them on the war for which holiday is the best so...


Smooch FM

This week's episode is an intercepted transmission of Smooch FM, a radio broadcast dedicated to Smooch music on the planet Earth. The host, DJ TJ gets a mysterious box sent to him filled with tapes, mp3s, and SD cards. What's on theses storage devices? Find out on this week's special episode of La La La Land


Episode 2 - The Apathetic Alien

This week on the show Smooch finds themselves on the observation deck of a spaceship. While there, they meet a new potential fan. A suicidal trans-dimensional being that they call The Apathetic Alien. He provides some answers as to how Smooch can travel inter-dimensionally but ultimately decideds to enlighten them on a different topic. That life is not worth living. He takes the boys to some worlds and universes that he thinks will prove that matter doesn't matter and nor do our lives....


Ep 1 Conservative Land

Two Rockstars (Flower Child and Starlight) stumble upon a rubix cube that launches them through space and time. They must find a way to harness the cube get back to their Universe in order to make it back to their devoted fans at a show in Orange County.