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Welcome to Law Talk with Richard Epstein and John Yoo. Our show is hosted by Troy Senik. You can find all episodes, new and old, here.

Welcome to Law Talk with Richard Epstein and John Yoo. Our show is hosted by Troy Senik. You can find all episodes, new and old, here.
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Welcome to Law Talk with Richard Epstein and John Yoo. Our show is hosted by Troy Senik. You can find all episodes, new and old, here.






Ep. 103: No Knees Here

Sponsored by Away Travel, Casper, RXBAR October in the faculty lounge means two things: Supreme Court previews and baseball talk. On this episode we’re serving up both. First, a look at the big cases before the high court this term: Will the justices step in to end gerrymandering? Can a Christian baker be forced to provide a cake for a gay wedding? And are public-sector unions in for a major loss of political power? Then, is it time to blow up senators’ ability to put judicial...

Duration: 01:11:20

Ep. 102: Law Talk Live: Techology and The Law

Sponsored by Casper, RXBAR This special, live edition Law Talk with Epstein & Yoo recorded at the Federalist Society in New Yourk City on September 14th, 2017 with Mary Kissel sitting in for Troy Senik. It’s a rousing hour of talk on technology and the law (read John’s new book Striking Power: How Cyber, Robots, and Space Weapons Change the Rules for War ) and stick around the for Q & A session after the show. Join the conversation and comment on this podcast episode:...

Duration: 01:11:21

Ep. 101: Live At Columbia Law School

Sponsored by Away Travel, Casper, RXBAR This week, a very special Law Talk recorded at Columbia Law School with special guest Columbia Law Professor Eric Talley sitting in for Troy Senik. The primary topic: robots and the law, which coincidentally is a topic of John’s new book Striking Power: How Cyber, Robots, and Space Weapons Change the Rules for War. We also discuss the legalities of DACA, labor troubles at Uber, and more. The faculty lounge is now open — for real! Join the...

Duration: 01:01:22

Ep. 100: 100

Sponsored by Casper, Away Travel, RXBAR Law Talk has hit the century mark! And as Professors Richard Epstein and John Yoo open up the faculty lounge for their 100th episode, they’re taking listener questions. After a brief analysis of the situation in Charlottesville, they tackle everything from the Necessary and Proper Clause to the best Chinese food in Connecticut. Along the way, they relitigate the Civil War, explore the secrets to Richard’s marital success, debate judicial review,...

Duration: 01:04:01

Ep. 99: Monkey Business

Sponsored by Away Travel, RXBAR This week on Law Talk, the professors (ably herded by Troy Senik) talk about collusion — what it is, what it isn’t, who’s in danger and who isn’t. Then, activist judges make things for the Trump administration’s travel ban and Richard and John explain why. Also on the docket: gun laws in California are amongst the toughest in the country. Does the Heller decision give the state more leeway in regulating guns even more? And we re-visit the Supreme Court’s...

Duration: 01:00:12

Ep. 98: Obstruction of Bachelorhood

Sponsored by Casper, Zip Recruiter It’s Comeypalooza on this installment of Law Talk, as Richard Epstein and John Yoo react to the former FBI director’s congressional testimony. We won’t give it away here, but the professors’ diagnosis is sure to surprise you. Then: Was Robert Mueller’s appointment as independent counsel necessary?; a disagreement on the proper use of the impeachment power; Which cabinet secretary should be packing his bags?; Understanding the 25th Amendment; and the...

Duration: 00:59:40

Ep. 96: Immunity, Taxes, and Poutine

There’s no such thing as spring break in the faculty lounge. In the newest installment of the Law Talk podcast, Professors Richard Epstein and John Yoo are analyzing the controversies over the Trump Administration’s alleged ties to Russia (including real-time reaction to breaking news about Michael Flynn), exploring the Trump/Obama wiretap controversy, reacting to new […] Ricochet.

