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Nehemiah - Week Two - Answer Your Fears

When we begin to build our future by rising from the ruins, we will have almost immediate opposition in the form of worries and fears. These fears are presented in our minds as questions. What do we do with these questions of fear? We answer them, just like in the story of Nehemiah.

Duration: 00:29:02

Nehemiah - Week One - Rise From the Ruins

In order to build for the future, Nehemiah had to encourage others to rise from the ruins. We all have times in our lives when the choices made caused ruins. Those ruins should not define us, much like the ruined walls around Jerusalem did not define the rich heritage and identity of that great city. We hope this inspirational message will encourage you to rise from the ruins as you build your future.

Duration: 00:31:18

Esther - Week Four - Your Enemy Has A Name

In this final message of the Esther series, Pastor Frank Bennett shares the amazing ways God works on our behalf through His providence. In the eleventh hour God comes through just when we need Him. Esther makes her final bold move by naming evil in front of the King. Our takeaway is that we also need to name the evil or sin in front of the King of Kings. Evil has a name. Expose it for what it is and allow God to do His amazing work.

Duration: 00:33:37

Esther Series - Week Three - Your Finest Hour

Do you know you have a finest hour? In fact, you may have several in your lifetime. Our finest hours happen when we come out of some adversity or surface from making a very difficult decision. We reveal our true selves when we walk through the hurtful words and actions of someone intimidating us. Esther shows us how to approach a difficult situation or person with calmness, control, and confidence.

Duration: 00:16:51

Esther - Week Two

In this second sermon of the Esther series, we learn the power that one person can make. But life is not always fair. And when life is unfair, we need to stay true to our Biblical convictions. In the middle of our confusion and fear, we can rest assured that God has us at this place for such a time as this.

Duration: 00:38:27

Esther Series - Week One

Are you wondering what good can come from all that you have to live with? The kids you can’t handle. The marriage that lacks harmony? Whether you see it or not, God is at work in your life this very moment. God specialized in turning the mundane into the meaningful. God not only moves in unusual ways, He also moves in uneventful days. While you’re going through life and trying to make sure you fix all the little pieces of your life, understand this: that there is over and in, above and...

Duration: 00:40:37

Daniel Series - Week Four - Faithful Under Fear

In this final message in our Daniel Series, Pastor Frank Bennett shares how Daniel's faith was strong even under the fears of change, conflict, and consequences. Just like Daniel, we should not allow these fears to affect our faith.

Duration: 00:33:17

Daniel Series - Week Three

In this week's message in the Daniel Series, Pastor Frank Bennett reminds us how we should not bow down to idols in our lives. Idols do exist, whether we recognize them or not. And we are tempted to worship things in our culture that conflicts with God's Word. Daniel's friends give us a formula for resisting the temptation to bow down.

Duration: 00:07:22

Daniel Series - Week Two

In this second week of our Daniel Series, Pastor Frank Bennett shares the difference between being distracted by your turmoil compared to properly interpreting the turmoil when it comes your way. God has a reason for all things. Interpreting our turmoil helps set us apart from our culture.

Duration: 00:36:46

Daniel Series - Week One

It's easy to compromise our values. But how do we live with conviction in a world of compromise? Daniel's story is filled with practical ways to live with conviction. In this first message, Pastor Frank Bennett shares "The Resolve of Purity" and how Daniel practiced this discipline.

Duration: 00:41:15

Raising Home Run Kids - Week One

To win home plate, kids need a connection with God. It takes intentional time, intentional talk, and intentional truth. What do you want for your kids? What are you doing well? What needs intentional change? Pastor Frank Bennett answers these questions with Biblical principles and practical application.

Duration: 00:47:36

Road To Grace Series - Week 4 - When God Serves

In this sermon, Pastor Frank Bennett shares how Jesus serves us grace through the story of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples. We learn that grace is often unexpected, unassuming, and unpretentious.

Duration: 00:39:42

Raod To Grace Series - Week 3 - When God Sings

Did you know that God sings over you? There's a place in scripture where God reminds us that He sings over us, even when we feel the consequences of our sin. This is a great picture of grace.

Duration: 00:33:21

The Road to Grace Series- Week Two-- When God Steps In

When God steps in, he takes your place. When you feel attacked, it's not you they're after. It's all on Jesus. Just move out of the way. He can take it. And He proved that by taking it on the cross for our sin. You and I should have died on that cross. But Jesus stepped in and took our place with a full act of grace.

Duration: 00:40:48

The Road to Grace: Week Two--When God Steps In

When God steps in, He takes your place. When you feel attacked, it's not you that they're after. It's all on Jesus. Just move out of the way because He can take it. And He proved that by taking on the cross for our sin. You and I should have died on the cross. But Jesus stepped in and took our place.

Duration: 00:40:48

The Road to Grace Series- Week 1-- When God Stoops

Do we truly understand what "Grace" is? Do we comprehend its meaning? We sing about it. We talk about it. We even call our prayers at the dinner table "Grace". Pastor Frank Benner believes God wants us to walk down the road of Grace that leads to the cross as we prepare our hearts for Easter.

Duration: 00:40:28

Make the Church Great Again Week 4: Maturity in Our Unity

As we enter into our final week of the "Make Church Great Again" series, we learn about applying all we have learned the past four weeks.

Duration: 00:37:46

Make Church Great Again- Week 3: Be a Bringer

When you work to be a Bringer, those who bring to church will become Bringers. The goal is for you and for those you bring to leave all worries behind and follow Jesus.

Duration: 00:40:25

Make Church Great Again-Week 2: Improve Your Fruit

One way to Make the Church Great Again is to show healthy fruit of the Spirit. Many people are turned off by the church because some Christians do not display healthy fruit, a sign they spend time with Jesus. In this sermon, Pastor Frank Bennett shares Biblical ways we can improve our fruit. And it all starts by evaluating our root.

Duration: 00:45:44

Releasing Our Regrets...

If regret has become a useless burden around your neck, it's time to drop it. Let it go. Release it. Now, what this release looks like depends on what has happened, who's responsible, and how you reacted to it. Without going through the stage of releasing your regrets, you will never really start over.

Duration: 00:36:48

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