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This is Late and Live, the RadioSEGA show that finishes your Friday night but starts your weekend! We are here to get the party started with a sixty minute mix of top SEGA tracks, awesome remixes and fantastic features. So, are you going to stay up and listen? I'm guessing as you are reading this that you're not. It's cool. That's why you can download Late and Recorded on the iTunes Store and our RSS feed! This RadioSEGA-enhanced podcast includes chapter support on compatible players/devices. Please note that this show is no longer airing on RadioSEGA. Hosting for this podcast is provided by SEGA Media at




E45 - Listener Mix - 22nd February 2013

We're at the end of the first month back for Late and Live, but our final Friday show tradition hasn't changed - the listeners are in complete control of your monthly Late and Live Listener Mix! In February's show, hear original tracks from Mickey Mania, Spiral Knights, Virtua Racing Deluxe and Anarchy Reigns, plus remixes from A-Dash & Namihei, Benjamin Briggs and Quinn Fox too!

Duration: 01:05:41

E44 - Driving Mix - 15th February 2013

Late and Live hits the open road with 60 minutes of awesome SEGA driving sounds of both the two and four wheel varieties! We've got tracks and remixes from OutRun across the show, as well as tunes from SEGA Rally 2, Hang-On, Metropolis Street Racer and F-Zero GX plus remixes from daXX and Malcos too.

Duration: 01:08:07

X01 - Passion Mix - 14th February 2013

Late and Live is getting passionate this Valentines Day - so much so that we had to introduce a whole new show just to express how passionate we are! In the first edition of Late and Live Extra, we're getting loved up with a whole host of SEGA tracks that feature the word 'Passion' in their names...even if they aren't that passionate at all!

Duration: 00:52:07

E43 - 80s Mix - 8th February 2013

Late and Live is going back 30 years to bring you tunes from a time when SEGA's mascot wasn't Sonic - that's right we've got nothing but tunes that were acceptable in the 80s! Hear original classics from OutRun, Phantasy Star, Enduro Racer, Revenge of Shinobi and more, plus modern takes from Ryu7x, MegaDriver, djpretzel and Martin Dodd!

Duration: 01:01:55

E42 - 2X DJ Mix - 1st February 2013

Your Friday night SEGA party mix returns for 2013 with a brand new sound but the same old DJ Mix! Kicking off this run we've got 2 tracks from Daytona USA, Dynamite Headdy, DJ EAR, djpretzel, Golden Axe II and much more just like the old days...

Duration: 01:10:00

E41 - Chiptune Mix - 16th November 2012

In the final episode of Late and Live, we're playing nothing but classic chiptunes including tracks from various Sonic games, Castle of Illusion, Ristar, a Commodore 64 classic from Jeroen Tel and more!

Duration: 00:53:50

E40 - Ladies Night Mix - 9th November 2012

The ladies are in charge of Late and Live tonight as we celebrate everything female in the world of SEGA in our Ladies Night Mix! All the requests are from our female fans, plus we're featuring original SEGA tracks and remixes from Fumie Kumatani, Aki Hata, Mariko Nanba, ladyWildfire, DragonAvenger & LulzA - notice not a man amongst them!

Duration: 01:14:41

E39 - Late and Live Mix - 2nd November 2012

It's the big Guy Fawkes weekend in the UK and ResidentSD has a few fireworks of his own in this week's 60 minute mix of awesome SEGA sounds! We've got an unreleased track from Sonic Rush and all the music from Sonic CD's Quartz Quadrant Zone (the Japanese version of course) plus a couple of tunes from a classic Sonic remix album you'll love and you'll finally hear Spring Yard Remake on Late and Live - sorry it took so long Wrath!

Duration: 01:08:17

E38 - Halloween Mix - 26th October 2012

Late and Live gets spooked as the witching hour beckons at the end of 60 minutes of scary SEGA sounds! Hear tunes from House of the Dead 4, Decap Attack and a few different Sonic games, plus awesome tracks from the community from Beatdrop, DJ Max-E, TrickyWolfy, Mikeaudio and more!

Duration: 01:08:31

E37 - Listener Mix - 18th October 2012

We don't know how this keeps happening, but whenever ResidentSD has to do a Thursday night Late and Live, more often than not they fall on Listener Mix weeks! Still, when we've got music from SEGA Rally 2006 and Sonic Adventure 2 plus community tunes from FamilyJules7x, Nasty Genius feat. J. Nitrous, DJ Max-E and Diggi Dis, who wants to wait till Friday night to party?!

Duration: 01:11:59

E36 - Late and Live Mix - 12th October 2012

Late and Live is like the Tardis this week, as some how we manage to fit a massive 18 tracks into one record breaking Late and Live Mix! This bumper bundle of SEGA musical goodness includes four tracks from the Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts album, plus a whole load of awesome community remixes, new music from Hell Yeah!, plus we get nostalgic over the new Zaxxon Escape mobile game by playing a classic from it's 32X version!

Duration: 01:08:11

E35 - SEGA Heritage Collection Mix - 5th October 2012

Late and Live celebrates the release of the first three games on SEGA's new Heritage Collection brand by playing our listener's favourite tunes from Sonic Adventure 2, NiGHTS Into Dreams and Jet Set Radio - nothing more, nothing less!

Duration: 01:03:53

E34 - Listener Mix - 28th September 2012

Another month draws to a close, which means the listeners of Late and Live are in control of the show again! Did they drink beer and invite their friends over to party? Or did they choose tracks from Shadow the Hedgehog, Burning Rangers and Sonic Adventure 2, along with some awesome remixes? You'll have to listen and find out won't you....

Duration: 01:09:46

E33 - Summer Sunset Mix - 21st September 2012

The Summer of 2012 is coming to an end, but we at Late and Live are desperately clinging on to the last shreds of the season with 13 awesome tunes from games such as Outrun, Super Fantasy Zone and Ollie King, plus remixes from Jivemaster & Malcos and a love letter to SEGA from Mister Wilson.

Duration: 01:11:06

E32 - Jet Set Mix - 14th September 2012

In a very special, record breaking edition of Late and Live, we're playing nothing but the music of the Jet Set Radio series as we celebrate the re-release of the original game. We've got music from both original games and remixes too, plus Hideki Naganuma listened to the show live....

Duration: 01:13:52

E31 - 2X DJ Mix - 7th September 2012

The 2X DJ Mix returns to Late and Live with 2 tracks from 7 awesome games, remix artists and remix albums! Get double the dose of tracks from Super Hang-On, SEGA Touring Car and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, two tunes from the Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts and Club SEGA 2: Beat Grooves albums, plus twice the fun from Rexy and DJ Max-E!

Duration: 01:02:31

E30 - Listener Mix - 31st August 2012

The listeners take control of Late and Live again in August's Listener Mix, featuring new music from community favourite Rexy and two tracks from the new Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts album, plus tracks from After Burner Climax, Jet Set Radio, Sonic 3D, Sonic Colours and much, much more!

Duration: 01:15:53

E29 - Crush 40 Mix - 24th August 2012

Late and Live celebrates the music of everyone's favourite Sonic & SEGA rock duo - it's 60 minutes of nothing but the music of Crush 40...well almost. We played one track that didn't feature Johnny Gioeli on vocals, but other than that we've got music from their beginnings on NASCAR Arcade and a whole host of Sonic games from Sonic Adventure to Sonic Free Riders and everything in between!

Duration: 01:12:05