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Episode 6: The Open House

Welcome back to the LaserDisco: Movie Podcast, Episode 6: The Open House! In an uncharacteristic act of spontaneity, Duff and Shampu decided to cover the recent Netflix release, The Open House and boy do they not have many kind words to say! Instead of doing the typical #RetroReview the bulk of the episode is spent tearing this movie down to its very framework! After we finish destroying The Open House, we do talk some current events in The F#$%ing News, and preview our version of the...


Episode 5: Cobra Kaiju

Happy New Year LaserCats and welcome back to the LaserDisco: Movie Podcast! After taking some time off for the holidays, we bring you Episode 5: Cobra Kaiju. In this episode we place ourselves on the hot seat while trying to decide which movie fighting master trainer that we would like to have train us. We have a (spoiler free) chat on our feeling about Star Wars: The Last Jedi during “The F@#$ing News” segment and assign our #BooOfTheWeek, and briefly discuss the possibility of Mike...


Episode 4: A Die Hard Christmas (Recastaball)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays LaserCats! This week Shampu and Duff finally debut the world’s soon to be favorite game, Recastaball! And What better way to usher in a new era of mini-sode than to cover the greatest Christmas movie of them all…Die Hard! The premise of Recastaball is a simple one, we choose a movie and recast it based on an ever changing set of rules while trying to adhere to the original plot. This week we recast Die Hard using nothing but characters from other...


Episode 3: The Star War On Christmas

Welcome back to the LaserDisco: Movie podcast Episode 3: The Star War On Christmas. This is the first of our back to back holiday episodes as we struggle to get through covering the long-lost Star Wars Holiday Special in this entirely Star Wars themed extravaganza! Duff and Shampu decided that they needed someone to share their misery with, so we brought in John from the Now In Technicolor Podcast. During this week’s #RetroReview, we discuss the “Plot” (if you can call it that) of the SW...


Episode 2: Clerkin’ Off

What’s up LaserCats, and welcome back to the LaserDisco: Movie Podcast! Here we are with Episode 2: Clerkin’ Off! In this this episode Duff and Shampu cover Kevin Smith’s 1994 directorial debut, Clerks! During our #RetroReview, beyond just talking about Clerks itself, we delve into Kevin Smith’s career as a whole and talk about our favorite Smith movies. This week Duff gets excited about beer, we discuss Gremlins, Lady Bird, the Disaster Artist and give our thoughts on the Avengers:...


Episode 1: Jaws & Effect

Welcome to the LaserDisco: Movie Podcast Episode 1: Jaws & Effect!! Months of effort and planning have finally paid off as Duff and Shampu begin their journey through the cinematic world! Before we begin, let’s start with some background about us and our show. Our two hosts (Duff and Shampu) have been podcasting for about two years and decided to do a spin-off show of their own with a more general focus on movies instead of covering a specific genre. We also both love talk radio shows...