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Duration: 00:04:27

Podcast 027- Turn Hunting Observations into Management Tasks with Seth Harker

Most hunters are always looking for ways to improve your hunting. This week we talk with Seth Harker a good friend and partner with Land & Legacy. Over the years Seth has not only grown, but harvested some incredible bucks. How you may ask? Seth used his hunting observations and allowed them to guide him on what his properties were missing. There is so much to learn during this podcast. As season begins to open in your area, take notes on your observations from the stand this fall and use...

Duration: 01:09:16

Podcast 026-Creating Our Hitlist and Ways to Manage Your Hunting Lease

We cover a lot this week! We kick off with the bucks that made our hitlist this summer to things you need to consider when building yours. We also discuss the management techniques we use on our lease to improve the hunting!

Duration: 01:12:34

Podcast 025-Fall Food Plot Specifics and Do & Dont's of Early Season Hunting

Food plots are a hot topic in the world of habitat and wildlife management, so we talk species varieties and pounds per acre. Sometimes it's important to consider the benefits not only to the wildlife but also the soil. Tune in to also hear what we look for in choosing our early season approach. You don't want to miss it!

Duration: 01:11:13

Podcast 024-#WhatGetsYouOutdoors Hunting Stores and Reflections

#Whatgetsyououtdoors has become a popular hashtag, so it's only fitting that we answer what it is that pulls us to the woods. Is it the chase, the success, or something much bigger? Tune in as we reflect, share memories, and explain what it is that makes the outdoors so great!

Duration: 01:02:37

Long Winded 02- Fall Food Plots Cont. RTP Outdoors Equipment for Food Plots

Following up last week's podcast on Fall food plots. We discuss the equipment and way you can successfully plant food plots. Michael Moyer from RTP Outdoors discussing the Genesis No Till Drill and all the equipment they offer to help you plant your plots. Check it out!

Duration: 00:40:51

Podcast 023 - Unveiling Our Fall Food Plot Strategy

What gets you in the mood for hunting season? For us, planning and preparing our fall food plots gets us in the mood. There is a distinct method to the madness! This week we cover why, how, what, and when we plant fall food plots. This podcast may make you reconsider your food plot strategy! Enjoy. Learn. Share!

Duration: 01:07:07

Long Winded-01 Developing Our Hitlist and Plans For This Fall!

We kick the chairs back a little further in our first "Long Winded Podcast," as we discuss a few of the hitlist bucks that are showing up on our cameras. We hope you enjoy the first episode of our "Long Winded" series.

Duration: 00:11:39

Podcast 022-Podcast 022-Ground Breaking Research to Help You on Your Hunting Property

Following up the QDMA National Convention, we discuss the event and the great research that was shared during the event! Dr. Craig Harper shared some very interesting research discussing the relationship between soils and forage nutrition. You're going to love this!

Duration: 01:08:09

Podcast 021-Archery Practice and Techniques with Bass Pro Shops Shooter Lance Thornton

When a member of USA's Archery team offers advice on shooting you listen! So it's important crank up the volume if you want to learn how to be a more accurate shooter. Lance Thornton stops by to share how he prepares for each hunting season and the techniques he uses to stay sharp!

Duration: 01:09:24

Podcast 020- Habitat Managers - The Social Media Group Devoted To The Outdoorsman

Are you a hunting forum junky? Do you enjoy the discussions of which food plot is best to plant for wildlife? Habitat Managers might be the place for you! Founder Willie Urish joins us this week to discuss the creation of Habitat Managers Facebook Group and all things hunting. We hope you enjoy!

Duration: 00:56:56

Podcast 019-10 Steps for Improving Your Hunting Property

10 steps to improve the hunting on your property! This podcast we break down exactly how we lay out a property to improve the habitat for all species living there, and how the landowner can be more a successful hunter once the plan has been implemented. This 395 acre farm is going to be a great place to hunt but will be a great place for all of us to learn from.

Duration: 01:13:07

Podcast 018-Hunting & Managing Multi-Use Properties with Kip Adams from QDMA

If your land is a multi-use property this podcast is for you! Are you trying to manage for the wildlife while also wanting to get the benefits of cattle? Kip Adams joins us to discuss the major benefits of multi-use properties!

Duration: 01:05:08

Podcast 017-A Year in the Life of a Whitetail Buck

On this podcast, we walk you through the year in the life of a Whitetail buck and the changes that occur during the year. Once you understand these changes it will help you manage your property better, and ultimately make you more successful each fall.

Duration: 01:08:36

Podcast 016-How To Improve Your Hunting Property - Northwest 40

Looking to improve the hunting and habitat on your land? Listen up! We walk you through step by step of a 40 acre southern Missouri property and discuss exactly how to improve the habitat and hunting.

Duration: 01:08:03

Podcast 015-Hunting Public Land, Tips and Techniques

Tune in to learn the techniques Adam and Matt used to be more successful on public ground! This podcast is loaded with information on how to hunt public ground!

Duration: 01:04:52

Podcast 014-Hunting & Managing Small Tracts of Land

Never give up on a property just because of the size. There are several things you can do to improve the habitat and hunting on small pieces of land. In fact, these farms can offer success year after year if hunted and managed correctly, tune in to find out how!

Duration: 01:05:49

Podcast 013-Hinge Cutting, Clear Cuts, and All Things Timber with Matt Ross from QDMA

Matt Ross from Quality Deer Management Association joins us to discuss his thoughts on hinge cutting, clear cuts, and many other techniques for timber management and how it can help your hunting property. You'll be amazed at how much a managed forest can help your hunting!

Duration: 01:23:35

Podcast 012 - Spring Management Techniques Pt 2. Fawn Births and Facts about your Deer Herd.

We kick this week off with a list of projects you can be doing now that turkey season is wrapping up, food plots, trapping, and everything else you can do to prepare for deer season! Plus, we dive into the myths and facts of whitetail fawns and things you can do to ensure their survival.

Duration: 00:59:22

Podcast 011 - Management Techniques for Turkey Habitat and Future Hunting Seasons

Ever wonder how you can manage the habitat to benefit the turkeys? Listen up to here how you can improve the habitat to ensure many more season of chasing turkeys! Plus, get the final recap for the Spring 2017 turkey season.

Duration: 01:04:52

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