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Interview with Toni Hoover

Director at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Toni Hoover, joins LeadersIn live at Biotech Week, Boston, to tell us how from millionaires to the everyday giver - we can ALL put philanthropy into practice. Toni also insightfully reveals why we can’t have innovation without diversity and how she, as a woman serves on multiple non-profit boards – manages her time effectively to fit it all in.

Duration: 00:34:38

Interview with Natasha Courtenay-Smith

The incredibly vivacious Natasha Courtenay-Smith discusses how she became an accidental entrepreneur; and how doing something that’s an extension of your current role can lead to success. She talks about the recent evolution of the concept of entrepreneurship, and how it can be learned and taught. You’ll find her ideas around personal branding highly refreshing, where she discusses how embedding personal brand into mission statements makes all the difference. Natasha’s views on digital...

Duration: 00:39:01

Interview with Susan David

Hear Susan David define Emotional Agility, reveal the secrets to thriving in work and life, and warn us about the dangers of bottling up emotions.

Duration: 01:08:58

Interview with David Bodanis

In our full interview, Einstein expert David Bodanis discusses how businesses can learn from Einstein's life by stepping back from problems, and striking the balance between self-confidence and humility. He also tells us why a passionate self is not enough and how storytelling makes powerful mission statements. Finally, he ends by discussing if machines will ever be smarter than Einstein.

Duration: 00:52:25

Interview with Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch, in his full interview, discusses the commercial importance of making mistakes, learning from them, and constantly appreciating people’s difference. Mike talks about starting his own business at Cambridge with just £2000, the secrets of building a world-class team, and how good leaders find – and, crucially, hold onto – unique talent. Finally, Mike discusses the future of machine intelligence, the fusing of the virtual and the real world, and the end of privacy.

Duration: 01:06:19

Interview with Daniel Kahneman

Our full interview with Nobel prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman is all about the crucial differences between fast and slow thinking, as well as the role intuition plays in leadership. Kahneman relates the theories behind his best-selling book - Thinking, Fast and Slow - to commercial organizations - telling us how meetings should be streamlined for efficiency, why group decisions should delay using intuitive thinking, and highlighting the ethics of retail marketing.

Duration: 01:04:27

Interview with Jacqueline Gold of Ann Summers

In our interview, Jacqueline tells her incredible story of tenaciously bringing sexy kit out of the back alley and on to the high street. Facing resistance from what was once a male dominated industry that deemed women “uninterested in sex”, Jacqueline’s vision empowered women to take an equal role in the bedroom, as well as in the boardroom, of Ann Summers. She shares tales of receiving a bullet in the post prior to her Dublin store opening, the importance of in-store Pleasure Experts,...

Duration: 00:49:25

Interview with Lord Mervyn King

Lord King was Governor of the bank during with worst economic crisis ever. He reveals why he believes there must be fundamental changes to the structure of the banking industry to lock in the lessons of the crisis. He describes how a system, including economists’ ideas and ways of thinking, led to an institutional setup that generated the risky banking system and a distorted world economy. Lord King provides insights into his own decision-making process, gives his views on his successor,...

Duration: 00:58:19