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Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
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Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.






Ep. 34 - Tyson Abaroa - Author, Iraq Vet, Mormon

Tyson Abaroa is the author of the new book "The Fattest Mormon". We discuss his time serving in the military in Iraq, his inspiration to serve a mission and how he came to write this immensely entertaining book.


Ep. 32 - Meet The Mormons - An LDS MissionCast crossover episode

This week Nick Galieti, host of LDS MissionCast shares his interview with Director Blair Treu, Narrator Jenna Kim Jones and Featured Subject Danny Sorenson, from the latest "Meet The Mormons" film. They talk about how the film came about, the focus of the movie and the impact this whole series has had. It is a fun and inspiring conversation. Special thanks to Nick Galieti for sharing this great interview with us.


Ep. 32 - Mike Anderson - Reporter, Family Man, Mormon

KSL 5 news reporter Mike Anderson is our guest this week. We hear all about life as a reporter, his most interesting stories, his family, how he deals with the stress of the job and how being a member of the church affects it all. Mike is a great, humble guy with a fascinating life.


Ep. 31 - Brian Brough - Director, Producer, Mormon

Director / Producer Brian Brough is very well respected in the Utah as well as National film community. In this episode, we talk about what got Brian in to film. Also, Brian discusses his two films premiering at the 2018 LDS Film Festival, his upcoming movie "In Emma's Footsteps" on the later life of Emma Smith, and the future of LDS film. Brian is a brilliant director and producer who has worked behind the scenes on some of our favorite films.


Ep. 30 - Barbie Berg - Dating Expert, Dress(Re)Designer, Mormon

Barbie Berg knows dating. She successfully challenged herself to go on 100 dates in one year. In this episode, Barbie tells us what she learned from the experience and shares one of the funniest date stories you will ever hear. She is also the mastermind behind Modest by Mon Cheri, a modest bridal dress line. We talk about how this came about and she shares tips for LDS brides. Barbie is a funny, energetic guest sure to leave you with a smile.


Ep. 29 - Nick Galieti - Podcaster, Author, Mormon

Nick Galieti is very well known in the LDS Podcast world. His newest podcast, LDS Missioncast covers all things LDS mission related from full time Elders and Sisters to member missionaries. Nick is the author of the books Tree of Sacrament and D&C 4 - A Lifetime Study in Discipleship. He also directed two documentaries on the Prophet Joseph Smith. On this episode, Nick tells us all about these projects and what drives his passion for exploring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Ep. 28 - Joel Bishop - Actor, Speaker, Mormon

Joel Bishop is a well known and highly respected actor. He has starred in several films, tv shows and commercials. He memorably starred in roles such as Parley P. Pratt in Joseph Smith - Prophet of the Restoration, and Max Whitaker in Saints and Soldiers - The Void along with many others. He is also a nationally sought out speaker and trainer. On this episode, we discuss his career, family and how being a member of the church affects it all. Joel is an energetic, fun and engaging man.


Ep. 27 - Jason Bringhurst - Blogger, Father, Mormon

Jason Bringhurst is the author of the blog Rocky Mountain Sunshine. In this episode, we discuss his life growing up in Utah, his time living in Europe both on his mission as well as with his young family, his son's battle with Hydrocephalus, his blog and how being a member of the church affects it all. This episode will touch your heart and bring a smile to your face.


Ep. 26 - Damon Hulsey - Soldier, Servant, Mormon

Damon Hulsey spent three years in the Army and eighteen years full time in the National Guard. He served two one year tours in Afghanistan, leaving behind a young family. In this week's episode, Damon talks about his time in the military, life on base in Afghanistan, and how being a member of the church affects it all. Damon is humble, has amazing perspective and really takes us inside what it is like to be LDS in the military.


Ep. 25 - Dr. Russ Gaede - Counselor, Speaker, Mormon

This week's guest is Dr Russ Gaede. Russ tells his fascinating story of struggling with school at a young age, then ultimately earning multiple advanced degrees. As an adult, Russ was diagnosed with Tourettes. Russ has not let this challenge stop him from becoming a noted author, public speaker, therapist and all around amazing guy. Russ is an incredible and fascinating guest.


