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Gen-Z is Already Teaching Us About The Future of Business

You probably already know that due to our global connectivity more than at any other time in history you are now working with, dealing with peers, employees, customers and clients who are cross cultural and cross generational. This means that if you are not paying attention can feel a lot like herding cats. So how do you do it and Thrive? Our guest on this episode is… Steve Robertson Steve Robertson is the CEO of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP), an organization specializing in...

Duration: 01:01:59

How to Tap Into Survival Psychology In Disruptive Times

Why is it that in the face of constant change, disruption, and even destruction most people and their organizations go under while others not only survive but thrive? Our guest on this episode is… Jonathan David Lewis The author of Brand vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments. Jonathan is an engaging and authoritative speaker on shaping a brand that can survive—and thrive—in today’s tough, uncertain world. As partner and strategy director at McKee Wallwork...

Duration: 00:59:04

The Health Costs of Mega Success, and How To Avoid Them

Our drive to success and Leadership in whatever form can be very hard on us, it can suck up our time, our energy and as a result our emotional and mental availability to those we love. It can take us to the top in the world, and the absolute bottom in health, and what you can do about it. Our guest on this episode is… IAN RYAN Ian Ryan is the founder of and the host of The Fearless And Healthy Podcast, which is a top ranking iTunes show in health, self-help and...

Duration: 01:00:21

us What’s Wrong With Damn Near Everything: How To Fix It!

Why are things like the government, and business and families such a mess? We all know that Government in the form it’s in, and has been in for a very long time is ineffective. In fact if it was a business, we’d probably have to have a liquidation sale. Businesses too seem to have gotten a little lost; forgetting that business is not only about profit, but you can’t have a business unless it’s profitable. Then there’s families, over scheduled, entitled children and their obsessive...

Duration: 01:01:55

Rethinking Human Excellence in the AI Smart Machine Age

This was honestly one of the most fascinating conversations I've had... Professor Ed Hess: "Humility is the New Smart" Are we about to become obsolete, will machines take over every job? Our guest on this episode is Professor Ed Hess and he says that we are on the leading-edge of a societal transformation that will be as challenging and transformative as the Industrial Revolution was for our ancestors and we as a society and as individuals are not ready for what is about to hit us. Ed...

Duration: 00:57:03

Millennial Leadership, Business, & Wealth Lessons We All Need

Clearly we cannot lead the Millennial generation the way we lead previous generations. But what if you could slip on your cloak of invisibility and actually watch and hear what Millennial’s truly think about their jobs and how they are being lead? Well stay tuned because we are about to find out from an insider! Our guest today is… Daniel DiPiazza DANIEL DIPIAZZA is a Millennial business guru and the young entrepreneur behind the massively popular career and lifestyle website...

Duration: 01:02:57

Can You Make Profit From Genuinely Caring?

What do you do when you’ve gone out and bought the Cappuccino machines, put the ping-pong tables in and your good even great people are still walking away…How do you show them you truly care. Well stay tuned because we are about to find out! Our guest today is… Julie-Ann Sullivan Julie Ann Sullivan is the Founder of “Learning Never Ends”, a company whose purpose is to create a more positive culture, one person at a time. As a Professional Speaker, Julie-Ann Sullivan has worked with...

Duration: 00:55:09

Why leaders need to learn from Amazon

We all know that business has dramatically changed in the last 10-15 years and a major catalyst in the way we do business has been Amazon. Whether you directly compete with them in some way or not, Amazon has changed everything from retail to the way we’ll be watching TV. But what’s the secret to the most disruptive company on the planet, and what can we as leaders learn from their model? Our guest on this episode is John Rossman is an advisor to leaders on digital strategy, including...

Duration: 00:58:53

Being a Millennial leader: Effectively leading Millennial’s

Being a leader it can be easy to feel like you have to be “something”, but what do you do when there feels like there’s a dichotomy between who you are supposed to be and who you know you are? Can you face and compassionately lead someone with seemingly very different values than your own? Whether those values are generational I.E. Boomer Vs Millennial or for that matter what if they were faith based values? Some would say it’s impossible to lead without having to suppress parts of...

Duration: 01:00:36

Grab their Attention and Leave Them Wanting MORE!

30 years ago, becoming the CEO of a company meant you’d found a position that you were likely to have tenure with until you retired with a golden handshake. Today, you better know how to stand out from the crowd the way a blockbuster movie stands out from a small indy movie. If you want to be an effective leader, you have got to be a master communicator, and you have got to communicate in a way that is not only contemporary and effective but also in a way that will grab attention and...

