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Father-and-son program hosts Tony Jackson and Alan Jackson "guide" you on the topic of leadership. Each episode is a discussion of an aspect of leadership, how to do it right, what to avoid, and what it means for successful organizations.






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Leadership GPS: Teams - Are They Really All That Important?

There can be many similarities between the business world and the sports world, especially when it comes to the concept of teams. What does being part of a team really mean? How is it different from being a part of an effective group of people? How do you manage individual performance versus team performance? And are there disadvantages to people being in a team?The father and son duo of Tony and Alan Jackson are joined by another family member Tonys other son Brian, who is the Director of...

Leadership GPS: Leading through the "Trash Days"

Weve all had those Trash Days days where things are not going as youd planned, things are not working as they should, and you could find it tough to be the good leader you need to be. Tony and Alan talk about strategies for not just getting through, but also making the best of those trash days and how to make sure you can come back to your job the next day refreshed and ready for new challenges. Tony Jackson is a leadership development consultant and coach, helping organizations turn some...

Leadership GPS: Shaping Corporate Cultures

Tony and Alan Jackson are back after a hiatus to record a new episode of Leadership GPS! In this episode, the Jackson boys discuss how to shape a corporate culture through modeling and communication. How do you communicate to employees the culture of the organization you are striving for, and then help them adapt their own work towards that culture? And what does this all have to do with Orange is the New Black? Listen to this episode of Leadership GPS to find out! Tony Jackson is a...

Leadership GPS: Communicating Decisions…That You Don't Agree With

In light of the Yahoo CEO's decision to stop all remote employee working arrangements, Alan poses the question to Tony: "If you were a mid-level leader at Yahoo, what would you do if you had to communicate that decision your employees but you ultimately didn't agree with it?" How do you communicate organization decisions that you don't agree with to your employees and still be an honest leader? Alan and Tony talk through this idea, with some potentially controversial recommendations. Tony...

Leadership GPS: Leading Well When People Meet

We all have meetings. Meetings with clients, meetings with staff, meetings with teams as much as we say we don't care for them, we end up using them daily. As someone in a leadership position, how can we make effective use of those meetings? What should we be doing to make meetings work, and what should we avoid at all costs? Alan asks the questions, while Tony has the answers... It's a meetings "do's and don'ts" episode of Leadership GPS! Tony Jackson is a leadership development...

Leadership GPS: The Nuts and Bolts of Feedback

As a follow up to last months episode on Constructive Feedback, Alan and Tony now address the nuts and bolts of giving feedback properly. No one really likes to give feedback especially if its poor. Where should you conduct your meeting? What makes the employee feel comfortable? Things like employee feedback have the potential to de-rail you, but listen in as this father son duo pass along some pointers and more on how to lead well.

Leadership GPS 5: What Do Leaders Expect?

When you are working for an organization in a mid-level leadership / management role, do you know what your own "leaders" expect from you? Do organization CEOs, Presidents, VPs, etc. have different expectations for their own leaders that you may not be aware of? How do you make sure you are helping push the organization forward in a positive direction? Alan and Tony Jackson, both with The Jackson Group (www.thejacksongroup.com) discuss these expectations and how you can make sure you are...

Leadership GPS 3: Leadership and the Written Word

Whether it be a letter or an e-mail, leaders have to be effective in their written communications just as in any other forms of communication. But how important is the written word in the leadership realm, and what should those leaders not as effective in writing do to improve? Alan and Tony Jackson discuss written communications in this month's episode of Leadership GPS.

Leadership GPS 1: Getting Started

Alan and Tony Jackson start the show off, on its first episode, with a little personal background, thoughts on how leadership has evolved over the years, and their hopes for future episodes.