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Episode 31: Understanding Online Law Firm Marketing Motivations

In Episode #31, we discuss why it's important for attorneys to understand the motivations behind all the players involved in the online law firm marketing landscape. Understanding the driving forces behind behaviors can be a powerful tool for your online marketing in a number of ways. The ability to understand the motivations of all the players involved in your online marketing can affect your ability to do sustainable and effective online marketing for your law firm. Those players include...


Episode 30: 5 Ways To Write Client-Focused Law Firm Website Content

In this episode, we discuss how to create client-focused content on law firm websites. You'll learn what your potential clients are looking for in good website content, as well as how to write and format your content in a way that appeals to your audience. In the internet age, your potential clients are growing increasingly immune to traditional advertising messages. However, your potential clients do respond well to attorneys who are able to educate and communicate through the content on...


Episode 29: The Importance Of Local Pages On Your Law Firm Website

This episode focuses on local pages: what they are, why you need them, and how they benefit your online marketing efforts. You'll learn how to create local pages that resonate with your potential clients and referral sources. Even when attorneys understand the importance of content marketing, they sometimes overlook the local element of their content strategy. The result can be content that isn't detailed enough in a local way to be found by the right people -- local potential...


Episode 28: Questions Attorneys Should Ask Before Joining A Law Firm Directory

Not all directories are alike. Before attorneys join a directory, it's important that they analyze who benefits from their participation, where their money is going, and if there are any conflicts of interest, just as a few examples. This episode provides a good starting point for thinking critically about directory business models and what role attorneys may play when they join directories.


Episode 26: Reviews & Recommendations That Attract New Business to Your Law Firm

Are you making the most out of the positive experiences that your clients have with your law firm? In 2017, online reviews matter. Many potential clients will look for online reviews before they choose an attorney. In this episode, we explain how building your online reviews and recommendations can help drive new business to your firm.


Episode 25: Improving The Homepage On Your Law Firm's Website

Is the homepage on your law firm's website doing everything it can to help potential clients find the information that they need and to encourage them to contact you? In this episode, Victoria Blute provides an introduction to what makes a strong law firm website homepage that converts web visitors into potential clients.


Episode 23: Creating An Effective FAQ Page For Your Law Firm's Website

In this episode, you'll learn about the benefits of adding a Frequently Asked Questions page to your website and how to craft one that can heighten your firm’s online visibility and help your firm forge a relationship with potential clients and referral sources.


Episode 21: 5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Law Firm SEO Provider

Attorneys may decide to hire someone to handle their law firm's SEO. However, this is a decision that should be made carefully. When attorneys don't thoroughly assess the person or company they hire, they often spend time and money on ineffective strategies and services, or, worse, damage their law firm's web presence. In some cases, they may even put their license at risk. In this episode, you'll learn about five important questions that you should ask a law firm SEO provider before you...


Episode 19: Social Media For Lawyers In 2017

Social media can have a role in your law firm’s online marketing, but many attorneys are confused about what that role is, or how to use social media effectively. In this episode, you'll learn about the purpose social media serves for law firms, how you can benefit from it, and how to use social media to drive business to your law firm without spending your time and money on strategies that are unproductive.


Episode 18: What Web Designers Wish Attorneys Knew About Law Firm Website Design

Law firm website design leaves an impression on your potential clients and referral sources. But sometimes attorneys assume web design alone will make or break their business. In this episode, Victoria Blute discusses things that some web designers wish attorneys knew about design, including the balance of aesthetics and usability, the trouble with website design fads, and what can happen when attorneys get so focused on design elements that they neglect their law firm website content.


Episode 17: Marketing Hazards For Small Law Firms

In Episode #17, Victoria Blute discusses four marketing hazards for small law firms and solo practitioners that can cause them to waste time, money, and effort, and that can endanger the growth of their law firms. These threats to law firm growth and prosperity aren't always obvious to attorneys. When attorneys fail to recognize them, they can keep attorneys from building a sustainable foundation for their law firm and leave them confused about how to do successful online marketing.


Episode 15: Do The Biggest Spenders Win In Online Law Firm Marketing?

When it comes to online marketing for law firms, many attorneys believe that it's the biggest spenders who win. This belief is problematic for a number of reasons, and it often leaves attorneys spending large sums of money without getting meaningful or long lasting results in return. In Episode 15, Victoria Blute discusses the myth of "the biggest spenders win," and how you can use your marketing budget more effectively.


Episode 14: Taking Control Of Your Law Firm's Online Marketing

When attorneys give up control of their firm’s online marketing, it leaves them vulnerable to tricks and scams that fail to help them build strong law firms. When it comes to online legal marketing, attorneys rarely benefit from giving complete control to someone else. In this episode, Victoria Blute explains the importance of being in control of your marketing and easy steps you can take to do so.


Episode 13: How To Write Compelling Law Firm Case Results

Often times, we see law firm case results that are a one or two sentence summary. But victories, verdict amounts, and not guilty verdicts don't mean much to potential clients without understandable and meaningful context. In this episode, Victoria Blute discusses how to craft your case results into powerful stories that resonate with potential clients.


Episode 12: Vanity Metrics & Your Law Firm's Online Marketing

There are metrics that, while used commonly by online legal marketing vendors, can send attorneys down a marketing rabbit hole that wastes their time and money and confuses them about what actually works to build their business. In this episode, Victoria Blute discusses some common vanity metrics and explains why they rarely have real meaning for measuring the growth of a law firm.


Episode 11: Growth Risks For Law Firms

When it comes to growing your law firm, most of the risk comes from the choices that you make. There are various forms of risk that we see attorneys foolishly or unnecessarily engage in. In this episode, Victoria Blute discusses a few of the risk factors that attorneys face as they grow their firms.


Episode 7: Important Pages On Law Firm Websites

Your law firm website's pages should be carefully crafted to drive new business to your firm. However, some attorneys either lack the necessary pages that help to drive business, or, if they do have them, they’re not written in a way that engages potential clients. In this episode, Victoria Blute discusses several important types of pages on law firm websites and how to structure them to help your business grow.


Episode 6: Law Firms & The Longtail Search

When it comes to finding an attorney online, potential clients don't always search the way you think they might. In this episode, we discuss the importance of longtail searches for law firm websites and ways to incorporate the longtail into your law firm's content marketing strategy.


Episode 5: Common Law Firm SEO Myths

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding law firm search engine optimization (SEO). In this episode, Victoria Blute covers many of the most common law firm SEO myths that waste attorneys' time and money and that keep law firms from building a strong web presence.


Episode 4: What Makes A Compelling Attorney Bio?

Your attorney bio is one of the most important pages on your law firm's website. Yet, potential clients often find attorney bios uninspiring or difficult to relate to. In Episode 4, Victoria Blute will show you how to write an attorney bio that resonates with potential clients and acts as a powerful business generator for your law firm.


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