Ep. 23 - Bri Ray - Singer, Reality Star, Mormon

At the young age of 20, Bri Ray is a well respected singer. She shared her incredible talent on American Idol making it all the way to Hollywood week. This week on the show, Bri talks about her career, growing up bi-racial in Utah, Light The World and how being a member of the church affects it all. Bri is an amazing, beautiful, inspiring soul. You will love this conversation!


Ep. 22 - Brian Blake - White House Insider, Public Servant, Mormon

Brian Blake worked in the Bush White house beginning in 2001. In this episode, Brian tells us about his life in Washington DC, Working for the office of the Drug Czar, being in government during 9/11, meeting famous politicians, and how being a member of the church affects it all. This is a great behind the scenes of what it is like to work in the nation's capitol.


Ep. 21 - Kelsey Edwards - Actor, Singer, Mormon

Kesley Edwards is an accomplished singer, actress and all around talented woman. In this episode we discuss her acting career, Youtube projects, upcoming original music, family, life and how the church affects it all. We also discuss her efforts with #lighttheworld. Kelsey is a bright, charming, talented faithful soul.


Ep. 20 - Garth Smith - Musician, Witness, Mormon

Garth Smith is an amazing musician with a wonderful life story. He is currently touring with his fireside titled "The Hymns: Another Witness of Jesus Christ". He also recently released a new album of Christmas music. On this episode we discuss his family, music, firesides, involvement with Light The World, and how being a member of the church affects it all. Garth is a brilliant musician but there is much more to him. This is a wonderful, very candid conversation.


Ep. 19 - Peter Breinholt - Singer, Seeker, Mormon

Peter Breinholt is an amazing guy and a great soul. He is a wildly popular singer / songwriter. In this episode, we discuss growing up, his start in music, his career, his family and his involvement in the #lighttheworld campaign. Peter is a great guy who has lead a fascinating life. You will love this conversation!


Ep. 18 - Ryan Shupe - Singer, Fiddler, Mormon

For twenty years, the energetic and talented Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band have delighted audiences all over with their incredible bluegrass country sound. This week Ryan sits down to discuss his career, music, touring, family and how the church affects it all. We also discuss his participation in the church's Light The World Christmas campaign. It is a fun conversation and a great way to kick off your holidays!


Ep. 17 - Ben Taylor - Filmmaker, Humanitarian, Mormon

This week on the Latter Day Lives Podcast, our guest is Ben Taylor! Ben is most well known as a filmmaker who messes with scammers. Recently, while dealing with a scammer from Liberia, Ben had an experience that would change his life and the lives of many others. It is a fun story that will make you smile and might just make you cry a bit. You have to hear it to believe it.


Ep. 16 - Word On The Mainstreet - Disney Experts, Podcasters, Mormons

Brothers Bryan and Sean Lords join friend Braden Gray to host the weekly Word On The Mainstreet podcast. Each week, they discuss all things Disneyland. This week on Latter Day Lives, they join us to discuss their lives, notable Mormons involved with Disney and Disneyland, and tips for LDS families planning to go to Disneyland. It is the happiest episode on earth!


Yo Samo's Samson Folau and Harris Mata'afa - Friends, Youtube stars, Mormons

One year ago, Harris Mata'afa and Samson Folau started the YouTube channel Yo Samo. They blend LDS culture, Polynesian culture and brilliant scenarios in to hilarious and entertaining videos. On this week's episode, we discuss family, Polynesian culture, how they started Yo Samo, applying their video skills to marketing and how being members of the church affects it all. It is a warm, fun, funny conversation you are sure to love!


Ep. 14 - Monica Moore Smith - Actor, Singer, Mormon

Monica Moore Smith is an actor, singer, dancer, model, media personality, fiancee, role model, and much more. She is also just twenty years old. We talk about how she got in to her career, her starring role in Saturday's Warrior, how she is helping women realize where their beauty comes from, how she met her fiancée and how being a member of the church affects it all. She is charming, fun and her energy is sure to make you smile!


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