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Laser Hot Hits Dance International, Laser's dance service playing future, current and past dance hits. 100% pure dance - no rock, no RnB! FM and shortwave 6220 KHz 48m STATION HISTORY Laser Hot Hits was started by a group of dedicated radio enthusiasts. Laser went on air Bank Holiday Monday 16th April 1990 on VHF in stereo on 101 MHz to the home counties. Broadcasts continued on most weekends. Frequency moves were made when Classic FM started but broadcasts were less frequent in 1992. In 1993 Laser merged with staff from the former Hits FM to emerge a reborn, bigger Laser Hot Hits on 105.6 FM to London and surrounding counties. Our first broadcast was on 23rd May 1993 on 105.6MHz in the FM band to London. Broadcasts then continued regularly at weekends until l3th February 1994 when additional broadcasts were added in the 49 metre shortwave band on 6220kHz which became our main shortwave frequency which we have returned to today.