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Podcast on latest trends in Leadership, Management, and Disruptive Thinking. By Andreas von der Heydt, Senior Tech Executive, Author, Leadership Coach, LinkedIn Influencer, and Life Hacker.

Podcast on latest trends in Leadership, Management, and Disruptive Thinking. By Andreas von der Heydt, Senior Tech Executive, Author, Leadership Coach, LinkedIn Influencer, and Life Hacker.
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Podcast on latest trends in Leadership, Management, and Disruptive Thinking. By Andreas von der Heydt, Senior Tech Executive, Author, Leadership Coach, LinkedIn Influencer, and Life Hacker.




Leadership XXL (51) - How To Succeed At Every Job Interview

This podcast episode of Leadership XXL lists 11 interview principles in order to be successful at your next job interview and to get the job. Some of them you know. Some of them you might have forgotten about. And others, you might not have considered yet. Enjoy!


Leadership XXL (50) - The Art of Breeding Intrapreneurs

Companies like Amazon, 3M, Google, DreamWorks and Facebook have in common that they've embraced the idea of allowing their employees to become inside-entrepreneurs, so-called intrapreneurs, and capitalized on new business ideas. These intrapreneurs take new initiatives without being asked to do so. Hence, they focus on innovation and creativity, and transform an idea into a profitable venture, while operating within the organizational environment. Find out in this podcast episode of...


Leadership XXL (49) - How To Become A Master of Creativity (Part 2)

In the past two decades I´ve worked for and with some of the most creative and innovative companies in the world. What I´ve learned and practiced there in respect of increasing creativity levels - i.e. my favorite creativity techniques - I´d like to share with you in this podcast of Leadership XXL. Enjoy!


Leadership XXL (48) - How To Become A Master of Creativity

Masters of creativity are masters of creativity because they know "how“ to think and not necessarily "what“ to think. If you really want to become more creative, you can become (significantly) more creative both in your personal and professional life by adopting a specific mindset and applying particular strategies and techniques. Learn in this podcast of Leadership XXL how you will become (much) more creative than someone who does not know contents and methods described here. Enjoy!


Leadership XXL (46) - The FiSH Philosophy is still Alive

Yep, there still is the legendary sign saying, "Caution: Low Flying Fish“ at a world famous boot at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington. The fish guys inspired what has become the renowned FiSH! Philosophy. Although developed already 15 years ago by John Christensen, it is more relevant than ever. It´s centered around the following four ideas: choosing one’s attitude, playing at work, make someone’s day, and being present. It is commonly used to improve what is referred to as...


Leadership XXL (45) - What To Learn From The German Soccer Team

In 2014 Germany won against Argentina in a tight match the football World Cup for the fourth time. It was a match that made history. One might ask what made the Germans become a winning team after all those years? What can football teams and even business learn from the German victories and the underlying patterns at that World Cup? In this podcast episode I´ve listed the most important lessons that can be learned from the German football team. Enjoy!


Leadership XXL (44) - Which People Top Companies Really Search

For what type of people do top companies really look? Countless tales and legends surround this question. If you have also wondered about how to join a great company and how to become and stay successful there, then listen to this podcast episode of Leadership XXL and learn all about "HPCDA" people.


Leadership XXL (43) - The Winning Formula Of Talent Management

Whenever speaking with executives and managers about their main business topics and major challenges, they would very quickly mention that talent-related issues were among their most pressing concerns. One which keeps them even awake at night. During day-time, however, when those executives are absorbed by meetings, by chasing month-end and quarter-end figures, and by trying to please an army of internal and external stakeholders they often tend to forget what´s at the very heart of...


Leadership XXL (42) - Workaholism Is Not A Virtue

Workaholism is not a Virtue Our culture celebrates the idea of the workaholic. It´s considered a badge of honor to kill yourself over a project. Not only is workaholism unnecessary, it´s stupid. Find out more in this podcast episode of Leadership XXL by Andreas von der Heydt


Leadership XXL (40) - Intuition Can Be Learned By Anyone

Our everyday intuitive abilities are no less marvelous than the striking insights of an experienced firefighter or physician – only more common. The psychology of accurate intuition involves no magic. Perhaps the best short statement of it is by the great Herbert Simon, who studied chess masters and showed that after a thousands of hours of practice they come to see the pieces on the board differently from the rest of us. You can feel Simon´s impatience with the mythologizing of expert...


