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How I Lead as Primary President | An Interview With Rachel Davis of

Rachel Davis is a two-time Primary president and lives in Santa Clarita, California, with her husband and children. She was raised in the LDS Church as her family traveled internationally and around the United States for her father's work. She blogs at where she posts resources for LDS families and Primary leaders. Episode Highlights 3:00 Rachel's background and blogging experiences 9:15 How living internationally shaped her experience in the church 13:00 The bulletin...

Duration: 00:57:43

Love Without Works is Dead | An Interview With Chad Lewis, Former BYU Player & NFL Pro-Bowler

Chad Lewis is from Orem, Utah and walked on to played football for Brigham Young University from 1993 to 1996. After not being drafted into the NFL he walked on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles where he had a successful career as a 3-time pro-bowler. Now retired from football he works for the BYU Athletic department and continues to have a passion for BYU sports. In this episode we talk about his personal development as a leader and how he found the grit and determination to succeed in...

Duration: 00:46:42

How I Lead as Relief Society President in Palestine | An Interview With Sahar Qumsiyeh

Sahar Qumsiyeh is the author of Peace for a Palestinian: One Woman's Story of Faith amidst War in the Holy Land where she tells of her life as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Palestine. In this interview we hear her story of converting to the LDS Church at Brigham Young University and then serving in church leadership positions when she returned to the Jerusalem Branch and also in Turkey during her graduate school. Sahar currently lives in Rexburg Idaho where...

Duration: 00:53:59

How I Lead as Young Women President | An Interview With Kimber Uluave

Kimber Uluave was born and raised in Cedar City, Utah. She served a mission in the California San Jose Mission. She has served as a Young Women president in three different wards and has developed into a dynamic leader. In this episode she shares 5 leadership principles and talks about her method of building deep relationships with the girls she leads and how she has helped them through very difficult times. 5 Leadership Principles Ministering Love the Youth as the Savior does. See the...

Duration: 00:47:40

Approaching Difficult Conversations as a Leader | An Interview With John Stoker

John Stoker currently lives in Springville, Utah and is the President and CEO of DialogueWORKS. John earned a masters degree in Organizational Behavior at Brigham Young University and has had an exciting career. His career has taken him all over the country and he even went back to Law school and practiced as a criminal defense attorney. DialogueWORKS helps leaders to develop communication and thinking skills that will help them be more effective with the people that they manage in the...

Duration: 00:49:34

How I Lead as CEO & Bishop | An Interview With Don Adams

Don Adams is the CEO of Bear River Mutual in Utah. He was born and raised on a farm in southeast Idaho and served in the military before graduating from Brigham Young University and becoming an elementary school teacher. In 1974 he began working in the insurance industry and has continued doing so ever since. He served a mission to the Central States mission and has served in various church leadership callings, including as a Bishop. In this podcast, Kurt talks with Brother Adams about the...

Duration: 01:04:36

Leading OCD Mormons | An Interview With Kari & Jamund Ferguson

Kari Ferguson is a wife, mother, BYU graduate, returned missionary, author and experienced local church leader, presently serving as a relief society president. She has also suffered for many years from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety. Kari and Jamund, her husband of nine years, reside in Vancouver, Washington and are the parents of two children. Kari can also be found on LDS Living and The Mighty. Her newest book is The OCD Mormon: Finding Healing and Hope in the Midst of...

Duration: 01:10:43

How to Lift Your Missionary & Unify Your Family Through Letters | An Interview With Robert & Shauri Quinn

Robert and Shauri Quinn are a father, daughter duo who has put together a remarkable book titled Letter from Home: How to Lift Your Missionary & Unify Your Family. This book is a perfect read for families and leaders that are striving to connect with a missionary in their life. In this intervew we talk with Robert and Shauri and discuss what principles leaders need to understand in order to better prepare the future missionary and their family in order to grow closer together when they are...

Duration: 01:09:21

Be an Instrument in the Lord’s Hands | An Interview With Jenny Oaks Baker | #LighttheWorld

Interview Transcript Available Below Jenny Oaks Baker is the daughter of Elder Dallin H. Oaks (4:15) Jenny started playing violin at age 4 and she says that her faith evolved as her talent evolved. She saw her prayers answered as she performed and was able to be comforted and to do her best. She was also strengthened by priesthood blessings. She received her Bachelor’s degree from The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and her Master’s degree at Julliard. She met her husband while...

Duration: 00:40:05

How I Lead as Clerk | An Interview With Brandt Malone, Host of the Mormon News Report

Brandt Malone is a current Young Men's president who was recently released from serving as ward clerk. He lives in Michigan with his family and is the host of the Mormon News Report podcast. In this episode Brandt discusses how to lighten the load of the bishop as a ward clerk. 12:45 Who is Brandt Malone? 20:00 Ward clerk calling 22:30 Demographic of ward in Michigan 31:00 Ward clerk and Executive secretary working as the 3rd and 4th counselor to the bishop. 34:00 Disagreeing with the...

