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Which Online Marketing Avenue is Right For My Business with Kellen Kautzman

Speaker and digital marketing extraordinaire Kellen Kautzman. Kellen shares valuable online marketing tips and expertise for business owners.


The Proven Approach To Marketing With Shaundell Newsome

We had the privilege of sitting with author, speaker and entrepreneur Shaundell Newsome. In this podcast interview, Shaundell shares valuable marketing tips and expertise for business owners.


Top 2017 Web Design Trends

2017 Seems to be the year to buck norms. Established web design trends are being overturned for a preference on visuals in spite of logic. Designers are heeding to the proven stats on video and custom branding and challenging developers this year with complex design that is not always mobile friendly. Taken to extremes, this could result in an inconsistent user experience across devices as some design elements would only appear on certain devices. In the long run, this sort of complex...


Hey Las Vegas: It's Not 1994!

Last week my husband and I dropped off family at McCarran airport and on the way back to the parking deck, I stopped cold in my tracks in unbelief and disappointment for Las Vegas marketing when I saw this blurry, pixelated attempt at advertising:Most locals walk past these advertisements daily without a second thought. And that's a problem. Poor, outdated presence has become part of Las Vegas cheese. But as owner of a digital marketing agency, my heart is for design, presence and first...


Top 2016 Web Design Trends

Web design trends change every year, and as website designers, it's crucial to know what trends are popular so you can stay ahead of your competition and meet your clients' needs. Remember, "trend" doesn't necessarily mean "new," just popular.But before we take a look at what's gaining attention, let's first look at the web design trends of 2015, as many of them are being refined and will reemerge this year with a new face.Responsive Design Video Infinite Scrolling Typography Minimalism...


7 FAQs About Web Development Made Simple

It seemed last year many of our readers had the same questions about websites that kept coming up. So for convenience's sake, we've compiled them neatly right here. Take a look and see if one of your questions topped our list of FAQs: 1. Why Does It Cost So Much? This most frequently asked question opens the golden gate of opportunity for us to explain precisely what the value of your website is. In a previous article on the cost of a website, I likened your website to an employee for your...


Before You Hire an Agency for Your Company Website

I really feel for those clients that come to us as their second or even third source, after getting burned by hiring previous agencies or web developers. Those clients usually present us with a half finished, semi-functional website and want to know if we can pick up where their last hire left off. As much as we want to say, "YES!" sometimes we're forced to explain that they need to start over from scratch because their unfinished website is on lock down and therefore inaccessible. And...


Top 2015 Web Design Trends

2014 introduced a lot of new technology and evolution in the web world, much of which will become a staple in this year's marketing and design. We at Vegas Website Designs pride ourselves on delivering the latest user experience and want to keep you informed of the top web design trends for 2015. Resolved to improving your online presence this new year? Take a look below to gain some insight as to what to budget for when revamping your website. Responsive Design I've said it before, I'll...


Could You Give Up 10%? A Challenge for Businesses to Tithe

"If you really want to wound a man, hit him in the pocketbook!" The term "tithing" has a way of making a lot of people uncomfortable. Just talking about finances is considered tacky. It's either shrugged off as a practice reserved for the religious or it can make someone feel judged. But as business owners having gone through the process of giving away zilch to faithfully committing 10% of all our gross income, we have experienced the gambit of emotions that accompany parting ways with our...


6 Key Website Updates to Make More Money

There is no over-stressing how important it is for your company to have a great website, yet while some business owners do, many of them are not taking full advantage of its selling potential. Your company's website nears the top of the list for the most important investments in your business, so you should know how to maximize its return and make it work for you. If you're not yet ready for a complete website redesign, here are some key updates you can make now that will increase revenue,...


Branding Your Business To Stand Out

By now, we all should recognize our company needs it's own unique image and personality in order to market with success. People are drawn to originality and will remember a company's logo, mission phrase, or design theme (if it's a good one). Modern marketing has wrapped this process up into a term called branding. Branding your business should include everything from your logo, your promise to your customer, the image of who you are, what your business is about, your website, your voice,...


Tips For Launching Your Business On Social Media

Why Does My Business Need To Market on Social Media?As an agency eager to support professional organizations, one of the first places we look to connect with them is through social media. Too often, we're surprised to discover so many businesses either don't have a presence on any social media platform, or their content has not been updated for months (sometimes years!). If you are a business planning for success beyond 2015, marketing on social media needs to become a priority. Already,...


Go Responsive or Go Broke

It's time to go mobile, business owners. In 2013, we started to see companies encroaching on the mobile market and developing a new kind of website - not just a mobile version that spelled out your company's URL with an "m" before the web address, but a responsive website. As more varieties of mobile devices are invented (tablets, laptops, smartphones), there is a growing need for a single website that will function and respond flawlessly on all devices, hence, a responsive site. Those...


3 Reasons Your Company Needs an Online Presence

A recent study conducted by Verisign discovered a sad majority of companies don't realize the benefits of having a great online presence. Many times the business lacks the technical know-how to develop a web presence, while others fear that it's just not affordable. But the truth, backed by this research, is that those implementing it are experiencing formidable profits.It was also discovered the companies that do take advantage of online resources elect for social media instead of their...


Why Vegas Website Designs?

Vegas Website Designs was founded on many "Why's." Why start the business? Why give 10% away? Why should someone choose to partner alongside us? Our very first "why" came through an inspirational film titled, "Isaiah 58," pulled directly from Scripture where God corrects His people in their way of living. He tells them:"Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?Is it not to...


Usability: Does Your Website Pass The 5 Second Test?

Usability What determines whether a user stays on your website? Is your target audience clearly receiving your intended message? Within 5 seconds, the usability of your website will determine whether visitors deem your site worthy of their reading time or decide to abandon ship. Failure to pass the 5 second test could mean lost customers and conversion opportunities. Some commonly-made usability mistakes can be easily remedied by checking your site with the guidelines below. Load Time The...


Analyze Your Target Audience

As businesses try their hand at marketing techniques, a commonly made mistake is to promote their own company and get their message across. Usually, this technique results in lower conversion rates and leaves marketers scratching their heads.Analyzing your audience will return your investment much more efficiently. Before marketing, do a little target audience research and keep the focus on them. I've listed some questions and avenues below to challenge your thinking and bring your...


Top 2013 Web Design Trends

Design, whether it be for clothing or websites, is influenced by the reflection of our culture. And with all the latest technological advances this year, users expect web design to harmoniously interact on their new device, thus a shift in user interface is required. Here are the top 2013 web design trends capable of converting viewers into customers: Content Over-sized typography and large headlines support the #1 content-focused 2013 web design trend, making it easy for users to quickly...