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Leading Minds with Dr. David Brendel explores how innovative approaches in psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and coaching are empowering individuals in the 21st century to realize their full human potential. Expert discussions with renowned psychologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, and coaches.




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Personal and Cultural Trauma: Philosophical Reflections on Women in Combat

Women have been acquiring more visibility and presence in the military. In fact, in January, the Military reversed their ban on women in combat. Carol S. Gould, while a strong proponent of women's rights, has deep reservations about the role of women in combat. Dr. Brendel will be engaging her in a dialogue about her unorthodox concerns over women as warriors.

Duration: 00:56:43

Computer-guided Behavioral Healthcare: From NASA to Earth

Behavioral health problems cause human suffering, result in lost productivity, drive up costs of care and worsen outcomes. Although effective treatments for mental health disorders exist, many people do not receive them due to cost, access to trained clinicians, logistics, and the stigma of asking for help. NASA faces similar barriers to delivering behavioral health interventions to astronauts flying long-duration space missions. A suite of interactive media programs has been developed to...

Duration: 00:57:04

How to Hit and Think at the Same Time

Yogi Berra claimed that you can’t hit a baseball and think at the same time; the choreographer George Balanchine would tell his dancers, “don’t think; just do,” and the psychologist Sian Beilock has conducted experiments which support, as she sees it, the phenomenon of “paralysis by analysis,” or as she puts it in her popular book Choke, “heightened attention to detail can actually mess you up.” But does thinking really interfere with expert performance? Does attention to detail tend to...

Duration: 00:57:15

From Freud to Football: A Journey

From Freud to football, the title of this session, is suggestive of the variety of subjects that Patricia Shields will discuss. Her background as an award winning teacher and eclectic scholar should result in a variety of topics including techniques for writing research papers that lead students to creative insights, the role of astonishment and action in a fulfilling life, peacekeeping and Brendel's 4P's, how football skills can inform empirical research, Freud, efficiency and pragmatism,...

Duration: 00:56:05

Neuroscience and the art of being awesome

Your mindset is a major factor in determining your level of success in life. The latest discoveries in neuroscience give us the tools we need to change our mindset and our behaviors at will. In this episode, Umar Hameed will show you how to use these tools and techniques to take charge of your most valuable asset: your mind. For this episode think about the one area in your life that you want to change. What impact would that have on your life; emotionally, financially and physically? Umar...

Duration: 00:58:03

A View from the Psych ER: Is Our Society Abandoning the Seriously Mentally

Speaking as a frontline clinician with 20 years of experience in the psychiatric emergency room at San Francisco General Hospital, Dr. Paul Linde believes that people with chronic and serious psychiatric illness, politically powerless and voiceless, are being further marginalized by our society. As President Obama's health care reform package is due to roll out in 2014, will the changes in it further abandon the care of the seriously mentally ill? Already, cuts to public health budgets...

Duration: 00:49:00

Feel Better With Technology - The Leading Edge of Mental Health

The famous iPhone advertisement tagline "There's an app for that" is ringing true in many areas of our life, but what about mental health? David Burt and Eron Cohen will discuss the current state of software applications that help mental health patients and what the ramifications are for the future. This episode will focus on consumer centered self-help software that is available now or currently being tested. Joining us will be David Burt and Eron Cohen from LinkedWellness, a Baltimore...

Duration: 00:57:17

Insanely Happy: Why Good-Enough is Better than Great

Lori Gottlieb noticed in her private therapy practice that many people attributed their unhappiness to something external in their lives – their spouse or lack of a spouse, their boss, their income, their children. Over time, however, she came to believe that often, what was “wrong” in people’s lives was their perception of what daily life was actually about. The sociologist Barry Schwartz said that “expectations are disappointments in training,” and Gottlieb, also a journalist, decided to...

Duration: 00:57:49

The Power of Coaching

Coaching leaders, managers, and up-and-coming talent is increasingly accepted as a proven, effective way for people to improve capabilities and results. In this interview, Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director of the Center for Executive Coaching, discusses coaching as a powerful tool to help people achieve their most ambitious aspirations and improve their results. You will discover what coaching is, how it works for maximum results, key coaching conversations, and how and when to use...

Duration: 00:56:59

Practical Applications of Brain Science in Business

Brain science has been increasingly highlighted in executive coaching, but is it something that can truly be used, and how is it helpful? Joining us today is Dr. Srini Pillay, CEO of NeuroBusiness Group (NBG), voted one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Leadership Development Companies in The World by Training Industry in 2013. Dr. Pillay will answer questions related to current trends in the use of brain science in executive coaching. He will discuss how brain science is impacting the market...

Duration: 00:56:16

SOAR Selling: How to Get Through to Almost Anyone—the Proven Method for Rea

This interview will focus on the mindset and mechanics it takes to get your sales force into the C-Suite of your prospects. Most selling systems in the world are about what to do once you’ve finally reached a decision-maker, but don’t teach you how to reach that decision-maker in the first place. This interview bridges that gap. Let David and Marhnelle Hibbard show you how to reach almost anyone on the telephone. This interview is a MUST attend if you want to learn a new approach to sales...

Duration: 00:55:58

Diseases of Affluence, Their Causes and Cures: Philosophical Remedies for t

In Germany they’re called “diseases of civilization”; in Japan, “lifestyle maladies”; in Sweden, “diseases of affluence.” The USA leads the world in producing them, but doesn’t even have a name for them. They have now reached epidemic proportions: obesity, depression, ADHD, bullying, chronic fatigue syndromes, sleep disorders, and sexual dysfunctions are sweeping the developed world. These so-called “epidemics” are culturally-induced illnesses, caused primarily by bad habits, poor choices,...

Duration: 00:57:22