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CBS Radio

Attorney John Matulis answers your legal questions on WTIC's Law Talk

Attorney John Matulis answers your legal questions on WTIC's Law Talk
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Hartford, CT


CBS Radio


Attorney John Matulis answers your legal questions on WTIC's Law Talk




Law Talk 2/10/18

This basketball-shortened show featured listener calls and also selected topics, including: Why there may be a boom in divorce filings in 2018 due to the treatment of alimony under the new Tax Law; A U.S Supreme Court case which may have a profound impact upon Connecticut labor unions, etc. Callers’ problems included unjustified denials of coverage by Health Insurors; Why, in a Connecticut divorce, the judge is not bound by who the record owner of the family home happens to be when deciding...


Law Talk 2-3-18

Mark Dubois, one of Connecticut’s leading experts on legal ethics and lawyer malpractice joied John thisweekend an they talk about legal fees, establishing, maintaining, and salvaging a successful client – attorney relationship (from both the client’s and the lawyer’s perspective), how to resolve disputes, and how the lawyer discipline process works.


Law Talk 1/27/18

This past Saturday’s LawTalk was our annual Family Law Special. Guests were Family Law expert practitioners Margret Bozek and Jon Kokushka. We provided a lot of information to people who find themselves, sometimes unexpectedly, in the Family Court for divorce, child custody/support, visitation, property division – and contempt. We also explained what sources of information and help are available to parties in Family Court – including ways to hire an attorney for only a portion of the case....


Law Talk 1/20/18

The “expanded LawTalk” for January 20 featured numerous listener calls for advice or information. Topics covered included: negotiating tips when offering to buy real estate with an underground fuel tank; corporate law issues involving holding companies and a subsidiary corporation, the legal pitfalls of doing business as a limited liability company when you really aren’t one, etc. We also talked about selling real estate and when you do and don’t have to pay a commission to a real estate...


Law Talk 1/6/18

LawTalk for Saturday, Jan. 6 involved the topic of Animal Rights Law – an emerging and controversial area. Guest, Atty. Thom Page, is a leader in this new area of the law. We discussed Desmond’s Law (the appointment of advocates in criminal prosecutions for animal abuse to ensure that “the ends of justice” are satisfied (i.e., code words for “a lawyer for the animal”)). Also touched upon dog fighting, due process concerns in the discharge of their duties by Animal Control Officers, and...


Law Talk 12/16/17

We delved into some major issues in Criminal Justice with my guests, prosecutor Michael Gailor from the Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney’s Office and Hartford criminal defense lawyer Patrick Tomasiewicz. Topics included the role of the Judge; whether the “presumption of innocence” really means much; whether plea bargaining is a helpful tool or a cop-out; the rights of the victim, and several others. Caller inquiries included questions about “Citizen Arrests” and open-carry laws.


Law Talk 10/7/17

Topics discussed on LawTalk with the listeners and guest Atty. Tom Gugliotti: myths and mysteries of Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcies (Hartford, are you listening?); debt relief for individuals under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Act; foreclosure defense via mediation; and how “modest means individuals” can get high-quality legal services at discount rates through the Legal Incubator project located at UConn Law School.


Law Talk 9/9/17

this past Saturday’s LawTalk featured:


Law Talk 8/19/17

The show covered Home Improvement Contracts and Home Improvement Contractors extensively – how homeowners can protect themselves, the legal and financial remedies available to them, and how Home Improvement contractors can keep from getting into trouble. We also taught listeners how to collect on a rubber check (using the criminal courts if necessary), and educated the owners of small businesses that even if the bum check they wrote is a corporate check, they may still have personal...


Law Talk 8/5/17

*appealing real estate assessments *the life span of liens encumbering the title to real property; *stopping or modifying a garnishment upon one’s wages; and *service of process at one’s “usual place of abode” and precisely what one’s “usual place of abode” is for such purposes anyway.


Law Talk 7/29/17

"Open phone Saturday, " Listener calls received and answered covered numerous topics, Including: *dealing with excessive real estate assessments; *how long a lien on title to real estate remains valid; *criteria and ways to modify or suspend a wage garnishment; *legality (or not) of service of process at one's "usual place of abode".


Law Talk 7/22/17

LawTalk for July 22 featured Attorney Michael Daly, an expert whose topics included the Driving Under The Influence laws, the special problems for holders of CDL licenses, breathalyzer and other alternate tests, Ignition Interlock devices, and special legal problems for licensed handgun owners who get arrested for DUI while carrying a legal firearm.


Law Talk 6/24/17

On the June 24 LawTalk, topics covered included Mediation and Arbitration as alternatives to trials in the court system; how to collect promptly and legally when someone (or some company) pays you with a rubber check, and whether or not Aetna’s stated search for employees that are, in the words of CEO Mark Bertolini, “younger people…” is evidence of age discrimination in violation of Connecticut and Federal law.


Law Talk 6/17/17

LawTalk for June 17 featured Atty. Mark Rosenblum, a partner in the Hartford law firm of RoginNassau. Our program touched upon Contracts in general, Construction Law, the law regulating Home Improvement Contractors (from the perspective of both the Homeowner and the Contractor), and Mechanic’s Liens (which have nothing to do with the person who repairs your car…)


Law Talk 4/22/17

Too Stoned to Drive? A look at the legal and scientific impediments facing law enforcement when attempting to arrest a driver for DUI if the substance involved is marijuana. The Drone Slayer strikes: What are some of the legal repercussions when you get sick of your neighbor’s drone buzzing your property and you get out your trusty bird rifle to end it once and for all? Alexa as witness in a murder case: a new and unexpected use for Amazon’s popular Amazon Echo “smart speaker…” And why the...