Duration: 01:11:39

Around the Globe on November 28 | #GivingTuesday

On November 28, 2017 we will be taking a virtual trip around the globe to visit lay leaders in the Church in every timezone! It will be an event you do not want to miss. For full details visit the #GivingTuesday page.

Duration: 00:09:40

How I Lead With District Leaders | An Interview With Matthew Stevens

Matt Stevens is a recently released elder’s quorum president in Parker, Colorado. Originally from the Salt Lake Valley, Matt served a mission in northern Argentina and has spent many years as a member of the ward council and priesthood executive committee as a ward mission leader, young men’s president, activities co-chair, and elder’s quorum president. He has also served as an early-morning seminary teacher. Professionally, Brother Stevens is a dentist, having practiced for eight years....

Duration: 01:07:15

What Every Bishop Needs to Understand About Betrayal Trauma

Interview Transcript Available Below In this episode we interview Dr. Jill Manning, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and Anne Blythe, Director of Betrayal Trauma Recovery. Jill Manning is a PhD level marriage and family councilor and has been practicing for 17 years. She is on two national boards, Enough is Enough and App Status. She lives in Colorado. Anne Blythe spent seven years trying to save her marriage as her husband battled a pornography addiction. She currently coaches...

Duration: 00:45:36

Becoming a Master Interviewer | An Interview With David Farnsworth

David Farnsworth is a retired leadership and executive coach that spent years helping organization improve their interviewing skills through the 3D Interviewing method. In this episode David explains methods LDS leaders can use in order to improve the effectiveness of 1-to-1 interviews and class room teaching through effective questions. Episode Highlights: (7:15) Why do I want to develop my interviewing skills? The question is how do you see your role? Understanding the leader's role in...

Duration: 01:17:43

How I Lead as a Seventy | An Interview With Elder John H. Groberg

Interview Transcript Available Below Prior to his calling as a general authority seventy, Elder and Sister Groberg (Jean Sabin) lived in Idaho Falls, where Elder Groberg worked in a family-owned residential and commercial construction and land development business with his brothers. He was an eagle scout and holds a BS degree from BYU and an MBA from Indiana University. He served as bishop, mission president in Tonga, and regional representative, before being called to the First Quorum of...

Duration: 01:05:10

Seeing Church Leadership in 12 Different Countries | An Interview with Jake Carlson

Jake Carlson, MBA/JD, is a leadership development expert and host of the Modern Leadership Podcast. He created the Elite Achiever Academy to encourage leadership through the CIA of Influence (Conviction, Irresistibility & Accountability). He holds a JD in taxation from California Western School of Law, an MBA in Finance from San Diego State University and a BA from Brigham Young University. Additionally, he is the former Chief Operating Officer of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Area...

Duration: 00:42:06

How I Lead as Stake Young Women President | An Interview With Heidi Tucker

Heidi Tucker is a current Stake Young Women president who has also served as ward Young Women president and an early morning seminary teacher. Check out her other interviewed called When a Missionary Returns Home Early | A Mother's Perspective. Episode Summary 4:00 First experience serving in Young Women's 6:00 What was surprising serving in Young Women's on a stake level? 7:40 5 principles of leadership 7:45 Keep lines of communication open with ward Young Women presidents 12:25 Support...

Duration: 00:24:58

New to LeadingLDS? Start Here.

What is LeadingLDS? You can read more about LeadingLDS on our ABOUT PAGE, but in short, LeadingLDS is a non-profit (501c3) organization that is striving to help lay leader enhance their ability and capacity as leaders. Simply put, we help leader say, "I know what to do!" As many of you probably know, when you are called to lay leadership in the LDS Church you are not given any official training as a leader. We hope the resources at LeadingLDS will supplement your leadership development....

Duration: 00:21:47

How to Mentor a Newly Called Leader Through Situational Leadership | An Interview With John Hester

John Hester is a leadership consultant, trainer, researcher, and writer with The Ken Blanchard Companies. He currently serves on the High Council in his Vancouver, Washington stake and has previously served as an elders quorum president, Young Men president, and early-morning seminary teacher. Episode Highlights (9:30) Biggest mistakes leaders make someone is called to a new position and feels lost Micromanaging Allowing the individual to go and flounder on their own, occasionally swooping...

Duration: 00:35:26

“The Atonement Works for Me”: One Couple’s Recovery from Sexual Addiction

In this episode we share with you a recorded fireside that was held in Salt Lake City in August of 2017 with a Young Single Adult ward. We interview Steve and Kayla Shields who are dedicated to helping others understand sex/pornography addiction and how they found hope and recovery. Steve runs the website which helps those struggling with sexual addiction find community. Steve and Kayla share their personal story of sexual addiction in hopes of removing the stigma of...

Duration: 01:04:55

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