Leadership XXL (38) - The Most Essential Building Block Of Success

There is this one question. This one ultimate question. One question we all ask ourselves. Some of us on a more frequent basis. Others only from time to time. Some of us acknowledge doing so. Others pretend they do not care. Still, we all ask it: Which is THE fundamental building block of success? Find out more in this highly energizing and insightful podcast episode by Andreas von der Heydt.


Leadership XXL (36) - 10 Principles for Personal Growth

I'd like to share with you the 10 most important principles of NLP. These can be also considered as generally valid recommendations for successful management, leadership and personal growth, regardless of whether you identify yourself with the original philosophy and concept of NLP or not. Over the years I have found them to be extremely useful.


Leadership XXL (34) - It Takes Two To Tango

Managing Up is as important as managing down or cooperating with peers. It´s part of a holistic and participatory management approach. Based on mutual trust and respect it takes the perspectives of all stakeholders into consideration and truly empowers and challenges employees to proactively take part in organizational decision making and learning. Find out all about it in this podcast. Enjoy!


Leadership XXL (33) - 6 Actions To Avoid The Human Rat Race

Are you often stressed out? Do you have the feeling that your life is sometimes out of control, that you're running from one task to another, and that you do not know how to reconcile your multiple responsibilities? Do you have enough downtime? Are you able to balance your professional and private lives? Are you making a difference between the two of them at all? Learn in this episode of Leadership XXL how best to tackle stress and lead both a successful and joyful life.


Leadership XXL (30) - The Power Of Being A Realistic Optimist

We all know the common idiom about the glass being considered as either half-full or half-empty. And the related assessment if in consequence someone has an optimistic or a pessimistic outlook on life. Personally, I favor a third way which I call Being A Realistic Optimist. Meaning that in general and for most situations I am a (very) positive, i.e. an optimistic thinker. However, in particularly challenging situations (e.g. before and during very complicated negotiations with many unknown...


Leadership XXL (29) - 12 Irrational Ideas That Limit Personal Success

This podcast episode discusses in depth the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). It was created and developed by the American psychotherapist and psychologist Albert Ellis. REBT is a practical, action-oriented approach to coping with problems and enhancing personal growth. It places a good deal of its focus on the present: on currently-held attitudes, painful emotions and maladaptive behaviors that can sabotage a fuller experience of life. One of the fundamental premises of REBT is...


Leadership XXL (28) - How To Build Relationships Of Trust

Trust is a core ingredient to build successful relationships. Both personal and professional ones. It is a major leadership characteristic. However, you can´t take it for granted. You need to work hard to earn trust and to keep it. In this podcast episode I´d like to share with you my thoughts and what I consider being the most important principles to build, regain, and sustain trust. Enjoy!


Leadership XXL (27) - Make Happiness Your Priority

The way I´d like to define happiness has nothing to do with daydreaming, trying to escape reality, or seeing life through rose-colored glasses. In fact, I consider happiness and the well-being of people as a fundamental human right. The pursuit of happiness is a beautiful goal to strive for. And it should become one of our main objectives in life. Well aligned with, and not hiding behind, economic growth and social responsibility. Find out more by listening to this podcast episode of...


Leadership XXL (26) - You Will What You Want

Let me tell you today the true and amazing story of an incredible woman, a marvelous ballet dancer, an ultimate fighter, and a hard-working pursuer of her dreams who has become a role model for many people. Someone who believed to deserve better. Someone who has never given up. Someone of true talent and relentless determination. Someone who chose her own path, who set her own standards, and who shaped her own destiny by not allowing others defining her.


Leadership XXL (25) - How To Succeed Professionally And Personally

Today many struggle in finding the good balance between work and life; and in investing enough time for non-work-related activities. Mostly, because they´re not infusing enough time and efforts in building lasting relationships from which they would receive backing, encouragement and relief. There is neither a magic formula nor a silver bullet to resolve this dilemma; especially for people in demanding positions. However, what I can offer is a different perspective, i.e. providing proven...


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