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#0018: Lany Sullivan on being an interview faker, caretaker + digital nomad

When a market crash and 2 sick family members changed the course of her life, event planner Lany Sullivan decided to radically shift gears and careers. Tune in to learn how she made the leap and how she manages her digital nomad lifestyle.

Duration: 01:15:52

#0017: Yvi Heiman on overthinking, wasting time + Netflix binges

If you're someone who procrastinates via overthinking, talks yourself out of making decisions, and thinks taking breaks are for wimps, you won't want to miss this episode with Yvi Heimann, CEO of Pacific Crest Media and Ask Yvi. Tune in!

Duration: 01:31:09

#0016: Minda Harts on being at the table, using the right fork + imaginary mentors

Meet go-gettin' Minda Harts, founder & CEO of The Memo. She is squarely focused on helping women of color achieve a seat at the table and feel confident when they get there. She drops by Le vital corps Salon with a toolbox chock full of skills & stories to help us become powerful women.

Duration: 01:16:31

#0014: Nicole Atkins on fear + friends

A bonus episode and totally unexpected conversation with the funny, old soul of a musician and songwriter Nicole Atkins from SXSW.

Duration: 00:15:54

#0013: Pam Victor on improv, self-inquiry + being enough

Pam Victor, founder and president of Happier Valley Comedy, offers tremendous insight into improv's practical applications, which helps us slay the mental bullshit that slows us down or burns us out.

Duration: 01:57:09

#0012: Katy Moonan on leadership, social life + social enterprise

Katy Moonan bravely offers real talk about how she's juggling her work and social life (or not some days) as Founder & Director of a startup social enterprise while developing her leadership skills. No BS up in here.

Duration: 01:41:20

#0011: Beth Martinez on confidence, sexual assault + self-care

Beth Martinez, owner of Danger Village, doesn't hold back in this episode in the hopes her, sometimes traumatic, life lessons can help other women speak up with greater confidence. Be prepared to be inspired.

Duration: 01:41:17

#0010: Jamie Lee on negotiation, money + fear

Jamie Lee is a She Negotiates consultant, a Toastmasters award-winning public speaker, and a pragmatic negotiation geek dedicated to helping women get bolder, braver and better paid. Of course, we'll talk about negotiation - the fears, the stories we tell ourselves about negotiation and money, and some of the misconceptions.

Duration: 01:20:30

#0008: Nicole Barsalona on maternal loss + connecting music mavens

Nicole Barsalona dives into into topics like managing awkward conversations after a stillbirth, becoming grounded in her own powerful story, and attempting to get organized...with total grace and humor.

Duration: 01:30:51

#0006: Marika Anthony-Shaw on getting the work done and holding it together(most days).

While you may recognize Marika Anthony-Shaw from her years with Grammy Award-winning band Arcade Fire, she stops by Le vital corps Salon to candidly share about transitioning to her world-changing work as the Founder & CEO of Plus 1 and juggling the sometimes imposter-inducing demands of being a working mom. We explore topics managing our reactions to the external noise, not succumbing to our Itty Bitty Shitty Committee, and balancing the overachiever complex with personal responsibility.

Duration: 01:34:47

#0004: Sally Ekus on career zig-zags, negotiating and literally celebrating mistakes

Sally Ekus is a literary agent for chefs, cookbook authors, food writers, and tv/internet culinary personalities with the Lisa Ekus Group. We zig and zag covering topics like radical career shifts, negotiation for women, the benefits of improv, ninja networking skills, first time author advice, and more.

Duration: 01:05:49

#0003: Amber Ladley on creative reuse, upcycling + web design

Amber Ladley is a creative entrepreneur who has spent over 15 years building websites and has a lifelong passion for crafting, which stimulates creativity and digitally detoxes us. Plus, we’ll tackle lessons learned from a painful business decision.

Duration: 01:22:52

#0002 Angela Lussier on finding your voice and using it

Some women stay invisible because they don't use their voices. Speaking School for Women founder, Angela Lussier, knows this trick all too well as once "shy girl." After realizing the impact on her own career, she spoke...and went on to become an award-winning speaker with 500+ presentations under her belt – including 2 TEDx talks. For Angela's next trick, she created the Speaking School for Women to train creative, entrepreneurial women to become well-paid, in-demand speakers. She is the...

Duration: 01:10:10