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Lantern is a podcast about young people trying to 'change the world' and trying to understand what that actually means.

Lantern is a podcast about young people trying to 'change the world' and trying to understand what that actually means.
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Lantern is a podcast about young people trying to 'change the world' and trying to understand what that actually means.




Developing Effective Altruism(Rossa O’Keeffe-O’Donovan - University of Oxford)(Episode 11 Part 1)

“I think what Effective Altruism is trying to do is change how people give, change how people are trying to do good more generally, and I think we’re taking a longer term perspective where we’re arguing that people should try to be more analytical.” For our eleventh episode, Asanga Seneviratne and special guest co-host Sam Musker sit down with Rossa O’Keeffe-O’Donovan, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Economics at the University of Oxford and chairperson of the board of One for the World,...


Consulting for Good (Dan Code -Social Ventures Australia)(Episode 10)

“It’s quite easy to sit in an office and think that you’re having a really fantastic impact, but it is really about talking to the people you end up working with and testing with them; is this working or is there anything that we can do better?” For our tenth episode, Naomi Smith and Reegan Quick sit down with Dan Code, an associate consultant with Social Ventures Australia, an organisation dedicated to supporting social impact through offering services like consulting and impact...


More Than Clean Clothes (Lucas Patchett - Co-Founder of Orange Sky Laundry) (Episode 9)

“We never proclaimed to be advocates…we’re not out there advocating for stuff we’re doers… we want to show people and not tell people” In our ninth episode, Reegan Quick and Asanga Seneviratne chat with Lucas Patchett, co-founder of Orange Sky Laundry and 2016 Young Australian of the Year. They discuss the importance of conversations to those experiencing homelessness, the role of advocacy vs action, inspiring technological innovation in the not for profit (NFP) space and building a nation...


Making Caring Cool (Nick Pearce - Co-Founder of HoMie) (Episode 8)

"Clothing will not solve homelessness, hopefully it makes people’s days, weeks, months better, but what will is support and opportunity for people…” For our eighth episode, Yaz Naji and Reegan Quick sit down with Nick Pearce, co-founder of HoMie, a social enterprise designing and selling streetwear to provide people experiencing homelessness opportunities. Together they discuss the necessity of financial sustainability for social impact, the need of collaboration and partnerships, the...


Changing the Games (Corine Taylor, Cristina Lucas and Luca Servodio - members of LA 2028)

“Trust your process and if you’re not involved in something that you’re completely passionate about, it’s never too late…listen to your heart, take a leap of faith and jump on an opportunity that really speaks to you” For our seventh episode, Anastasia Rachinskaya sits down with Corine Taylor, Cristina Lucas and Luca Servodio, all members of the LA 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Together they discuss how the three all act on their passion for the environment, their city and...


More Than A Charity Bike Ride (Rita Nehme - Co-Founder of Steer North) (Episode 6)

“A lot of the time, you feel like you have to have everything in place before you start something, or everything needs to be aligned… and everything has to be strategic and so planned before you make a move, but it’s not the case” For our sixth episode, Naomi Smith and Reegan Quick sit down with Rita Nehme, co-founder of Steer North, to discuss her journey behind co-founding the organisation, how the epic bike rides across the nation work and are organised, her method for creating...


Telling Stories For Change (Tia Yang - Co-Founder of Where's The Love Philadelphia?)(Episode 5)

“As far as breaking stereotypes in general, it's important to not be afraid to ask, because if you ask someone something… it shows that you’re not aware of something but want to be." For our fifth episode, Asanga Seneviratne sits down with Tia Yang, co-founder of Where's The Love Philadelphia? to discuss her experience getting out into the local community, breaking down stereotypes around gun violence, advocacy through photography work and solutions to gun violence and Where's The Love...


Reshaping International Giving (Yash Kothari - Product/Growth at GiveDirectly)(Episode 4)

“Realise that opportunities aren’t as limited as they seem, really reflect on what you want... and go after that” In our fourth episode, Asanga Seneviratne chats with Yash Kothari, Product/Growth at GiveDirectly & Former Co-Founder & CEO of the Y-Combinator backed Prayas Analytics. They discuss finding your purpose, Yash's journey from the tech to not-for-profit space, learning from best practices in the for-profit sector, intelligence tests in impact work, recruiting the best talent into...


Levelling The Playing Field (Jason Ball - LGBTIQ & Mental Health Advocate) (Episode 3)

“People generally don’t connect with evidence or reason. It doesn’t matter how right you are, the way you go about it is what matters the most.” For our third episode, Reegan Quick and Yaz Naji sit down with Jason Ball, LGBTIQ & Mental Health Advocate, to discuss his journey to activism, the challenges of coming out in the football community, the importance of mental health, driving grassroots change particularly in rural areas, the role of politics & social change and overcoming...


Stepping Away From Disempowerment (Shadrack Frimpong - Co-Founder & CEO of Cocoa 360)(Episode 2)

“Start with the who, the people you want to help and from there you will find your why” In our second episode, Asanga Seneviratne chats to Shadrack Frimpong, Co-Founder and CEO of Cocoa360, on revamping international development, tackling corruption, finding your motivation, getting started on your idea and the importance of self-care in impact work. Show Notes: John Wooden (Author): Start With Why (Book): The Effects of an NGO Development...


Educating 1 Million Girls (Morgan Koegel - CEO of One Girl)(Episode 1)

"Step back, look in (your) gut and find what doesn't sit right with you and make today the day you start changing things" For our first episode Yaz Naji and Asanga Seneviratne sat down with Morgan Koegel, CEO of One Girl, to talk finding your passion, creating effective change, the challenges of running a charity, privilege, corporate vs the not-for-profit space, working in prisons and One Girl's mission to educate 1 million girls. Show Notes: Girl Rising (Film):...


Introducing Lantern (Episode 0)

Lantern is a fortnightly podcast about young people trying to 'change the world' and trying to understand what that actually means. Season 1 is dropping November 5 2017. Follow the journey: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website:


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