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Lake Kinnikinnick is a serialized, monthly podcast exploring diverse forms of storytelling against the backdrop of a quirky and mysterious midwestern resort town. Written and produced by Kris Oliver and W. Runyon Jr.






Make Yourself at Home (Pilot: Part 2)

The frozen stillness of winter gives way to a trickle of life which steadily builds into an inundating flood. It's Memorial Day in the midwest's summer party capital. This is how the season begins. A thematic bookend to the previous episode, "Make Yourself At Home" continues our exploration of the culture and geography of the lake. We meet a host of new folks (both locals and tourists) and bump into a few familiar faces as we visit the west side where it's not only the geothermal activity...

Duration: 01:14:59

1 - Welcome to Lake Kinnikinnick

Our story begins near the site of one the lake's main attractions, the cold spring. Feel free to take all the photos you like, but please obey the signs and stay on the trail. We can't guarantee that you'll have a good time, but I can tell you we never hear any complaints. Distant screams, occasionally, but complaints? Never. It's beautiful weatherfor a walk in the park. Don't be shy if you happen to encounter one of our colorful locals (you likely will on a day like this), just smile and...