Duration: 01:04:55

Dancing, Acting Lessons In Leadership

What leadership insights we can gain from Top Athletes, Dancers and Actors when it comes to creating loyalty? Leadership has not simply changed, it’s radically changed. Loyalty no longer comes just because you pay more than a competitor. But what can you do to create the kind of loyalty that counts…is there in fact a step by step process? Our Guest today is Joshua Spodek. He’s a bestselling author of “Leadership Step by Step” And his resume is far beyond impressive! Joshua is an...

Duration: 01:01:45

Have you been runing your business based on crisis?

There’s a ceiling that we all must break through, it’s not the glass ceiling women so often bang up against…it’s something far more ubiquitous than that. So, what is it? Here's an example: Have you ever been on a diet with a goal weight and you work really hard and you lose it all, except for those last 10 pounds… Why is that? It’s a personal ceiling that has us hit a plateau. Our guest on this episode is David Shriner-Cahn David is the host of the business podcast, Smashing the...

Duration: 00:43:18

Transforming an Industry That Doesn't Want To Change

Our guest on this episode is Anthony Thomson… On the surface he’s a banker, but what he really is, is a major disruptor: Anthony Thomson is the founder and chairman of Atom Bank, Chairman of the Financial Services Forum, Chairman of the National Skills Academy for Financial Services, and NED of agilti, a company providing banking software as a service. Atom was granted it’s banking licence in June 2015. It launched in March 2016, as the first real alternative to the High Street banks. It...

Duration: 00:48:13

Cyber security: Are you doing enough?

It's just an interesting distraction when SONY pictures gets hacked, it may even have some entertainment value to know that the public can now read emails from executives and we can get a look at some provocative photos of a Hollywood star. Some will even hale hackers as hero's. However, it gets a little more personal when in 2013 Yahoo faces cyber attack. The attack compromised the real names, email addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers of 500 million users. The breaches...

Duration: 00:54:19

Balancing External Demands with Your Own Needs

As a leader or entrepreneur you know…The demands are high. But how do you balance the often multi-directional pull of external demands against your own needs and desire to go for gold? Our guest on this episode is… Sharon Worsley, The Business Development Ninja™. Sharon is widely recognized as one of the most practical presenters on business building ideas, personal leadership and networking. Sharon says that: Most people live their life on autopilot and then wonder why they seem to be...

Duration: 01:09:30

Doing The Impossible: For Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Being a leader requires vision and often times giant conjoins. But with giant conjoins comes maximum risk and maximum reward. But how can you know when the risk is worth the reward? Well stay tuned because our guest on this episode is Steve Sims Steve Sims, the founder of the #1 luxury concierge service in the world today called Bluefish. The things he and his company have done are legendary! Before you meet him, hearing about the things he’s done might conjure up an image of what he...

Duration: 01:08:43

How to effectively lead so that they will loyalty follow!

The issue of loyalty (retaining top talent) is no longer a problem, but as stated in my last book Fiercely Loyal: it’s a crisis! One of the major points is that Loyalty is at least as much a leadership issue and responsibility as it is a talent issue. Our guest today is… Scott Love: Scott talks to this challenge head on in his new book: “Why They Follow” how to lead with positive influence. Scott Love shows managers how to be the kind of leader that nobody wants to leave. With over 20...

Duration: 00:54:11

Servant leadership: 18 weeks to Organizational Transformation

Servant leadership…is it a nice theory, a current in vogue trend, or is it something real that can make you an even better leader? Our Guest today on this episode is Art Barter: Art is the creator of the Servant Leadership Institute (SLI). He created SLI as a vehicle to share his knowledge and to teach others how to inspire and equip those they influence. As the owner and cultural architect of Datron World Communications Inc., Art Barter turned a $10 million company into a $200 million...

Duration: 01:05:50

The How and Why Business is Becoming a Force for Good

Doing “good” while doing “well” is it a fantasy or is it actually possible? Depending on which generation you are from, and what kind of leadership you grew up around you might see social responsibility as something that is the next evolution of business, or you might see it as some hippy nonsense that is little more than a trend that will fade away pretty fast. Well today we’ll dig in and find out Our guest on this episode is: Mike Rowlands he’s an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant...

Duration: 00:57:33

Today's Corporate Crisis in Trust

Trust, in the corporate environment, in a family business and what does it take to gain it? No matter how much control we think we have, business in whatever form it takes can be a bit of a roller coaster. But when crisis hits, and it inevitably will, who will be by your side? Will your best people jump ship or will you have built enough trust with them that they will willingly stay and bail shoulder to shoulder with you? Our guest on this episode joins us from Europe, specificly...
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