Duration: 01:06:57

Ep. 81: Super Bowl of Law

As the first elections of 2016 approach, Professors Epstein and Yoo are talking politics in the faculty lounge. Is a President Trump or President Hillary the more menacing idea? Is Ted Cruz eligible to be president (the answer’s not as clear as you might think)? Is Hillary more likely to end up in a courthouse than the White House? And… The post Super Bowl of Law appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 01:33:28

Ep. 80: Yoo Shot First

Welcome to a Law Talk set long ago in a galaxy far, far away. But even from a distance, Professors Yoo and Epstein cover legal issues concerning this planet. This week: the San Bernardino terrorist attack and Trump’s immigration policy — specifically, would it be constitutional to prohibit Muslim immigration? Also,theSCOTUS Affirmative Action case and a defense of Justice Scalia,… The post Yoo Shot First appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 00:57:36

Ep. 78: Back to the Future

It’s Back To The Futureday on Law Talk andProfessors Epstein and Yoo are in postseason form as we open up the faculty lounge for our October session. In this installment: Can the House really pick a non-member as Speaker? Is a new case out of Wisconsin going to upend gun law? Has China fallen afoul of international law with its… The post Back to the Future appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 01:17:10

Ep. 77: Back to School Days

With Labor Day come and gone, the faculty lounge reopens for the autumn session. On this episode: Professors Epstein and Yoo debate whether the Fourteenth Amendment mandates birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens; Discuss whether Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis can cite conscience protections to keep from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples; explain what Congress can… The post Back to School Days appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 01:28:48

Ep. 76: To Tell The Truth

It’s an eclectic week in the faculty lounge, as Epstein and Yoo take your questions on a wide variety of topics: Should the courts be able to prevent the release of the Planned Parenthood videos? Is the law finally going to catch up with Hillary Clinton? What would the professors change about the U.S. Constitution? And is John Yoo distressed… The post To Tell The Truth appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 01:31:37

Ep. 75: Don’t Worry

It’s a summer school session in the faculty lounge and things are … unruly. Yes, Professors Epstein and Yoo hit the big topics: the Iran deal and the conclusion of the “John Doe” investigations in Wisconsin. Along the way, however, they touch on everything from whether Antonin Scalia is a bad influence on law students, how to stay safe at… The post Don’t Worry appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 01:41:00

Ep. 74: Rainbow Riders

The faculty lounge reopens for a special summer session and there is plenty for professors Epstein and Yoo to talk about. First up, the gay marriage decision: Is this really what the Fourteenth Amendment means? Is Justice Kennedy’s florid decision an invitation for mischief? And how concerned should defenders of religious liberty be? Then, it’s on to Obamacare. Has Chief… The post Rainbow Riders appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 01:45:06

Ep. 73: License To Drive

This week, the faculty lounge is brimming with questions: Was the Charleston shooting an act of terrorism? Are hate crime laws a perversion of justice? Is mental health reform more important than gun control? How much say should the government have over what’s written on your license plate? Did California just kill Uber’s business model? Are we on the cusp… The post License To Drive appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 01:38:41

Ep. 72: Weekend at Bernie’s

Now that Professor Yoo’s returned from his international jet-setting (he came back with some strong opinions about hummus), we’ve shaken off the cobwebs and kicked off our summer session. This week: Did Congress make a reasonable compromise on the NSA program or did they put national security at risk? Are Supreme Court justices getting too comfortable being pop culture icons… The post Weekend at Bernie’s appeared first on Ricochet.

Ep. 71: A Flock of Lawyers

Oyez, the faculty lounge has re-opened, just in time for opening day of the baseball season. In addition to their annual rite of spring World Series picks, Professors Yoo and Epstein discuss the constitutional implications of a deal with Iran, RFRA laws on the stage and national level, and whether or not it was a mistake to let the Feds… The post A Flock of Lawyers appeared first on Ricochet.

Ep. 70: March Madness

Read On The post March Madness appeared first on Ricochet.

Duration: 01:33:51

Ep. 69: Presidential Precedents

The faculty lounge has reopened and this week Professors Epstein and Yoo have a full docket. Among the topics: Was the Texas ruling against President Obama’s immigration policy a pyrrhic victory for conservatives? Is John Roberts about to drive a stake through Obamacare’s heart? Will Republicans be left holding the bag if healthcare subsidies get overturned? And would Obama’s request… The post Presidential Precedents appeared first on Ricochet.

Ep. 68: Live in San Francisco

A few times a year, the Law Talkcrew miraculously finds itself on the same coast in the same city at the same time (well, most of us do, but that’s a story for another time). So, thanks to our friends at the Federalist Society and atGibson, Dunn & Crutcher, here’s our live podcast from the World Series Champions/City By The… The post Live in San Francisco appeared first on Ricochet.
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